12 March 2012

JR's March 2012 Featured Friend #6: Xavier Martinez

2012 Featured Friend #18
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #115

Xavier Martinez

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March 2012 Featured Friend of the Month Prospect #6

1. Activities: Bubble Gum
2. Favorite Sports Teams: Spoon Sports
3. Favorite Music: SLU-LHS Marching Band, Art Music Entertainment
4. Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, The Simpsons
5. Favorite Movies: Fast Five, Cars 2

Xavier Martinez
Xavier MartinezXavier Martinez
Xavier MartinezXavier Martinez

JR's October 2011 Buddy #1,
Xavier Martinez is the Sixth Entry for JR's Featured Friends of March 2012

Xavier Martinez did great last 2011, peaking at #1 in JR's Buddies of the Month lists last October 2011. He had been listed three times at #2 (October 2010, June 2011, and September 2011), but it was last September 2011 that hinted us that Xavier would indeed top the list in the upcoming month due to a very high Facebook Social Ranking and Facebook Activity Ranking. This month, he is on the road to getting his second battle of being JR's Featured Friend of the Month and a second opportunity at JR's Featured Friend of the Year. Will he get it? or will he be beaten by his beloved partner who is also featured in this month's Featured Friends? This is Xavier Martinez's fourth appearance as Featured Friend in JR Late Night Blogs.

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