24 June 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - DESPICABLE ME 3

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JR's Rating: 8️⃣ (8.0 out of 10Awesome)
"The Search for the Candy-Eating Unicorn"

You'll love this movie for three major things, 1) The Minions (of course, they're the most lovable), 2) Gru and Dru (and their battle against Balthazar Bratt) and 3) Agnes (and her search for the candy-eating unicorn, truly a cute moment). Despicable Me 3 follows three stories as I have specified in my introduction. First, we see Gru meeting his twin brother Dru on a quest to continue their family's legacy of villainry. Gru suffers from job firing from his spy agency and decides to partner with his twin brother to bring the diamond that Balthazar Bratt stole back to where it belongs. Second, we see the minions' rebellion against Gru not anymore being involved in villainry. They immediately regret their decision and go back to Gru. Third, we see Agnes on her search and capture of a unicorn. But the question is, will she really see and catch one. The animation is cute and amazing but the movie lacks what the first two Despicable Me movies had - a story that has depth and emotion. This one makes good combination of mixed yet understandable, complementing and noncovoluted storylines but fails to capture my heart in the process. I was hoping for something special from this movie that I could reminisce and recapture as I go out of the cinema but unfortunately, none. It's like the Minions, where the movie is for purely entertainment but this time around it was better. The first Despicable Me still stands as the best of the three films. Not a masterpiece, but the animation was cute and amazing that it deserves positive credit.
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17 June 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - THE MUMMY

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JR's Rating: 5️⃣ (5.9 out of 10Mediocre)
"Gloomy Start for the Dark Universe of Gods and Monsters"

Truly, a weak start to the Universal Dark Universe... The Mummy seems like many great ideas placed in a film that looks rushed and confused if its a horror, comedy or action film. I was personally anticipating a dark, scary and horrific (in a good way) Dark Universe as it will be revitalizing the classic monsters we came to know of in film. The Mummy brings Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) in an adventure of defeating Egyptian princess Ahmanet's plans coming to reality. Princess Ahmanet made a deal with the Egyptian God of Death on making them the most powerful entities on earth. The plan fails miserably as Ahmanet gets buried alive in mercury. Come the present day, Ahmanet's tomb is found and transferred to England where she is on track to bringing her plans once again into fruition. It's Nick Morton's duty to save the world from this demise. Let me say, first, that it was really a dumb idea to connect Egyptian history to that of England's. I don't see the logic of how Egyptian artifacts be hidden in the underground catacombs of England. Second, Tom Cruise fails miserably to deliver a character suit for the film. This is not a Mission Impossible where you can be cocky and comedic but, for me, a horror flick that should be serious and made genuine. Third, the movie story seems rushed with so many details mixed into the fray. Indeed, the effects were great but not enough to impress me with the entirety of the film. There are positives though for the film. I liked how the selection and back story of the titular The Mummy was presented. I liked the concept of what power The Mummy has. And I liked the jump scares that filled the movie for thrills. But, all-in-all, The Mummy is horrific in a bad way. The Mummy should have been individualized, true to the foundation of its character as I don't think a shared universe for the classic monsters would work. The future seems gloomy for the Dark Universe, indeed...
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16 June 2017

JR's Game Reviews - ALAN WAKE

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(Reviewed on Xbox 360)
Total Game Time: 20-24 hours in total
Dates of Play: 31 May 2013 - 26 July 2013 (Xbox360)

Story - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Graphics - 10/10
Innovation - 10/10
Playability - 9/10
Music - 10/10
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10Masterpiece)
"Insanity In The Darkness..."

