02 December 2009

JR's Featured Friend of the Second Day (Kenneth Flores)

2009 Featured Friend #23
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #023
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- "uu nman...bkt p kc aasa?...XD.."
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Status: Single
Interested in: Friends
Location: Baguio City
Hometown: Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

More About Kenneth:
Schools: SLU Boys High '12
Occupation: Student
Hobbies and Interests: Heroes of Newerth, Cafe World, Bob Ong, Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
Favorite Books: -----
Favorite Movies: -----
Favorite Music: -----
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

***Kenneth has no Friendster Account***
1. Friends' Questions to Kenneth
FeLicia Garcia

A. FeLicia Garcia  

Friends Facts asked me "Do you think Kenneth Flores can do a handstand?"
FeLicia's Answer: cguro :P boyscout diba?
John Aaron Go

B. John Aaron Go

SocialInterview.com asked me "How many hours of sleep do you think Kenneth Flores usually gets each night?"
Aaron's Answer: ''3 :)''
Jean Clarence Cariaga

C. Jean Clarence Cariaga

Friends Exposed asked me "What is one thing that Kenneth Flores is a natural at?"
Jean Clarence's Answer: ..hm.. sports?. xD ..malay q.
Christian Bravo de Guzman

D. Christian Bravo de Guzman

Friends Exposed asked me "What will Kenneth Flores be like in 50 years?"
Christian's Answer: rocker.,hahaha

2.  Kenneth's Mafia Wars Update
Kenneth Flores

Kenneth Flores

Kenneth got promoted to Level 87 in Mafia Wars

 3. Kenneth's How Nerdy is My Name?

Kenneth took the quiz and got the result: 58%

4. Kenneth's JR's SLU Foundation Day 2009
Kenneth Flores is JR's Featured Friend of the Second Day of December...

To help Kenneth be a member of the candidates for JR's Featured Friend of the Year, just view this blog as many times as possible.

NOTE: JR's Featured Friend of December 2009 will be announced on December 11
(five days after JR's November 2009 Featured Friend of the Month blog)
Good Luck to all JR's Last Featured Friend Candidates

Next Featured Friend, Jean Clarence Cariaga
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-jrfeaturedfriendoftheweekspecials (December Special) 12/02/2009

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