29 May 2011

JR Late Night Blogs: Top 10 Blogs of May 2011

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Summary of the Top 10:
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Table of Contents:

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Harry Potter

Current Blog Standing: +1,310 Pageviews
Date Published: 04 October 2009
Blog Categories: - - ARCHIVE BLOG - -

This blog is a surprising new member of the Top 10 Blogs of May 2011 list. After being in JR Late Night Blogs for two years, it finally got an opportunity to be on the top of the list beating JR Late Night Video Game Review: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Part 2). This blog is a simple overview of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. An updated version of this blog will be released in the future.

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Willie Revillame

Current Blog Standing: +256 Pageviews
Date Published: 31 January 2010
Blog Categories: - - ARCHIVE BLOG - -

Still on the top is JR Late Night Pinoy Celebrities of the Year 2009.  This list is JR's first-ever Celebrities of the Year list. With 30 Pinoy Celebrities listed, it is the largest Pinoy Celebrity list in JR Late Night Blogs history (since the yearly Pinoy Celebrity lists had dropped to 20 members per year). The list is led by Corazon Aquino, Willie Revillame, Kris Aquino, Gerald Anderson and Richard Gutierrez.

28 May 2011

JR Late Night Fictional Celebrities of May 2011

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JR releases his first-ever Fictional Celebrity List in history today.

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JR makes JR Late Night Blogs the blog stop for lists. JR plans on lessening his reviews but increasing his lists. Well, is that a good plan? JR hopes it is as today he releases the anticipated Fictional Celebrity List.

JR really loves fictional characters like Spongebob and Harry Potter; so, JR taught of something new for JR Late Night Blogs. And that is where his Fictional Celebrity List idea came into play. These list lists the Most Impactful Fictional Characters or Celebrities from TV, Movies, YouTube, Facebook, Video Games, and Stories to our current society. But, due to the mere fact that there are a lot of new fictional characters almost every month, JR decided to make it a monthly blog that would be like the Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Lists. So guys, here it is:

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The Late Night Fictional Celebrities of the Month list is a list in JR Late Night Blogs which lists the Most Impactful Fictional Celebrities of the Past Month basing on News Ranking, Publicity Ranking, Web Ranking, Networking Ranking and Google Rank. News Rankings are based from the total number of related articles of a particular celebrity from Google NewsPublicity Rankings are based from the total number of spoof videos of each Fictional Celebrities in YouTubeWeb Rankings are based from the total number of Google Blog Search search results of a particular fictional celebrity within the whole time frame of the past month. Another basis is the Networking Ranking which is based from the over-all total of Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers of a particular celebrity; its rank equivalent is always multiplied by 2 since we consider two bases. Google Rank is a special basis of finding the top celebrities since it considers the total number of search results of a particular fictional celebrity in Google for the past month.
JR's Ranking 
was used as a balancer in cases of ties and other situations. The ranks accumulated would then be added to get the rank score; the lower the rank score, the better the chances of getting a high rank. All in all, there were a total of 20 candidates who are probable to be part of the list; but only 15 of them will be recognized.

+++++ = Ranked Up
+++++ = Ranked Down
+++++ = Stayed in the Same Rank
+++++ = New Member
+++++ = Came Back to the Fictional Celebrity List

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Harry Potter

Summary of the Top 15:
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Table of Contents:
11 - Spiderman
14 - Ghostface

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Harry Potter
Category: Wizards and Witches 
Featured in: Harry Potter film series
Stats: New Member

Score Breakdown:
News Rankings - 3 (6,680 News Articles)
Publicity Rankings - 1 (60,400 YouTube Videos)
Web Rankings - 3 (9,690,000 Total Blog Mentions)
Networking Ranking - 4 (Facebook: 25,671,505 // Twitter: 287,494)
Google Rank - 1 (289,000,000 Popular Results)
JR's Ranking - 4

"Harry Potter is indeed a film superstar. Being a wizard with the lightning scar on his forehead, he has been earning a lot of fans with his weird and eccentric unique magical spells. Though his discovery of the Sectum Sempra spell made him a bit weak against Severus Snape. He would be next seen on the Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Fictional Peak Rank: 1 (May 2011)
First Blog Appearance: May 2011
Total Number of Blog Appearances: 1

27 May 2011

JR's Buddies of May 2011

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Get back to previous JR's Buddies of the Month lists:

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May 2011 is the special Anniversary Month of JR Late Night Blogs. And as a start-up after JR's Blog Break, JR releases his latest Top Buddies of the Month list.