To consider yourself a true Xbox Fan, you would definitely have to play this exclusive. Alan Wake is stretched into three difficulties with five chapters presenting themselves in a TV episode-like manner. You are Alan Wake set to save your wife from the dark presence that literally turns your fiction into reality. After writing an unfinished "The Departure" manuscript, Alan Wake struggles to keep on pace with his written story while fighting enemies covered in shadows. These enemies covered in shadows are to be stripped of its dark presence with light, through flashlights or flares, then killed with a somewhat form of revolver. As hard as how that mechanic may seem, that's what makes this game so unique amongst all its peers - light beats darkness. Alan Wake is a game that I personally love. I tried all three levels of difficulty, with the Nightmare one really posing the most challenge as enemies are 10x harder to avoid and kill and damage is much greater to your character. On another note, I'm amazed by the setting, a scenic and well-crafted Bright Falls (a place you'll want to visit but would cancel on due to its dark history). The introductory ferry scene did get me pumped up when I started the game. When the first Taken (the enemy in this game) presents itself, that's when you get thrilled and anticipate for what's next to come. You get to fight zombie-like individuals that run at you with either a chainsaw or any handtool, poltergeist of random objects and group of ravens. Alan Wake is an Xbox 360 exclusive that PlayStation fans would die for. A game complemented with wonderful music, great design and unique gameplay and story is a masterpiece in its form. I'm hoping for a future sequel for this game but with more driving mechanic and scarier set of enemies which would really run through the nerves. Alan Wake made me insane with the presence of darkness...
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07 June 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - WONDER WOMAN

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JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10Masterpiece)
"Flawless, Hope for the DC Extended Universe"

Wonder Woman is the best non-ensemble superhero movie I have seen EVER, and best superhero origins movie I have ever seen. With a dominant Marvel in movies, Wonder Woman proved there is hope to love and be invested in DC. This is probably the first time that I even rooted for a female superhero. Wonder Woman best exemplified the superhero origins story, bringing in Greek mythology and World War masterfully into the mix. We see the start of a young Diana set to defeat the Greek God of War, Ares, from setting the World War into fruition. Wonder Woman is all powerful, having superhuman strength, flying skills, and even speed to help mankind. I love Gal Gadot so much, definitely so hot as f*. She gave justice to the presentation of Wonder Woman, true to the character and definitely hot. I even love how she made Wonder Woman appear so much traditional and ignorant about mankind's progress, making some scenes be in a lighter mood at times of intense and strong scenes. The movie even succeeds to grab your heart, which is rare for an action-packed superhero movie. The love for morality is what makes Wonder Woman so damn inspirational and amazing, she's even damn smart. I am so moved even by the love story between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, truly a tear-jerker. Action scenes are intense and very well-crafted, at par with those by Marvel's. Wonder Woman in its entirety is a masterpiece, the movie made her one of my new favorites. Well deserving of a fresh 10 score.
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03 June 2017


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JR's Rating: 7️⃣ (7.8 out of 10, Alright)
"Breaking the Curse of the Sea, A Tale of Poseidon's Trident"

An amazing tale of the dead yet with too many convoluted side stories. Pirates of the Caribbean has been an established franchise giving us tales of the Fountain of Youth, Davy Jones' Locker and the Black Pearl. This fifth one focuses on Poseidon's Trident which keeps all curses of the sea alive unless destroyed. Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow is alive and exciting as ever and he's set to conquer Captain Salazar who seeks revenge on his death and his crew. We see Henry Turner set to relieve the curse of his father through destroying Poseidon's Trident and we see Carina Smyth set on a search for her father. The three set on a journey across the seas to help each other in an action-packed sea experience. Amazing as the story may sound with an astounding start and ending, the movie seem confused with a lot of different characters which seem inessential and plots which are a bit awkward and unnecessary. Jack Sparrow remains the power of the film with his humor complemented by those thrilling scenes he is set to amass such as the vault heist, escape from the guillotine, race against sharks, fight against a ship figurehead and the final duel against Salazar. The journey of the British towards the trident is a bit unnecessary though if they would have to kill them all too easily, there are a lot of side stories even which confuse the main plot of the film. The surprise of Barbossa being Carina's father is well presented even his sacrifice in the end but how Henry and Will finally see each other was very abrupt. Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales (or Salazar's Revenge) is an amazing action-packed adventure which is worth the watch if you're for the thrilling scenes, but too much side quests taking time from the main linear story is a bummer. I don't see this as a powerful final film for this prominent movie franchise, a fitting final one giving justice to Jack Sparrow should end the series.
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31 May 2017

JR's Game Reviews - THE WALKING DEAD

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(Reviewed on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360)
Total Game Time: 2-3 hours per episode (10-15 hours in total)
Dates of Play: 16 March 2013 - 31 October 2013 (Xbox360) & 28 May 2017 - 29 May 2017 (PS3)

