26 October 2011

JR's Top 15 Favorite Saw Traps

JR's Top 15 Favorite Saw TrapsAfter almost a year of blog presence in JR Late Night Blogs, JR's Top 15 Favorite Saw Traps get a huge remake as this historic blog is the first ever blog in JR Late Night Blogs to peak at #1.
This month, being JR Late Night Saw Halloween, is a great time to look back at some of the most memorable, most gruesome, and deadliest traps from the Saw franchise, the Most Successful Horror Series in History. JR presents to you a list that defines his Most Favorite Saw Traps of All Time. After all, JR's Most Favorite Movie Series is no other than the Saw film series. All Saw Traps included in Saw I, Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D are those chosen by JR in the list (other traps coming from the Saw video games were not included).

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The Venus Fly Trap (Saw II) The Pendulum Trap (Saw V) The Public Execution Trap (Saw 3D) The Reverse Bear Trap (Saw I) The Angel Trap (Saw III) The Cube (Saw V) Pound of Flesh (Saw VI) The Horsepower Trap (Saw 3D) The Needle Pit (Saw II) Razor Wire Maze (Saw I) The Rack (Saw III) The Carousel Trap (Saw VI) The Razor Box (Saw II) Oxygen Crusher (Saw VI) The Shotgun Collar (Saw III)

Summary of the Top 15:
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Table of Contents:
11 - The Rack
6 - The Cube

gold trophy

The Venus Fly Trap (Saw II)

This trap was similar to an iron maiden device, but on a much smaller scale. The trap consisted of a harness, attached to the victim's chest, which was only removable if the key to the padlock was obtained. Attached to the harness was a contraption which consisted of two metal masks, opposite from each other and angled down from the victim's head.Each mask had several nails protruding inwards from the interior. The device was connected to a spring timer, and if it wasn't removed in time, the two masks would clamp together on the victim's head, in a similar fashion to that of a Venus Flytrap, and drive the nails through his skull. The victim of this trap was Michael Marks, a police informant. He woke up in an empty room, and found himself in the helmet. In order to remove the device, Michael was instructed that he would have to find the key to the harness, which he soon learned, from a video tape and some X-rays of his own skull, was hidden behind his right eye. Supplied with a scalpel, he attempted to surgically remove his eye, but found that he couldn't himself to do it, and threw the scalpel across the room in anger. The timer expired, and the masks snapped shut on his head, killing him.

"Hello, Michael. I want to play a game. So far in what could loosely be called your life, you've made a living watching others. Society would call you an informant, a rat, a snitch. I call you unworthy of the body you possess, of the life you've been given. Now we will see if you are willing to look inward, rather than outward, to give up on the one thing you rely on in order to go on living. The device around your neck is a death mask. The mask is on a spring timer. If you do not locate the key in time, the mask will close. Think of it like a Venus Flytrap. What you are looking at right now is your own body, not more than two hours ago. Don't worry, you're sound asleep and can't feel a thing. Taking into account that you are at a great disadvantage here, I am going to give you a hint as to where I've hidden the key. So listen carefully, the hint is this: it's right before your eyes. How much blood will you shed to stay alive, Michael? Live or die, make your choice." 

silver trophy

The Pendulum Trap (Saw V)

Seth Baxter, a murderer who was initially sentence to life in prison, was released a mere five years after his conviction of the grounds of an undisclosed technicality. Believing Seth didn't learn the impact of his crime, "Jigsaw" places him into a trap instead. Seth wakes up in a room, chained to a table, with two vices on either side of it. Above him, is a large, bladed pendulum that begins to swing after his tape is completed. Seth has to push buttons in the back of the vices that will crush his hands in order to stop the Pendulum from reaching his body, as his hands are the "tools" that caused harm to others. In sixty seconds, the pendulum will cut him in half if he doesn't succeed. Seth inserts his hands into the vices, but quickly pulls them out in hear. Trying again, he succeeds in crushing his hands and the Pendulum ceases swinging for a few moments, but after a short pause, the Pendulum reactivates and descends far enough to begin cutting into his abdomen, and eventually slices him in half, confirming that the trap was inescapable.

