15 March 2011

JR's March 2011 Featured Friend #5: Reishelle Manangan

2011 Featured Friend #16
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #063



March 2011 Featured Friend of the Month Prospect #5

♥ My attitude is based on how you treat me Ü
♥ I’m the kind of girl who is quiet in large groups or around people I don’t know; you only see the real me if we’re close Ü
♥ I smile and laugh a lot, especially at the most inappropriate times Ü
♥ I’m a hopeless romantic Ü
♥ There are days that I just f*cking hate everybody Ü
♥ I will survive High School Ü
♥ I always daydream/sleep in-class when I'm bored Ü
♥ I sometimes use earphones during class Ü
♥ I love playing online games (sometimes offline games *pag walang net*) Ü
♥ I spend more time in playing computer games than studying (kahit na periodical test na) Ü
♥ I sometimes discriminate people (and I hate myself for that) Ü
♥ I hate being judged by people who doesn't even know me Ü
♥ I don't like vegetables Ü
♥ I hate backbiters :P Ü
♥ I love icecream Ü
♥ I USED to play piano Ü
♥ I hold my breath when I see a smoker come near me Ü

X-I hate bigFATliars-X

♫ Can't live without music Ü

♥ Live your life and I'll live mine. I don't give a d*mn and let you think what you think about me, cause at the end of the day I'm still me and you are still the clueless one who pretend to know my story Ü

--che ♥

1. High School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 
2. Interests: Fashion, Teddy Bears, Dollhouse, Instrument
3. Sports Reishelle Plays: Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis
4. Favorite Music: Too many to name
5. Favorite Books: I don't read books
6. Favorite Movies: Too many to name
7. Favorite TV Shows: Too many to mention
8. Favorite Games: Tales Runner, Crazy Kart, Philippine Ragnarok, High Street 5, Audition SEA


A new member in JR's Featured Friends,
Reishelle Manangan is JR's Fifth Prospect for March 2011's Featured Friend of the Month

JR has always featured friends who are fans of this blogs, followers of this blog and top buddies. One top buddy that rose last year is part of featured for this month, and she is Reishelle Manangan. Having been introduced by a future Featured Friend Hall of Famer to JR, she has become a part of  JR's Top Buddies. Now it is her time to be a part of JR's Featured Friends community. ;) 

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15 March 2011 (1AM)

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