Since it is already the brink or end of the season of summer or I mean the dry season, JR has a lot of new members in the list. Summer is not only a season of resting and sleeping and "vacationing" and traveling; but it is also the season of socializing with a lot of new people. Check out JR's newest list of his Top Buddies of the Month.
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The JR's Top 20 Buddies List is a monthly list in JR Late Night Blogs which gives recognition and tribute to JR's Friends, Classmates, Schoolmates, Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Blog Brothers, Blog Followers and Blog Viewers. In finding the Top 20 Buddies, JR considered the following values: Value Rank, Connectivity Rank, Facebook Buddy Rank, Gaming Rank and Social Ranking. The Value Rank is based from the personal observations of JR on the contributions of each of the following to JR and JR Late Night Blogs. The Connectivity Rank is based from the accumulated total number of Facebook Chat Messages, Twitter Tweets, and Private Messages in Yahoo. The Facebook Buddy Rank is based from the accumulated number of Facebook Photos, Likes and Pages. The Gaming Rank is based from the number of activities done in the previous month. The Social Ranking is based from the total number of Mutual Friends in Facebook. JR's Ranking is used as a balancer in cases of ties and other situations. By the way, Family Members or Relatives of JR are not anymore qualified to be part of JR's Top Buddies lists.

+++++ = Ranked Up
+++++ = Ranked Down
+++++ = Stayed in the Same Rank
+++++ = New Member
+++++ = Came Back to the List

-JR made sure no private or personal information of each buddy are shown in this blog.-
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Summary of the Top 20:
1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15
16  |  17  |  18  |  19  |  20  |  21-25  |  Drop-offs  |  Records

Table of Contents:
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gold trophy

Patrick Edward Balisong
(April 2011 Rank: 2)

Value Rank - 2
Connectivity Rank - 5
Facebook Buddy Rank - 4
Gaming Rank - 6
Social Ranking - 2 (669 Mutual Facebook Friends)
JR's Ranking - 2

Buddy Peak Rank - 1 (September 2010)
First Blog Appearance: June 2009
Total Number of Monthly Top Buddies Blog Appearances: 12

Visit Patrick Edward's blog: phils-improved blog

06 May 2011

JR's Blog Announcements

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JR Late Night Blogs is celebrating its 2nd Year Blogoversary.
As of 01 May 2011, JR Late Night Blogs was hugely revamped.
JR is very happy to announce some new things in JR Late Night Blogs.

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1. JR's Top Buddies Page
>>> The Top 5 Buddies of the previous year are on top of the page.
>>> JR's Yearly and Monthly Top Buddies Archive are made simpler and easy to interact with.

2. JR's Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Pages
>>> The Top 5 Celebrities of the previous year are on top of the page.
>>> JR's Yearly and Monthly Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Lists Archive are made simpler and easy to interact with.
>>> New pictures that include the name of the blog and the celebrity that is the highlight of that month.

3. JR's Buddy Hall of Fame and JR's Featured Friends Pages
>>> New look and a new way of interacting.
>>> Much cleaner and easier finding of archive blogs.
>>> More Buddy Alumni are in JR's Featured Friends Page. (18 Buddy Alumni)

4. JR Late Night Top 10
>>> JR's Top 10 Archive is much more improved.
>>> Instead of a boring list, JR replaced it with photos that represents the archive Top 10 lists.

5. JR Reviews
>>> A much cleaner Reviews page.
>>> All reviews (movie, tv shows, and video games) are already in one page.
>>> The archiving of the reviews are like the way of archiving of the celebrity lists and buddy lists.