"Hello, Seth. I want to play a game. Right now, you are feeling helpless. This is the same helplessness you bestowed upon others. But now, it's unto you. Some would call it Karma. I call it justice. Now, you served five years of what should have been a life sentence for murder. A technicality have you freedom, but it inhibited you from understanding the impact of taking a life. Today, I offer you true freedom. In thirty seconds, the pendulum will drop far enough to touch your body. Within sixty seconds, it will cut you in half. To avoid the pendulum, all you have to do is destroy the things that have killed: your hands. You must insert your hands and push the buttons to start the devices before you. Your bones will be crushed to dust. Will you destroy the things that have taken life in order to save one, Seth? Make your choice."

bronze trophy

The Public Execution Trap (Saw 3D)

This trap takes place in a public square, specifically in a window display with bulletproof glass. Two men, Brad and Ryan, wake up chained to either end of a table with a circular saw resting in front of each person, aimed at their chests, and a third circular saw on a large pivot in the middle, pointed towards the ceiling. A woman named Dina is revealed to be suspended above the center saw and restrained to a large board hanging from the ceiling. Billy the Puppet then appears on his tricycle and reveals that Dina slept with both men, manipulating their love for her own material gain, making each commit undisclosed crimes in the process. Billy goes on to say that one person from the triad must die in this trap. The three blades begin to spin, and the two men notice that the blades on the ends of the table are connected to a single sliding platform that they are both chained to. Likewise, they realize that pushing the sliding platform to one end of the table of the other causes the middle blade to drop, protecting Dina, but cutting into one of the men. The two are forced to either push the circular saws toward the person standing on the opposite end of the table within 60 seconds, killing him and sparing Dina, or to do nothing while Dina is lowered onto the center saw and cut in half at her midsection. The trap begins with Brad and Ryan fighting to push the saws toward one another, with Brad initially gaining the upper hand. Dina begins to cheer for Brad, which enrages Ryan, giving him the strength he needs to push the saws toward Brad, cutting into Brad's chest, but only inflicting a minor injury. Dina, realizing that Brad may lose the fight, then begins to cheer for Ryan. At this point, both men decide that Dina is not worth the struggle and that she has been lying to both of them the whole time. The game then ends with Brad and Ryan deciding to stop fighting, allowing her to be lowered onto, and subsequently sliced in half by the center saw.

"Hello, Brad. Hello, Ryan. I want to play a game. The same woman has played each of you for fools, manipulating your love for her and causing nothing but pain. Her fun and games pushed you both to break the law to fulfill her material needs. She is toxic. And today, all of your crimes will be made public. Now you will choose who will drop out of this triangle, for withing sixty seconds, one of you must die. If you wish to save her, then the saws must be pushed all the way to one side or the other, sparing her while proving who is indeed the alpha male. Are you both strong enough to walk away from what is destroying you, or will you fight one more time for the heart that binds? You have sixty seconds to decide. Live or die. Make your choice."

The Reverse Bear Trap (Saw I)

This trap was applied to a heroine addict named Amanda Young, whose wrists were bound with duct tape to armrests on a chair in a dimly-lit room, with a heavy metal apparatus hooked into her upper and lower jaw. The Jigsaw Puppet appeared on a television screen before her and revealed that Amanda had a short amount of time to remove the trap from her head before it would snap open in a similar fashion to that of a bear trap in reverse, which would rip her jaws wide open in the process. To emphasize this point, a demonstration was shown to Amanda, who watched as the device went off on a mannequin head, which exploded as the device activated. The puppet told her that the key that she needed to remove the device was in the stomach of the "dead" Donnie Greco lying across the room from her. As the tape ended, Amanda was forced to wriggle her arms free from the duct tape, at which point she stood up, pulling and snapping a trigger wire that set off the one-minute timer on the back of the contraption. She quickly raced over to Donnie, whereupon she had to cut into his stomach and retrieve the key, although it was revealed that he was not actually dead as the tape had suggested, but in an opiate-induced state of paralysis, unable to feel pain. He began stirring and eventually woke up as Amanda cut into his stomach with a scalpel and retrieved the key. Amanda managed to remove the device just in time, removing it from her head and tossing it to the floor as it snapped open.

