10 February 2012

JR's February 2012 Featured Friend #1.4: Zachary Distor

2012 Featured Friend #08
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #105

Zachary Distor

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February 2012 Featured Friend of the Month Prospect #1.4

1. Activities: Traveling, Ice Cream, Christmas, Playing the Drums, Playing the Guitar, GTA: Vice City, Texting, Eating, Martial Arts, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2. Favorite Athletes: LeBron James, Triple H
3. Favorite Music: Eraserheads, Amy Hartzler, Eminem, Mozart, 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, T-Pain, Taio Cruz, 2pac, Greyson Chance, Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Simple Plan, Jechrix Zachary T. Distor, T.I., Akon, Logan Henderson, Usher, Big Time Rush, gloc-9, My Chemical Romance, Dream Theater, Guns N' Roses, Boys Like Girls, Emily Osment, Jordin Sparks, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Linkin Park, Hypergly, Avril Lavigne, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg
4. Favorite TV Shows: American Dad, MTV, Family Guy, Victorious, MythBusters, Avatar: The Last Airbender, SpongeBob SquarePants, Futurama, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Ghost Adventures, Nickelodeon, iCarly, My Super Sweet 16, Good Luck Charlie, Tom And Jerry
5. Favorite Movies: Avatar, Breaking Dawn, Batman Begins, Drumline, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie, 2012, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers, Shrek, Transformers 3, Up, Eclipse, Twilight, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules: The Movie, Shrek 2, The Karate Kid, Tangled, Nemo, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie
6. Favorite Books: Lord Of The Rings, Bible, Harry Potter
7. Favorite Video Games: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas, CounterStrike, Tekken, Monopoly, The Sims 2, Global War, Cooking Mama, Bad Meets Evil

Zachary Distor  Zachary Distor
Zachary DistorZachary Distor
Zachary DistorZachary Distor

As we celebrate the 2nd Annual Battle of the Sexes Month,
Zachary Distor is the Final Entry for JR's Featured Male Friend of February 2012

Zachary Distor makes his debut appearance in JR Late Night Blogs as JR's Featured Friend. Though not yet part of any buddies of the month list, Zachary Distor's talent and popularity makes him enough to become a featured friend in JR Late Night Blogs. After being in the first year level, he is up to a great start next year as new sophomore. Will Zachary Distor become February 2012's Male Featured Friend of the Month? This is Zachary Distor's first appearance as Featured Friend in JR Late Night Blogs.

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10 February 2012 (1AM)

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