12 November 2011

Buddy Hall of Famer: Luigi John Canosa

Inductee #0009
Year Inducted: 2011

2011 Buddy Hall of Fame Inductee #2

1. Activities: Java Programming
2. Favorite TV Shows: Xperia Hot Shots
3. Favorite Video Games: Dragon Nest SEA, Dragon Nest PH

Luigi Canosa is JR's Ninth Featured Friend Hall of Famer
Finally, after two years of wait, Luigi Canosa earns his Hall of Fame in JR Late Night Blogs. Luigi Canosa was the Executive United Students Council President of Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School way back in School Year 2009-2010. Talking about JR's Featured Friends, Luigi Canosa is the Second Featured Friend in History to become JR's Featured Friend of the Month. He was also the second ever buddy to peak at #1 in JR's Top Buddies of the Month lists way back in June 2009. Though no more last chance opportunity was given to him this year for JR's Featured Friend of the Year Competition, he finally has earned the bragging rights of a Hall of Famer.

12 November 2011 (1AM)

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