13 November 2009

JR's Last Chance Featured Friend of the Week (Cheyenne Marasigan)

2009 Featured Friend #19
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #019

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Status: It's Complicated
Interested in: Friends, Activity Partners
Birthday: July 24, 1995
Location: Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines
Hometown: Baguio City

More About Cheyenne:
Schools: SLSC, Mary Immaculate, SLU-LHS Boy’s High (I-Mapagmahal)
Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, Singing, Friends
Favorite Books: Baby Sitter’s Club
Favorite Movies: HSM, Bring It On (All or Nothing and in It to Win It)
Favorite Music: HSM Songs, HipHop
Favorite TV Shows: New Port Harbor, Cribs, Super Sweet Sixteen
Zodiac Sign: Leo
About Cheyenne Post Page:

Cheyenne's Friendster Updates:
I. Cheyenne’s Friendster Layout:

II. Cheyenne is Athena

As the patron goddess of the ancient Athenian city state, Athena embodies both the power of the warrior and the wisdom of the philosopher. She wields her spear with an aim towards justice. Respect her and you will prosper!

AiEn*** is : Bored

III. What is your mood today ?


IV. Cheyenne will be Rich

You will have lots of money. Having lots of money will allow you to buy pretty things, and socialize with pretty people. Maybe all the cash will even bring you happiness?

V. Cheyenne is Cute

Cute people are highly suspicious! Because you're cute, people naturally trust you. That trust, however, may be misplaced. Often a cute demeanor is merely the cover for a nefarious person.

VI. Cheyenne is an Angel

You are pure and beautiful. Looking into your eyes is a religious experience. When you spread your wings men fall to their knees, and kiss the ground. Hallelujah!

VII. Cheyenne is Sexy

You aren't fat. You're sexy! Your lithe figure and devious curves are enough to drive your lovers crazy. You exercise, and you eat right. Have fun!
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Here is her Friendster URL: http://profiles.friendster.com/aien1652
 Cheyenne's Facebook Updates
From the album:
"BFFs Photos" by Cheyenne Marasigan
I. Cheyenne's Top 20 Friends
1. Rio Francesca Sangalang Nicolas
2. Liezel Medrano
3. Andrea Sanchez
4. Nia N. Conseulo
5. Christian Bravo De Guzman
6. Rachel Villanueva
7. Patrick Edward Balisong
8. Allan Backong
9. Nicole Rei Noefe
10. Caesar Ryan Tamayo
11. Shermaine Joyce Q. Antonio
12. Arriane Nicole Reclosado Tamisin
13. Carl Joseph Medina
14. ***Free Space***
15. Olsen Manila
16. Pamela Joy M. Villanueva
17. Vivian Serrano
18. Tori Francine E. Edralin
19. Jhorvax Lopez
20. ***Free Space***
II. Cheyenne's Pet Society Photos
III.Cheyenne Resembles Miley Cyrus
Cheyenne just took the "What celeb do you resemble most?" quiz and the result is Miley Cyrus.
You have brown hair,you can be a little bit crazy, and love to have attention.
IV. Cheyenne's Best Feature is her Smile

Cheyenne just took the "What is your best feature?" quiz and the result is Smile.
You light up the room with your pearly whites. There isn't a person out there that can say you don't make them smile when you do.
V.  Cheyenne Just Asked Her Heart in Facebook

“There’s always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.”
VI.Cheyenne's Love Quote

"Trying to forget someone you love so much is like trying to remember someone you have never met."

VII. How Violent is Cheyenne?

Cheyenne took the quiz and got the result: 38%
You hate fighting with people, however it has happened a couple of times in your life and you had no other choice other than to fight. You did not want to hurt the person.
For Facebook Friendship with Cheyenne, search her name in the Search Engine of Facebook and Add her as a Friend.
Cheyenne Marasigan is JR’s Last Chance Featured Friend of the Week...

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More Last Chance Featured Friends special coming up...

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