"Hello, Amanda. You don't know me but I know you. I want to play a game. Here's what happens if you lose. The device you're wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaws. When the timer at the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open. Think of it like a reverse bear trap. Here, I'll show you. There is only one key to open the device. It's in the stomach of your dead cellmate. Look around, Amanda, know that I'm not lying. Better hurry up. Live or die, make your choice......"

The Angel Trap (Saw III)

Allison Kerry, a detective who worked on the Jigsaw cases, woke up suspended above the floor of an abandoned building, in a contraption which consisted of a leather harness, hung from the ceiling by numerous chains, lining her torso with two sets of needles on either side. Upon further examination of her harness, she found that the two sets of needles attached to her torso were connected to her ribcage, each needle hooking into an individual rib. Each array of needles were attached to one of two metal arches resting behind her, that, for the time being, remained folded. Hanging before her was a jar filled with acid into which a key was dropped upon her regaining consciousness. The jar was also suspended by chains, and was tightly fastened so as to be unable to tip over. A television turned on in front of her and delivered the instructions to Kerry's test. Billy informed Kerry that she was placed in the test because she was "dead on the inside", explaining why she was so adept at her job as a Forensic Detective. He also implied that the device Kerry was equipped with would tear her ribcage from her body, knowing that Kerry would understand from her experience with Jigsaw's previous tests. Billy told her that she would have one minute to retrieve the key from the jar before the key was dissolved by the acid and before the timer on the device ran out. After hesitating, Kerry plunged her hand into the jar, severely burning it, but failed to grab the key. Screaming in pain, she plunged her hand in a second time and successfully retrieved the key. She pulled out her bloodied, severely corroded hand, and unlocked the padlock on her harness. Upon removing the lock, however, she found that she was unable to remove the harness itself. It is then that she realized that the trap was never intended to be escapable, as each of the pins were hooked directly into her ribcage, and there was a second lock at the back of the device that held it in place. As Kerry realized this, Amanda entered the room, revealing herself as the inventor of the trap. With that revelation, Kerry raised her arms and clenched the chains she was hanging from as the two arms attached to the harness swiftly arched upwards in a similar manner to a pair of wings (hence the name of the trap), and pulled each side of the harness with them, causing the needles embedded in her torso to rip both sides of her ribcage out in opposite directions. She soon collapsed and died in the leather straps as her internal organs spilled out onto the floor. 

"Hello, Kerry. I want to play a game. Up until now, you have spent your life among the dead, piecing together their final moments. You're good at this because you, like them, are also dead. Dead... on the inside. You identify more with a cold corpse than you do with a living human. I believe you want to join your true family, indeed your only family, in death. The device you are wearing is hooked into your ribcage, and by the time this tape is finished, you will have one minute to find a way out. At the end of that minute... you should know better than anyone what happens then. There is a simple key that will unlock the harness, Kerry. It is right in front of you. All you have to do is reach in and take it. But do it quickly. The acid will dissolve the key in a matter of seconds... Make your choice."

The Cube (Saw V)

Immediately after killing Jeff, and being locked in Jigsaw's operating room by Hoffman, Agent Strahm located a hallway revealed to him by glow-in-the-dark paint. In the hallway he discovered a cassette player that warned him not to proceed any further, lest the room become his tomb. Refusing to comply, Strahm proceeded down the hallway and was then tranquilized by Hoffman. Strahm woke up with his head encased in a clear glass box with tubes connected to it, and his gun confiscated. The box started filling with water, eventually filling completely with the intent to drown Strahm. Thinking quickly, Strahm pulled out his pen and stabbed it into his throat, performing an emergency tracheotomy to sustain his breathing until help arrived. Strahm ultimately survived the trap, being wheeled out by paramedics, much to Hoffman's surprise. The irony is that Strahm managed to survive a trap that was constructed with no intended means of escape. 

