20 May 2014

JR's 2014 Featured Friend #2: Rafael Domingo

2014 Featured Friend #02
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #153

Rafael Domingo

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JR's 2014 Featured Friend No. 2

"You Only Live Once!"

>>> Favorite Sports: Basketball
>>> Favorite Sports Teams: Audi Sport, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Ford Racing, Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, Philippine Azkals, Oklahoma City Thunder, Scuderia Ferrari
>>> Favorite Athletes: Allen Iverson, Blake Griffin, Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Cole, CM Punk, David Beckham, Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitski, Dwyane Wade, Edge, Inigo Navarette-Anton, Jason Kidd, Jeremy Lin, John Wall, Ken Block, Kevin Wayne Durant, Kevin Garnett, Kofi Kingston, Manny Pacquiao, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Nonito Donaire Jr., Randy Orton, Ray Allen, Rey Mysterio, Ricky Rubio, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Tanner Foust, Tony Hawk, Undertaker, Vaughn Gittin Jr.

>>> Likes: Airsoft, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Car Town, Chess, CounterStrike, CounterStrike: Condition Zero, CounterStrike: Source, CSR Classics, CSR Racing, Dance Central, Dota, Drag Racing, Fruit Ninja, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Guitar Hero, Hitman, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Mafia Wars, Monopoly, NBA 2K12, Need for Speed, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Outbreak, Tekken, Tekken 6, Tetris, Tetris Battle, Texas HoldEm Poker, World of Tanks
>>> Platforms: Garena, PlayStation2, PlayStation3, Xbox

Rafael Domingo Rafael Domingo
Rafael DomingoRafael Domingo
Rafael DomingoRafael Domingo

Rafael Domingo is JR's 2nd Featured Friend for 2014...

Earning a name for himself in JR Late Night Blogs, Rafael Domingo earns his second feature in JR's Featured Friends blog brand.  Having been the first buddy in JR Late Night Blogs history to debut at the top rank, Rafael Domingo is slowly becoming a prominent name in JR Late Night Blogs. Just like John Aaron Go and Jason Clarence Manio, Rafael Domingo is on his way to be inducted to JR Late Night Blogs' Buddy Hall of Fame for such feat. Rafael Domingo is known as a viewer of JR Late Night Blogs especially in its run during the year that was 2012 (considering he has been listed in six consecutive months in JR's Buddies of the Month from June 2012 until its end in November 2012). He has peaked at #1 in June 2012 and continued a dominating streak in the retired blog. As a real-life friend, Rafael Domingo has been loyal and trustworthy to JR making him one of his closest friends in his first year in college. Rafael Domingo is a fun person to talk with (add up Lei Suzanne Saley and Camille Mia Villamar to the team). They have been my circle of friends for two semesters and shall forever be a part of my group of friends. Rafael Domingo is the coolest and most awesome friend JR had ever met. After a year and a half of blog hiatus, Rafael Domingo gets featured for a second time. This is Rafael Domingo's second appearance as Featured Friend in JR Late Night Blogs.

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Time Published: 20 May 2014 (8PM)