Story - 10/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Innovation - 10/10
Playability - 9/10
Music - 8/10
JR's Rating: 9️⃣ (9.3 out of 10, Excellent)
"Story-Telling of the Dead In Its Finest"

Telltale Games have reinvigorated the story telling form of video genre in what is a contemporary master class in today's video game industry. While the TV series delve right into the characters of the popular The Walking Dead comic series, the video game utilizes the zombie universe established in the series to create a different yet unique set of stories that are truly heartbreaking and memorable. The first season of The Walking Dead (video game) realizes a zombie-infested United States where people struggle to survive, but the living is of more danger than the dead. Lee, the character you control in the game, is a convicted murderer who upon his conviction discovers the world in its demise. He would eventually be protecting a young girl named Clementine left alone by her parents who are having their vacation in Georgia. The story in itself is a masterpiece and truly a tear-jerker from its first to its final episode. You'll learn to love characters that will eventually come along as the game proceeds, the family of Kenny along with Clementine and Lee are those I invested my time and emotion with. There are some satisfying deaths as well especially those who have been a pull to the progress of their group, Lilly, Larry and Ben to name a few. There are some minimal glitches and issues I've encountered along the way but not enough to bring down how good this video game is. Telltale created a new formula where decision-making is an important aspect in progressing towards the story. The story is linear and predictable at times but you'll love and hate some twists that are very much contributory to how damn good this video game really is. The Walking Dead (video game), in its first season, is already beautiful to begin with the story complementing it wonderfully. I give the game a 9/10 for being one of today's best recommended video games in the market.
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27 April 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - 2 COOL 2 BE 4GOTTEN

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JR's Rating: 9️⃣ (9.0 out of 10, Excellent)
"Make It Hard"

The movie is an ode to the youth of this generation and to the impregnation of the Filipino lifestyle with American culture. Simple and linear, 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten exudes a story of an illustrious high school student yet so much underappreciated meeting two young American boys who would soon influence him with their way of living. Magnus and Maxim's conflicting personal interests and attributes mixed with Felix's awkward vibe makes an exciting plot for the average movie viewer. The movie is so raw on presenting Felix's building desire on both the American brothers and on presenting the struggle of the brothers with the "poor and underdeveloped" Philippine economy (wanting to leave the country and build their most ambitious of dreams). The building of emotions of Felix towards Magnus is not, however, your typical love story; it is a cute budding friendship that gets ruined by twists in the ending. The degree of excitement every time Magnus and Felix meets is equal to the degree of depression and heartbroken you'll feel by how the movie ends. A symbolic ending indeed which is open for many interpretations and possibilities. Khalil Ramos and Jameson Blake did great on the portrayals of their characters; so sincere in fact to who their characters are. I also admire Ana Capri's portrayal truly capturing the identity of her character. Ethan Salvador did just right but could have, however, improved more. Petersen Vargas definitely made an amazing film relatable to the millenials of this generation. I'm already a fan of his creative vision looking forward on what's next. 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten is art in its "most sincerest" form. Make it hard, indeed.
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25 April 2017


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JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"No Wonder It Won Best Picture"

6-day work week, where the rest day is made for beauty pageants, Sunday Beauty Queen is a contemporary look at the lives of Filipina OFWs in Hong Kong, each with their own different stories. A first-time entry and winner at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, Sunday Beauty Queen never fails to inspire and touch the hearts of the average movie viewer on the complex reality of overseas labor. The story involving the OFW pageant organizer amazed me the most, the dedication on setting up a pageant for raising money while advocating Filipina beauty has been an inspirational one for me. Another which involved the OFW realizing the death of her master and beau was a sad one for me. A cute one though was about a Filipina OFW bringing the kid of his employer to his daily school transport and back home after their classes. The movie masterfully presented in the most explicit manner various social issues needing of attention such include the "Two-Week Rule", Employer Abuse, Curfew and Strict Foreign Employment Laws. You would really feel for those OFWs in the film facing various day-to-day situations. How hard it is to be a mother in a family abroad and be a supporting mother to their own real families. Personally, it is a no brainer why such film won best picture at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival beating the Pulp Fiction-styled Die Beautiful (which I also scored a 10), the romcom Vince, and Kath, and James (which I scored an 8.5), and the horror Seklusyon. Sunday Beauty Queen is a low-budget documentary that is a giant in cinema.
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01 April 2017


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JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Truly Impressive, School of Medicine and the Arts Indeed"

The experience of watching the SOM Microbiology Film Festival 2017, along with majority of Medicine student audience, was truly an amazing and impressive one. It's even an honor for all students coming from all the other different schools of Saint Louis University to be given the opportunity to experience such event.