6. JR's Personalities Profiles
>>> Though it will be fully released on December 2011, it is already available as a page... though still, it has no contents

7. Blog Schedules
>>> JR's blog schedules (starting on June 2011) would have an edited image by JR himself.

8. JR Late Night Blogs Facebook Page
>>> JR Late Night Blogs is already in Facebook.
>>> If you are in Facebook, then there will be no more hassle for you to check out the latest updates in JR Late Night Blogs.

9. Blog Networks
>>> JR Late Night Blogs is now a member of 11 different Blogging Networks.
>>> Top Blogs Philippines, Weblogs.com.ph, Who's Among Us, Blogged, OnTopList.com, Top Blog Area, Bloggernity, Globe of Blogs, BlogTopList, Bloggapedia, Blogdup.com

10. Networked Blogs
>>> This is the highlight Blog Network that JR joined so far. JR is now part of Networked Blogs.

11. Movie Reviews, TV Show Reviews, Video Game Reviews
>>> Starting on June 2011, JR would seldom publish reviews. These blogs would just be sideline blogs in JR Late Night Blogs in the upcoming months.
>>> So expect to have lesser reviews but much more lists.

12. Blogs That Would Already Say Goodbye
>>> JR's WWE Superstar of the Month Blogs would already be removed in JR Late Night Blogs. In replacement, JR introduces the Celebrity Profiles Blog on December 2011.
>>> JR's Featured Photos of the Week Blogs would also be saying goodbye in JR Late Night Blogs. 
*** These blogs would be permanently removed on 30 June 2011.

13. New Backgrounds Each Month
>>> JR Late Night Blogs' Backgrounds would also be in with the blog events. The blog backgrounds would now be in line with the theme of each month.

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JR is very happy to present to you guys a new and upgraded JR Late Night Blogs. Tune in JR Late Night Blogs for more opinionated lists, stories, and reviews.

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06 May 2011 (1AM) 

05 May 2011

JR Late Night Blogs: Blog Networks and Affiliations

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Blog Membership of JR Late Night Blogs with Blog Networks and Affiliations has always been a part of his life. Currently, JR is already part of 11 different Blogging Networks; which is up by 45% since before last month JR is a member of 6 Blogging Networks. So for this day, JR gives you the list of all his Blog Networks and Affiliations (just in case you want to join them).

1. Top Blogs Philippines Personal - Top Blogs Philippines
>>> The top Filipino (Pinoy) personal blogs covering life, personal, philippines, travel, and more. We only list blogs related to the Philippines.
>>> JR Late Night Blogs Peaking Rank: 89

2. Who's Among Us
>>> http://whos.amung.us/

3. Weblogs.com.ph JR Late Night Blogs: Weblogs.com.ph Member
>>> http://weblogs.com.ph/
>>> The Philippines Blog Directory. (currently this site is under reconstruction)

4. Blogged JR Late Night Blogs: Blogged Member (new network)
>>> http://www.blogged.com/
>>> Find better blogs.

5. OnTopList.com JR Late Night Blogs: OnToplist.com Member (new network)
>>> http://www.ontoplist.com/
>>> The online marketing platform where you can promote your online presence by adding blogs and websites to our directories, writing articles, distributing and optimizing.

6. Top Blog Area JR Late Night Blogs: Top Blog Area Member
>>> http://www.topblogarea.com/personal/
>>> Blog directory with a inbuild toplist.

7. Bloggernity JR Late Night Blogs: Bloggernity Member
>>> http://www.bloggernity.com/
>>> One of the exciting bloggers hangout and directory on the internet. Search our directory for latest news, entertainment, humour and politics issues. We get many new blog listed on our directory daily.

8. Globe of Blogs JR Late Night Blogs: Globe of Blogs Member
>>> http://www.globeofblogs.com/
>>> An index directory of weblogs as submitted by their authors.

9. Blog Top List JR Late Night Blogs: Blog Top List Member
>>> http://www.blogtoplist.com/personal/
>>> Blog directory with a inbuild toplist.

10. Bloggapedia JR Late Night Blogs: Bloggapedia Member (new network)
>>> http://www.bloggapedia.com/
>>> Bloggapedia is a blog directory, blog search engine and a social network for bloggers. Register now to find other bloggers and blog posts that you like!

