07 December 2011

February 2011 Featured Friend: Lycon Marie Soliba

2011 Featured Friend #44
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #091

Lycon Marie Soliba

JR's Featured Friend Blogs:
JR's Buddies of the Month Appearances:
1. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's Buddy #7 (Class of 2010-2011)
2. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's Buddy #3 (Class of 2009-2010)
3. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's November 2011 Buddy #12
4. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's October 2011 Buddy #12
5. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's September 2011 Buddy #1
6. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's April 2011 Buddy #19
7. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's March 2011 Buddy #6
8. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's January 2011 Buddy #9
9. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's December 2010 Buddy #12
10. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's November 2010 Buddy #16
11. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's September 2010 Buddy #10
12. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's January 2010 Buddy #10
13. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's October 2009 Buddy #7
14. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's September 2009 Buddy #3
15. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's August 2009 Buddy #8
16. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's July 2009 Buddy #2
17. Lycon Marie Soliba: JR's June 2009 Buddy #9

Featured Friend of the Year 2011 Entry #5

1. Favorite Athletes: Paul Pierce, Ray Allen
2. Favorite Sports Teams: Boston Celtics
3. Favorite Music: T.I., Eminem, Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown, Avril Lavigne, Usher, Ingrid M. Payaket, Chris Daughtry, Demi Lovato
4. Favorite TV Shows: NBA TV, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami
5. Favorite Movies: Takers, Flipped, Coach Carter, A Walk to Remember, Fast & Furious, ATL
6. Favorite Books: The Hunger Games, Flipped, The Hollow, Crescendo, Hush Hush, Blue Bloods Book Series
7. Favorite Video Games: Basketball

Lycon Marie Soliba
Lycon Marie SolibaLycon Marie Soliba
Lycon Marie SolibaLycon Marie Soliba

Featured Friend of February 2011,
Lycon Marie Soliba is JR's Fifth Prospect for 2011's Featured Friend of the Year

Another prominent name in JR Late Night Blogs enters this year's Featured Friend of the Year contest. Lycon Marie Soliba enters the competition as entry #5. Tied with John Aaron Go for the Most Blog Appearances in JR's Buddies of the Month list with 15 Blog Appearances, Lycon Marie Soliba has already established a name in JR Late Night Blogs that is surely hard to beat. Lycon Marie Soliba is probably the most prominent female figure in JR Late Night Blogs. Having her first blog appearance way back June 2009, Lycon Marie Soliba is one of three (with Patrick Edward Balisong and Jean Clarence Cariaga) buddies who had appeared in JR's earliest archive blogs and has the capability to compete in JR's present buddies of the month lists. Lycon Marie Soliba, though not the most viewed female buddy in JR Late Night Blogs, is the Most Popular Female Name in JR Late Night Blogs (more popular than the female celebrities mentioned in JR Late Night Blogs). 

The Official Closing for the Tabulation of Blogs Views is on 31 December 2011 1:00AM.
The Official Results will be posted on 31 December 2011 (6PM-12MN).

07 December 2011 (1AM)

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