The three films were truly the stars of this event. The first focusing on Virology, second on Bacteriology and third on Mycology. The first film, "The Walking Dead: Virocalypse," did great on effects and editing, hyping up the entire audience as the film festival started. It's a unique take on the very popular "The Walking Dead" series with different cases of infections involved. The second film, "Sherlock: The Tale of the Dreaded Rods," was powerful on screenplay and direction, continuing the excitement through a comedic yet quality film. It's based on the classic case files of the fictional Sherlock Holmes but applied to Contemporary Medicine. The third film, "Murdoch Mysteries: Dawn of the Unseen", has awesome acting performances. It's set on the early English times, with a serial killer mystery to be solved.

All-in-all, the entire film festival was pristine. The hosts did really great on handling the event (even managing to give life, distracting the audience, during a specific technical difficulty).

I, for one, am hoping that the SOM Microbiology Film Festival which just became a university-wide affair be a yearly anticipated event in the entire University. Congrats indeed to the people behind this event.

It's the best major activity sponsored by one school I have ever seen. (Even the best activity I've ever witnessed from all the major school assemblies in the SSC.)

The whole effort of the students of the School of Medicine on creating this Microbiology Film Festival truly made them deserving of a 10/10, Masterpiece. #WellOrganized and #WellExecuted

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20 March 2017


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JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Tale As Old As Time"

My favorite so far out of the four animation turned live-action films of Disney, Beauty And The Beast is superb on maintaining to be an original film with its original source. While this same film adapts certain sequences from the original animated film, this version of Beauty And The Beast is much broader in scope giving us a closure on both the backstories of Belle and the Beast with an ending much more unique and so effective than the original. This version of the beloved classic film is truly astounding. How they managed to bring the animated Cogsworth, Lumiere, Chip and Mrs. Potts to live-action is so astounding and impressive, truly making the Beast's castle alive as how it should be. The film is so ambitious in bringing different ensemble sequences such as that of the introductory scene, Belle's first dinner and Gaston's special dance number. My favorite sequence would definitely be the scene where the Beast dances with Belle in tune with the recognizable Beauty and the Beast song. The inclusion of gay characters in the film was also a huge and commendable step in a studio that has always been known to be conservative. Emma Watson is truly the standout of this film, she truly encapsulated the awkward yet beautiful Belle in this movie. Beast's supposed death was a surprise for me as it was different from the original but how he changed to the charming prince for Belle was masterfully done. Even the transformation of the Prince's supposed servants to their human form was very well executed. The depiction of the iconic rose in the animated film was also notable, but what makes this original is how each drop equates to the slow destruction of the castle. I hated Gaston so much in this film though, it's just so pleasing to see how he dies after his too many sinister actions. In its entirety, the film ended on a very high note. I would definitely be delighted to be a guest in Beast's castle.
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10 March 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - LA LA LAND

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JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"City of Stars, Are You Shining Just For Me?"