"Hello, Agent Strahm. If you're hearing this, then you've finally found what you've been looking for. But is the discovery of my body enough? Or will your insatiable hunger to uncover the truth push you deeper into the abyss? Heed my warning: Do not proceed for this room can be your sanctuary or it can be your grave. The choice is yours."

Pound of Flesh (Saw VI)

This trap is created to test two predatory lenders, Simone and Eddie, in the opening sequence of Saw VI. The two are placed in adjoining cells and each victim is equipped with a head harness with screws positioned on either side of it, poised to drill into their temples. Should one of them fail their test, the screws would drill into their skull with immense pressure, killing them. In order to survive, they are given a set of utensils to cut off their own flesh and toss it down a chute, onto a scale located between the cells. After 60 seconds passes, the subject that places the least weight onto the scale would have his/her headpiece discharge, drilling into his/head head. The overweight Eddie takes an early lead by slicing off and tossing his stomach fat/skin onto the scale while Simon attempts to cut off her fingers, but has difficulty in bringing herself to do it. Meanwhile Eddie continues tossing more skin and fat onto the scale. Simone, running out of time, begins to cut her arm at the mid section, however, after seeing Eddie toss even more flesh onto the scale, Simone panics, and starts to cut faster. The drills begin drilling deeper, causing Simone to cut her upper part of her arm. Simone then notices that she is loosing, so she grabs a meat cleaver and starting to hack away higher up her arm, severing it from her body. With only seconds to spare, Simone grabs her severed arm and tosses it down the chute, onto the scale, tipping the scale in her favor, and causing Eddie's harness to activate, drilling into his skull and killing him.

"Hello, I want to play a game. The devices on your heads are symbolic of the shackles that you place upon others. You recklessly loan people money, knowing their financial limitations, counting on repossessing more than they could ever pay back. You are predators, but today you become the prey and it is your own pound of flesh that I demand. The scale before you is your only path to freedom, however, only one of you may pass and the toll is the ultimate sacrifice of flesh. Before you are the instruments to exact this flesh. Move with haste though, for when the sixty second timer hits zero, whoever has given the most flesh will release their binding while the hears on your opponent's head will engage, piercing their skull. Who will offer the most flesh in order to save their life? The choice is yours."

The Horsepower Trap (Saw 3D)

A man named Evan wakes up, glued to the driver's seat of a car that is propped up on its hind wheels. Evan is told by a tape placed in the tape deck of the car that his friends are in the garage with him and are also a part of his game, and that in order to prevent them from dying through a chain of events, he must reach a lever located in front of him on the outer side of the windshield within 30 seconds. One of his friends Dan is located behind the car, with his arms and jaw chained to the rear end of the car, and his body to a pole behind it. His girlfriend Kara is strapped down underneath one of the propped-up wheels, and his third friend Jake is chained to the garage door directly in front of the car. In order to pull the lever, Evan has to reach forward and tear a massive portion of his skin off to disconnect from the carseat. The stationary car is also slowly accelerating as the timer counts down. Evan eventually fails to reach far enough in time and the car's hind wheels are released, causing one of the wheels to fall onto Kara's face, crushing it. The accelerating car then speeds in the direction of the garage door and rips Dan chained to the car's arms and jaw off, while speeding through and ultimately killing Jake chained to the garage door. The trap ends with the car having a head on collision with another empty car outside of the garage and Evan being thrown through the window by the impact. It is indicated that he might have survived the crash.

