06 December 2011

January 2011 Featured Friend: Patrick Edward Balisong

2011 Featured Friend #42
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #089

Patrick Edward Balisong

JR's Featured Friend Blogs:

JR's Buddies of the Month Appearances:
1. Patrick Edward Balisong: Buddy #2 (Class of 2010-2011)
2. Patrick Edward Balisong: Buddy #10 (Class of 2009-2010)
3. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's November 2011 Buddy #14
4. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's May 2011 Buddy #1
5. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's April 2011 Buddy #2
6. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's March 2011 Buddy #12
7. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's January 2011 Buddy #4
8. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's December 2010 Buddy #5
9. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's November 2010 Buddy #4
10. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's October 2010 Buddy #1
11. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's September 2010 Buddy #1
12. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's November 2009 Buddy #10
13. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's September 2009 Buddy #10
14. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's August 2009 Buddy #8
15. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's July 2009 Buddy #7
16. Patrick Edward Balisong: JR's June 2009 Buddy #8

Featured Friend of the Year 2011 Entry #3

1. Activities: Debate
2. Favorite Music: Ingrid M. Payaket, Owl City, The SLU Glee Club, Joseph Vincent, Karmin, Free Fall At Nine
3. Favorite TV Shows: ABS-CBN, House, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Glee, BBC World News
4. Favorite Movies: Inception
5. Favorite Books: Blue Bloods, Percy Jackson

Patrick Edward BalisongPatrick Edward BalisongPatrick Edward Balisong
Patrick Edward BalisongPatrick Edward Balisong

Featured Friend of January 2011,
Patrick Edward Balisong is JR's Third Prospect for 2011's Featured Friend of the Year

Patrick Edward Balisong is the third entrant to JR's Featured Friend of the Year Contest. Besides holding the title of First Featured Friend of the Month for the Year 2011, Patrick Edward also holds the title for having the Most Blog Hits and Most Blog Views for an individual Featured Friend Blog in JR Late Night Blogs History with 470 Blog Views. He had beaten FabNine's previous record of 39 Blog Views. Patrick Edward Balisong does not only hold records for JR's Featured Friends Blogs but he is also a record holder for JR's Buddies of the Month list. He has obtained three #1 Peak Ranks in JR Late Night Blogs entire run (tied with John Aaron Go, who also has three #1 Peak Ranks). He topped the list last May 2011, October 2010, and September 2010. These achievements of Patrick make him one of the most decorated friends in JR Late Night Blogs History. Patrick Edward Balisong is already a household name in JR Late Night Blogs giving him a possible Hall of Fame induction in the near future. Will Patrick Edward Balisong's decorated history in JR Late Night Blogs make him the Third Featured Friend of the Year in JR Late Night Blogs?

The Official Closing for the Tabulation of Blogs Views is on 31 December 2011 1:00AM.
The Official Results will be posted on 31 December 2011 (6PM-12MN).

06 December 2011 (1AM)

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