La La Land is truly candy for the eyes and ears. Watching it from start to finish, all I can remember other than its cute yet depressing story is its colorful, highly-stylized presentation of Los Angeles. This way of presenting the City of Stars already amazed me while following the story of the movie. La La Land is indeed a throwback to musicals made in the past yet masterfully set to the present day. Mia, played by Emma Stone, is an actress wannabe who always gets rejected with her auditions and callbacks while Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, is a pianist dreaming to have a jazz club someday. Love brings them together but choosing between love and dreams eventually had always placed them in conflicts. Sebastian's rise to the top with the "The Messengers" was impressive but Mia's failure with her one-woman play "So Long, Boulder City" was depressing. The ending brought me with deep regrets of how Mia and Sebastian's life should have been should they have chosen to be together than following their dreams on their own. Sebastian's choice of leaving Mia to pursue her dream alone broke my heart, her eventual rise to stardom though inspired me so much. The last 10 minutes was truly powerful, where creativity was fixed to its finest. It was the best movie ending I have ever since (thus far, in my life). Each and every musical number though are cute and truly ambitious in scope. I'm so amazed by how the director managed to get all scenes with one take, most especially the opening sequence. Damien Chazelle, truly deserved the "Best Director" Academy Award for bringing one of the best films this decade. This movie made me dream in a world where failure is at its most probable. Up to this day, I still feel amazement of the film's acting and production while still feeling deep-seated regrets with how the story gone. La La Land is a masterpiece, the film to beat this year.
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08 January 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - DIE BEAUTIFUL

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JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Ang Pinaka-kahanga-hangang Kabaklaan sa Pelikulang Pilipino"

Dark comedy stylized with very colorful setpieces and astounding make-up making an effective yet beautiful movie. Walang tatalong pelikulang drama at komedya ngayong taon sa pelikulang ito. Ang Die Beautiful ay kauna-unahan sa aking panonood ng pelikulang Pilipino na gumamit ng stylized at napakalakas na pagsasalaysay ng buhay ng mga bakla o transgenders. Ang pagganap nina Paolo Ballesteros at Christian Bables bilang mga ganap na babae ay tunay na kahahanga sapagkat kuhang-kuha nila ang pananamit, pagsasalita at pagkilos ng mga ito. Bagamat halo-halo ang pagkakasunod ng mga pangyayari, ito'y madaling intindihin, ang siyang buhay ni Tricia mula kabataan hanggang kamatayan. Sa unang kalahati ng pelikula ay kayo'y makakaramdam na katuwaan ngunit sa patapos na kalahati ay mararamdaman ang kapighatian para sa punong karakter. Kapansin-pansin ang pag-iba ng mood ng tayo'y maharap sa pinakamasakit na pangyayari kay Tricia, ang magahasa ng kanyang hinahangaang atleta. Kung tutuusin, ay hindi lamang komedya itong pelikula ngunit drama na rin. Sa galing ng kwento at pagkagawa ng pelikulang ito ay malamang pumapangalawa ito sa Sunday Beauty Queen bilang MMFF Best Picture. Ngayon ay nagamit ni Paolo Ballesteros ang kanyang talento sa pagmamake-up sa isang masterpiece na pelikula. Isa ito sa mga bagong paborito kong pelikulang Pilipino. #QualityOverQuantity (Note: Ang pelikula ay para lamang sa matatanda dahilan na rin sa mga sensitibong tema na may halong sexual at mga kabastusang pananalita.)
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JR's Rating: 8️⃣ (8.5 out of 10, Awesome)
"Akin Ka, Sa'yo Ako: Ang Katangahang Di Pinalalagpas"

