02 June 2014

JR's 2014 Featured Friend #13: Andrea Mae Sanchez

2014 Featured Friend #13
JR's All-Time Featured Friend #164

Andrea Mae Sanchez

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JR's 2014 Featured Friend No. 13

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Andrea Mae Sanchez
Andrea Mae SanchezAndrea Mae Sanchez
Andrea Mae SanchezAndrea Mae Sanchez

Andrea Mae Sanchez is JR's 13th Featured Friend for 2014...

Astounding 30 total blog appearances in JR Late Night Blogs, Andrea Mae Sanchez is one of the most featured people in the blog's storied history. Andrea Mae Sanchez has been featured a total of five times (as of this blog post's publishing) and has been listed 19 times in JR's Buddies of the Month (peaking in at #1 last April 2012). With her most recent blog feature being May 2012, JR decided that it is time to update it including those recent updates regarding her mentions in JR Late Night Blogs. Andrea Mae Sanchez is probably the most prominent female in JR Late Night Blogs having more appearances than any female Featured Friend and Buddy Hall of Famer.  A hall of fame induction would highlight everything that Andrea Mae Sanchez has done in the blog's five-year run (a good way to conclude her 30 appearances). Andrea Mae Sanchez is one of the greatest friends that JR have ever met. Andrea Mae Sanchez is the most trustworthy, most noteworthy, and most praiseworthy amongst all of JR's friends. Trustworthy, because JR entrusts her with most of his personal stories. Noteworthy, because she has always considered JR as a special friend (of all of JR's SLU-LHS Science '12 classmates, she was the only one who treated me such). Praiseworthy, because she is always willing to help, to respond and to volunteer in any situation. Of all my friends, she is a full package - she is smart, she is beautiful and she is sexy. Andrea Mae Sanchez, JR thanks you for making every moment of his life fun. One wish for her - uhm, I hope she finds the true love she has been yearning for. This is Andrea Mae Sanchez's fifth appearance as Featured Friend in JR Late Night Blogs.

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Time Published: 02 June 2014 (8PM)