"Hello, Evan. I want to play a game. The situation you find yourself in is of your own doing. You, your girlfriend, and your friends are all racists. You have intimidated others based on their racial differences, but today it is you who will run scared. Your pathetic friends follow your every word, Evan. Therefore, you will be the only one capable of saving them and yourself. In thirty seconds, the jacks holding up this car will fall, setting off a deadly chain of events. In order to stop this from happening, you must tear yourself away from the seat to which you are glue. Then you must pull the red lever before you. But no act comes without sacrifice. You've judged others by the color of their skin, and today, Evan, you will learn that we are all the same color on the inside. Live or die, Evan. The choice is yours."

The Needle Pit (Saw II)

This trap involved a pit in the middle of a room, filled with thousands of filthy, used syringes. A locked door in the room contained an antidote, but was set on a four minute timer. If the timer expire, the door would remain locked forever. This trap was meant for Xavier, a drug dealer, who would have to jump into the pit of needles to find the key to the door. The key was attached to a glow stick, and was hidden among the syringes, however, instead of going in himself, he picked up Amanda and threw her in to find the key for him. Although she discovered the key in time, Xavier fumbled with it and was unable to unlock the door before time ran out. This trap, unlike many of Jigsaw's other traps, would not kill the victim if they had failed the task, but was meant to be more of a punishment (although the victim would still die from the effects of the nerve agent unless an antidote was found).

"Hello, Xavier. I want to play a game. The game I want to play is very similar to the one that you've been playing as a drug dealer. The game of offering hope to the desperate, for a price. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate. So I offer you hope. The price that you pay is that you must crawl into the same pit of squalor you force your customers into. By entering this room, a timer has been started. When the timer expires, the door in front of you will be locked forever. Only in finding the key before the timer runs out can you unlock and retrieve the antidote inside. I will give you just one hint as to where the key is: it will be finding a needle in a haystack. Let the game begin."

The Razor Wire Maze (Saw I)

This trap involved a victim who woke up partially-naked in a fenced-in area within a basement. Between the victim and the door was a gauntlet of densely strung together razor wire which the victim had to navigate through in order to find an exit. Hidden somewhere in the fencing was a hole which would have served as a way out of the maze, but the hole was located in a spot where the victim was not likely to look. The door leading out of the basement was set to close and lock on a timer, and the victim was required to escape before the timer went off. Paul Leahy was the victim of this trap; a man with a decent life, yet who decided to slit his wrists, presumably for recognition. According to Jigsaw, the irony of Paul's situation was that if he really wanted to die, he would have had to simply stay where he was (because the door to his freedom would close, trapping him inside), but if he wanted to live, he would have to "cut himself again." Footage from the movie shows him pushing his way through the wire and making it to the end of the fence, but not finding the hole in time, and therefore being trapped in the basement "forever". Detectives found him hanging, long dead, on the razor wires. He was apparently cut so deeply by the wire that the detectives found traces of stomach acid on the floor of the basement.

"Hello, Paul. You're a perfectly healthy, sane, middle-class male. Yet last month, you ran a straight razor across your wrists. Did you cut yourself because you truly wanted to die, or did you just want some attention? Tonight you'll show me. The irony is that if you want to die, you just have to stay where you are. But if you want to live, you'll have to cut yourself again. Find the path through the razor wire to the door. But hurry-- at 3:00 that door will lock and then this room becomes your tomb. How much blood will you shed to stay alive, Paul?"

The Rack (Saw III)

Words inscribe on the door to the Rack room read: "Here's Your Chance." Jeff, accompanied by Judge Halden, stumbled upon this trap after saving the judge from the Pig Vat. Timothy Young, the victim of this trap, turned out to be the man responsible for the car accident that resulted in the death of Jeff's son. The victim was strapped to a device resembling a crucifix, his head held in place by a rotating lock, while his arms and legs were held in place by spikes through his hands and feet. Each section began rotating around 180 degrees, one by one, taking his arms, legs, and head along with it and breaking his bones. Jigsaw stated on Tim's tape that this trap was a particular favorite of his, referring to it as "The Rack." The only way for Jeff to free Tim was to obtain a key that was attached to the trigger of a shotgun, if the key was taken, the shotgun would have gone off and shot Jeff in the arm. As with the other tests, the key was also needed to leave the room and continue through to the next room. The shotgun and key were kept suspended in a glass box that Judge Halden attempted to break without success. Tim's arms and legs were rotated one by one, shattering and exposing his bones, as the judge stood by and helplessly watched. Jeff managed to untie the key from the shotgun, holding onto the cord long enough to move his own body out of the line of fire, but as he let go, the cord set off the gun, instead shooting the judge in the head and killing him. Jeff rushed over to Tim just as his head began to rotate, however, he failed to locate the keyhole in time, and Tim's neck was fatally broken. The gears slowed down and halted after Tim's head twisted around 180 degrees. After Jeff left, he found the last piece of the photograph, depicting him and his family. He also found the last piece of the gun, and assembled it.