"Hi Kath! Kakapalan ko na mukha ko, hehe. Sana mapansin mo ako. I'm Var, crush kita. One of these days alam kong mapapansin mo din ako." Ilan lamang yan sa mga paunang katagang magdadala ng kilig sa pelikulang ito. Sawa na tayo sa "romantic comedy formula" na siyang lagi nalang nating nakikita sa pelikulang Pilipino lalo na tuwing MMFF ngunit ang Vince and Kath and James ay nagamit ito ng akma na kailangang pagbigyan ng pagkakataong panoorin dahil sa tuwa, kilig at pagkabaliw na hatid nito sa mga manonood. Manhid lang ang hindi kikiligin at matutuwa sa kwentong pag-ibig nina Vince and Kath na namuo ang pagmamahalan sa dapat sana'y pagkakatuluyan nina Kath and James. Sa unang eksena pa lamang ramdam na natin ang katorpehan ni Vince, habang ramdam niya ang pakiramdam ng "hey crush" kay Kath ay nagpapakatanga itong maging tagapagkonekta nina Kath at James. Manhid rin lang ang mga taong hindi makakaramdam sa lungkot na madarama ni Vince ng magkakilala at magsimulang sumusuyo si James kay Kath. Paborito ko sa pelikula ung eksenang pagnood nina Vince and Kath sa pelikulang Got To Believe nina Rico Yan at Claudine Barretto kung saan nagsasampolan sina Vince and Kath sa pagkakasaulo ng mga linya. May isang parte nung pelikula na nahulog ang aking puso, iyon ay ang pagtataboy ng ina ni Vince sa kanya habang sila'y ni Kath sana ay kakain sa sisigan na pagmamay-ari ng ikalawang asawa ng kanyang ina. Maraming mga memorable scenes sa pelikula ngunit ilan lamang yan sa aking mga bibigyang atensyon. Napakaganda ng source material nitong pelikula at napakagaling nitong naisapelikula. Hindi man siya kasinggaling ng mga past romantic comedies ng MMFF (katulad ng "English Only, Please" na aking binigyan ng 10 dati) ay hindi pa rin naman dapat palagpasin ang kakiligan at kabaliwan na hatid ng Star Cinema sa pelikulang Vince and Kath and James na epektibong gumamit ng modern college love story. May mga ilang eksena kung saan mahahalata mo kaso ang mga hindi pagkatugma ng lip-sync sa mga linya na sinasabi ng mga actor ngunit hindi naman ito nakakasira sa pagkakatuloy ng pelikula. Ang ganda ng pelikula ay nasa mga lugar na ginamit nito sa kanilang mga eksena. Napaka-effective ang paggamit ng stylized version ng college sa pagpresenta ng mga eksena sa pelikula. Bukod dito, breakout star si Joshua Garcia, na siyang kapansin pansin ang magaling na pagarte sa pelikula. Sa pagpili ng MMFF sa pelikulang ito na maging entry, tayo'y nabibigyang repleksyon sa ilang mga issues na kinahaharap ng bawat Pilipino, 1) paglimita ng trabaho ng kababaihan sa opisina lamang, 2) pagkakaroon ng mga malalaking utang na loob na siya na lamang nagpapaikot sa buhay natin, at 3) ang pagpapabaya sa mga naunang anak kapag nagkaroon na ng pangalawang pamilya. Sana'y matuloy pa rin ang kwento nina Vince at Kath gamit ang orihinal na textserye na marami pang kwentong maaaring gawan ng pelikula.
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04 January 2017

JR Late Night Blogs: Music Videos of the Year 2016

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JR's Music Videos of the Year - 2016

2016 has been a great year for music spanning a greater variety of songs and music videos being engaged to the average listener. For this year, we have five entries coming from only one artist, three entries coming from an electronic artist with another artist featured to do the lyrics, one coming from another electronic artist with a duet featured to do the song, and one coming from an all-female group. Music videos which are deemed aesthetically beautiful, unique, innovative, cool and catchy were the ones chosen by JR in a list he personally ranked based on his preference. YouTube views, Billboard Hot 100 rankings and social media attention were partially a basis of selection but was not totally the basis of ranking. In order to qualify as a 2016 music video, the video should have been uploaded on YouTube within the time frame 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 or if it has been released outside the time frame, the music incorporated in the music video should have earned a spot in the year-end Billboard Hot 100 charts for 2016 (note, however, that music videos listed in last year's list were not already taken into consideration even though they are listed in the 2016 year-end Billboard Hot 100). Songs which doesn't have a music video though doesn't have a chance to be on the list. (Sorry Drake, "One Dance" and "Too Good" automatically gets disqualified)

 "Closer" by The Chainsmokers is JR's selection as this year's Music Video of the Year. "Closer" is an instant hit and classic of the year, a personal favorite even (having 767 plays in my iTunes). It's tune is equally complemented by its modernistic lyrics reflecting a romance reignited (as presented in their music video). Truly an ambitious masterpiece by The Chainsmokers after numerous hits that fail to bank in the weekly Billboard Hot 100's top spot. This year is Justin Bieber's, Rihanna's, and Selena Gomez's year each earning two entries in this year's list. "Work" almost even made the cut but this year was indeed a magnificent year for music where it really was a hard one for JR to even select, rank and complete. Only Justin Bieber and Calvin Harris manages to remain in this year's list after being listed last year for "What Do You Mean" at #4  and "Sorry" at #5 (for Justin Bieber) and last year's #1, "How Deep Is Your Love" (for Calvin Harris). Justin Bieber still retains the crown for having the Most Entries of All Time in JR's Music Videos of the Year list (extending his lead to 11 entries from 2010-2016). Rihanna and Katy Perry both rank second having 7 entries each (with Rihanna managing to get two entries this year). JR unveils the Music Videos of 2016 list.

