09 October 2009

JR's Featured Friend of the Week (Allen Jacob Cruz)

2009 Featured Friend #14
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #014
Allen Jacob Cruz - "Hey dudes out there, I am Jacob. Hope you add me as your friend and give me your descent comments. Hope we can all be close friends everyone. -jake"

Gender: Male
Age: 10
Status: Single
Interested in: Friends
Member of Friendster Since: May 2009
Location: Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines
Hometown: Baguio City
Company: ?????basta un na un hehe?????


More About Tita Liza Alma:

Schools: Saint Louis University - Laboratory Elementary School (2005 - present)
Favorite Books: Math Books, Science Books
Favorite Movies: Insomnia by Craig David
Favorite TV Shows: Fairly Oddparents, Chowder
Zodiac Sign: Capricornn


About Jacob Cruz Post Page:

Jacob is Smart

You're no moron; you're a smart cookie. You read, and write, and do all of that other smart stuff. You probably have an extensive library of tomes, and you probably have cool looking spectacles. 

Jacob is an Angel

You are pure goodness. As an angel you are always willing to help others, and are particularly adept at understanding others' concerns. You are a great friend to have!

Allen Jacob is Sasuke Uchiha!


Jacob's Friendster Layout:


Why is Jacob Cruz Featured Friend of the Week?
- JR planned that October 2009 will be 2009's Family Featured Blog Month
- Jacob Cruz is JR's Cousin

Wanna know more about Jacob? Wanna add Jacob? Here is his FS URL:
***BTW JR decided not to post family member's FS or Facebook URL for privacy purposes..***

Allen Jacob Cruz is JR's Featured Friend of the 40th Week of 2009

Next Week's Featured Friend Sneak Peak: JR's 2nd Favorite Cousin, hehe... XD.,.,

Happy Halloween Dear Blog Viewers...
***BTW collect all Halloween E-Cards to be presented on JR's Featured Friend of the Week for October...

-jrfeaturedfriendoftheweekspecials 10/09/2009

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