"Hello, Jeff. If you are listening to this, that means that the confrontation you so long dreamed of is finally unfolding. In your head he is a cypher, a symbol of your life changing, a symbol of death. I present him to you now as a simple human being. His name is Timothy Young, he's 27 years old, a medical student with a mother and a father just like you. A man whose life also changed on the day your son died. That day he made a terrible mistake. You believed he didn't pay for that mistake, and now is your chance to make him pay. The device Timothy is strapped to is my personal favorite. I call it "The Rack". The human body is a miraculous creation. Ever wonder how far the arm can twist? This device is going to start twisting. There is a chance he might live though, with your help. To your right is a box. At the back of the box is a key. It's tied to the trigger of a shotgun. The question you have to ask yourself is this: are you willing to take a bullet for the man who killed your son? Does "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" apply here, Jeff? Make your choice."

The Carousel Trap (Saw VI)

The fourth test of William, The Carousel Trap, was revealed in a teaser clip to promote Saw VI. The trap consists of six of William's junior associates: Aaron, Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby, and Josh (in order of when they were stopped by the carousel), chained to a rotating roundabout-like object inside of a large metal cage. At the front of the cage is a large metal device attached to a shotgun which is pointing at the carousel. The carousel repeatedly slows to a halt with a random victim facing the gun. William is forced to make the choice to place his hand inside a metal box and press a button, causing a metal rod to pierce his hand in order to prevent the selected victim from being shot, or choose not to and let the victim be shot point-blank in the chest by the gun, thus killing the person that is in the gun's path. Unfortunately, William is told that he can only save two of the six people on the carousel and in the end, William chooses to save Emily, the second and Shelby, the fifth person to be stopped by the carousel, while the other four associates: Aaron, Gena, Dave, and Josh are shot and killed by the mounted gun. William finds a key in the next room, unlocking the final strap from his body, and proceeding in to his final test.

"Hello, William. Before you are six of your most valuable associates, the ones who find errors in policies. Their findings result in over two-thirds of all applications denied or prematurely terminated. Now you must apply your analysis to them, and will you be able to find their errors? Six ride the carousel, but only two can get off. The decision of which two survive falls upon you. But remember, the mounted gun will continue to fire until all six rounds are spent. And if no decision is made on your part, all six will perish. To offer the two reprieves, you mush press both buttons at once in the box before you, however in doing so, you will give a sacrifice of your own. Two can live, four will die. Your decisions symbolized by the blood on your hands."

The Razor Box (Saw II)

This trap involved a large glass container which was suspended from the ceiling in one of the rooms of the house. Inside the box was an antidote which was accessible by two holes underneath the box that were big enough to fit a person's arms through. Once they did so, however, they would realize that the corners of the holes were fitted with blades that would push up if something was inserted and if the person put pressure on the blade in order to take their hands out, the blades would dig into their arms, and the harder they pulled, the deeper the blades would go. Addison, a prostitute, fell victim to this trap. At first, she only inserted one hand, and may have been able to push open the blades with her free hand and release herself (cylinders extending downward from the holes in the box would have made this extremely difficult), but the plunger to the needle was stuck to the bottom of the box. When she pulled the needle up, the antidote inside spilled. Panicking, she reached her other hand inside to grab it, trapping herself. As she tried to pull out her arms, the blades began to cut into them. It is unknown if she survived. However, due to the nerve agent that had already led to the death of Laura, and the fact that Addison had lost so much blood from the blades, it is improbable that she had lived. It is later revealed in a featurette on the construction of the trap for the set that if the victim were to walk to the other side of the box, they would see a lock with a key sticking out of it, which in turn would have unlocked the box and allowed them to access the antidote without harm. If one looks closely enough during the movie you can see the key for a few seconds. Although Addison fell victim to this trap, it was intended for Gus.