Summary of the List:
1    |    2    |    3    |    4    |    5    |    6    |    7    |    8    |    9    |    10
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  1. For a music and its corresponding music video to qualify in the list, it must be deemed by JR as aesthetically beautiful, unique amongst all videos released within the year, very innovative in terms of its presentation of music video, and it has that "cool" and "catchy" factor upon watching and listening to it. 
  2. Songs which doesn't have their corresponding music video (which includes lyric videos) are disqualified in the selection process. This disqualifies "One Dance" and "Too Good" by Drake as both have no music videos upon their release.
  3. In order to qualify as a 2016 music video, the music videos in the list must have been released worldwide on YouTube between 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 and must be available in the Philippines for viewing. No local entries, however, are qualified.
  4. In cases, however, of music videos released outside the time frame specified, the music included in the music video must be listed in the year-end Billboard Hot 100 of 2016 (despite it not being a music video for this particular year). Music videos that were already listed in last year's list are not anymore qualified to be in this year's list regardless if it had been listed in this year's year-end Billboard Hot 100.
  5. To make the selection of entries easier, only music videos (which includes lyric videos) with more than 100,000,000 views are qualified to be in the list.
  6. An artist can have a maximum of five entries within a year excluding, however, entries that may feature them but have another artist as its distinguished main artist.
  7. All YouTube views in the list were as of end of the year - 31 December 2016. All numbers have been rounded up to the nearest thousands (to accommodate possible view increase within the hour of statistics recording). 
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JR'S Music Videos of the Year - 2016
Music Videos of the Year
Main Artist Video Release
1 The Chainsmokers July 29, 2016
2 Major Lazer September 14, 2016
3 Ariana Grande May 23, 2016
4 Selena GomezJune 06, 2016
5 Calvin Harris June 16, 2016
6 DJ Snake November 29, 2016
7 Rihanna April 20, 2016
8 Charlie Puth August 02, 2016
9 Fifth Harmony February 26, 2016
10 Shawn Mendes July 12, 2016

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(The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey) 
Closer by The Chainsmokers
Weekly Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 
Year-End Billboard Hot 100 Rank: 
Current YouTube Views: 

JR's iTunes Play Count: 
967,476,000 (Lyric)
111,476,000 (M/V)
767 Plays
Video Release Date: 
29 July 2016
Song Genre: 
YouTube Channel: 
Music Video Source: 

"I know it breaks your heart, moved to the city in a broke-down car
And four years, no calls, now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar"

I'll be cheating with this one because both videos really deserve credit in this year's list. It's actually a first for the list even to credit both videos in a single Music Videos of the Year list. The lyric video would definitely be my favorite showing two couples enjoying a sun soaked environment expressing their affection evidenced by their photos taken using an instant camera. While the lyrics are shown through an acetate-film-like manner (which by the way is commendable), you can't help but feel the intensity of affection expressed by the couples acting behind the projected words. As evidenced though by its real music video, we see both Andrew Taggart and Halsey having such a very sexual and physical love before a presumed break-up (and ultimately getting back as how I presumed by the end of the video). While the music video shows us a never getting over that physical bond after a broke-up, the song uses an upbeat tempo complemented by strong-felt lyrics that becomes catchy and likeable to the listener. #TrulyAnEarworm for the past year as this was my most played song on iTunes with 727 plays (collectively from my iPhone 4S, iPhone SE and iPad mini). An ambitious song by Chainsmokers after numerous hits that failed to hit Billboard's #1 that would ultimately bag its top spot for 12 weeks from the weeks of 03 September 2016 to 19 November 2016 (ranked as #10 in Billboard's Year-End charts). Nothing beats Closer this 2016, an instant classic and definitely a hit. 

This is the debut entry of both The Chainsmokers and Halsey in JR's Music Videos of the Year list.