11. Blogdup.org JR Late Night Blogs: Blogdup Member (new network)
>>> http://www.blogdup.org/
>>> Blog Directory Blogdup.org - Blogs listed by country, Blog Search. Improve your rank in search engine results. 

All descriptions were based on their source description.

05 May 2011 (1AM)

04 May 2011

JR Late Night Blogs: 2011 Blog Events Release

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Blog Events have always been a trademark in JR Late Night Blogs.

After almost 6 months since JR's release of his monthly events (December 2010), JR is again releasing an update on the upcoming blog events on the upcoming months. So here you go:

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JUNE 2011:

Blue and White represents my Blood and Soul.
Though it was originally announced that this month is for Re:Blog Month. JR decided to make June 2011 JR's Blue and White Month. As students go back to school on June 2011, JR plans on giving JR Late Night Blogs with a back to school look. JR revisits his past with some Top 10 lists about his high school life and elementary experiences. In addition, JR's Top Buddies would also be school themed as all possible candidates must be in the same school as he is. By the way, celebrities would also go with their high school looks in JR's Celebrity Lists.

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JULY 2011:

Google and Facebook in JR Late Night Blogs? Is that possible?
JR is very happy to introduce Google and Facebook to JR Late Night Blogs. Being JR's favorite search engine and social media network, JR plans to give both a special July 2011 Tribute. JR would give additional widgets to JR Late Night Blogs that are Google and Facebook themed. JR would also try to have a big update on JR Late Night Blogs' Facebook Page.

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AUGUST 2011:

One shot, one chance, and one time
Remember JR's previous Last Chance Month last November 2009? Well, JR brings it back this August 2011. Another Last Chance for Featured Friends to be back this month. Another Last Chance for Celebrities to get up the ranks. Another Last Chance for the Hall of Famers to be back on JR Late Night Blogs. And another Chance for JR Late Night Blogs to have a Last Chance Month. 

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03 May 2011

JR Late Night's Introduction of New Blogs to Come

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JR Late Night Blogs has these what he calls "trademark blogs". These blogs are originals which cannot be seen in other blogs. These blogs make JR Late Night Blogs an original one like the Top Buddies List. It was first released on May 2009. This blog was part of JR's promotion of his blog during the past. But now, it has been made as somewhat a tribute to his Blog Followers, Blog Fans and Friends. After it's release JR introduced the Celebrity Lists (both International and Pinoy), these blogs made JR Late Night Blogs a hit during the past months and days. It even made JR Late Night Blogs controversial as it was also criticized by a TV show. JR also has the Top 10 Lists which are lists of his Top 10 Picks and Favorites. And finally, JR's Featured Friends and Buddy Hall of Famers, these blogs made JR's Blog a bit closer to his Blog Followers and Facebook Fans. 

JR has been introducing new blogs ever since...
And now is the great time to introduce new "trademark" blogs ;)



With JR Late Night's Celebrity Lists and Pinoy Celebrity Lists comes JR's newest list blog: JR Late Night's Fictional Celebrities of the Month Lists. This new blog is a spin-off of the regular Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Lists in JR Late Night Blogs. It will really be a one of a kind since, unlike Forbes' Fictional 15, this list lists the Most Popular and Most Impactful Fictional Celebrities for the Past Months.

Take Note, however, that this blog only comes once in every two months. JR would have the first list on May 28 and the second list on July 24. By the way, the Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity lists would be the same, the next list would be released on June 25 and June 26 and the following list would be released on August 27 and August 28. JR hopes you can cope up with the new blog scheduling.


02 May 2011

JR Late Night 2nd Year Blog Anniversary

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After almost 2 years of waiting for a birthday celebration,
JR Late Night Blogs is having one right now. 

Today, JR celebrates the 2nd Year Anniversary of JR Late Night Blogs.
After JR's First Blog last April 3 2009, JR is proud to continue on this legacy of blogging.
After 300 Blogs Published, JR promises you guys to continue on blogging as long as he can... (haha...) 

Thank you to all 73 Facebook Fans of JR Late Night Blogs
and to all 45 Blog Followers of JR Late Night Blogs
But Most of All, Thank You to Our Dear Blog Viewers, 
without you JR Late Night Blogs won't even reach another year