The Oxygen Crusher (Saw VI)

William and the company's janitor, Hank, wake up to bright spotlights and find that they are each fastened in between two large vices, facing one another, with their arms chained above their heads and oxygen masks over their faces. The rules explain that every time one of them takes a breath, a device will react and the vices will tighten on the breathing individual. Both attempt to outlast each other and hold his breath for a longer period of time, however, the janitor, who happens to be a smoker, cannot hold his breath for long and soon after has his ribcage crushed, setting William free. William unlocks the first bomb strap from his body and proceeds on to his next test.

"...Here is your first test. Your health and hereditary background put you in the highest category of success, however the same cannot be said for your adversary. While only fifty-two years of age, this man has continued to smoke, even though he has a history of high blood pressure and heart disease. This demonstrates the very lack of appreciation for the blessings of his own life. Your game will focus on the simple element of air. Once this game begins, every time you take a breath, the clamps around your chest will close in and crush your body. The only escape is in the other's failure. So I ask you: When faced with death, who will survive? Live or die, William. Make your choice."

The Shotgun Collar (Saw III)

Amanda placed a collar equipped with five loaded shotgun shells onto Lynn Denlon, a surgeon who was abducted from a local hospital. Jigsaw, at this point, is seen in critical condition, lying on a hospital bed, due to the cancer slowly killing him. The hammers behind each shell were clicked back, and the collar was set to respond to Jigsaw's heart rate monitor. If he flatline, if Lynn moved out of range, or if the collar was removed incorrectly, the shells would detonate, killing her instantly. Lynn was forced to operate on Jigsaw to keep him alive long enough for another victim, Jeff Reinhart, to complete his series of trials in the abandoned plant. When his tests were completed, Jigsaw ordered Amanda to remove the collar from Lynn, as she had fulfilled her task, however, Amanda refused. It was possible that this trap was inescapable, due to the fact that the trap was created by Amanda who at the time had been creating traps with no means of escape. This can be reinforced by a deleted scene in which Lynn managed to get the key to the collar from Amanda, only to find that it did not seem to fit in the lock. After an argument in the makeshift hospital room between Amanda and Jigsaw, Lynn was shot in the back by Amanda, as Jeff was arriving on the scene. Jeff was left with a final choice to kill Jigsaw or forgive him, not knowing that his death would result in Lynn's death, due to the collar. Lynn desperately tried to tell Jeff not to continue, but was wheezing and speaking incoherently from the blood loss. As Jigsaw's neck was slashed by Jeff with a circular saw, his heart rate monitor dipped and activated the collar on Lynn, which began to beep. As Jigsaw flatlined, the collar fired the shells, blowing apart Lynn's head against the wall behind her.

"I want to play a game. The rules of the game are simple. The consequences for breaking them are great: death. You're being tested. Your will is being tested, the will to keep someone alive. Can you do that? Can you follow the rules and grant someone the gift of life? The device you are wearing is linked to my heart rate monitor. The second that heart rate monitor flatlines, or you move out of range, an explosion will go off in that collar. Your life, and my life, will end simultaneously."

JR pays tribute to one of the most respected movie franchises in history - the Saw movie series.
Being the most successful horror movie series, it is a great honor to JR to have presented his Saw Traps picks. The question now is: "Will there be a future Saw movie?". I wish I can answer yes but still, as they say, "All Good Things Go To Those Who Wait".



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