02 October 2009

JR's Featured Friend of the Week (Liza Alma Rimando)

2009 Featured Friend #13
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #013

Liza Alma Rimando- "TO GET OLD IS A FACT OF LIFE...to look young is a choice"

Gender: Female
Status: Single

 More About Tita Liza Alma:

Hobbies and Interests: Listening to Music, Watching TV and Good Movies

Favorite Movies: A Beautiful Life
Favorite Music: By Yanni
Favorite TV Shows: Travel Channel, House, DH, ER, Frasier, Alias, Heroes
Zodiac Sign: Libra************************************************************************
About Liza Alma Post Page: 
uniquely odd
Who I Want to Meet Corner: 
oddly unique somebody

Wanna know more about Liza Alma? Wanna add Liza Alma? Here is her FS URL:

***BTW JR decided not to post family member's FS or Facebook URL for privacy purposes..***

Liza Alma is JR's Featured Friend of the 39th Week of 2009

Next Week's Featured Friend Sneak Peak: JR's Favorite Cousin, hehe... XD.,.,

-jrfeaturedfriendoftheweekspecials 10/02/2009

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