05 January 2016

JR Late Night Blogs: Music Videos of the Year 2015

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JR's Music Videos of the Year - 2015
After more than a year of blog hiatus, JR returns with his annual list of the music and music videos that defined the entire year. Unlike JR's Movies of the Year list that take into account the box office, reviews and social media attention of the films, JR only takes into account the aesthetics, uniqueness, innovation, and coolness of the music and its corresponding music video in his music videos of the year list (which makes YouTube views, Billboard Hot 100 rankings, and social media attention not even a criteria on JR's ranking in this list). JR puts into account, however, the amount of plays the music had in his iTunes account. It purely is based on JR's personal taste and preference. In order to qualify as a 2015 music or music video, the video should have been uploaded in YouTube within the time frame 01 December 2014 to 30 November 2015 or if it has been released outside the time frame, the music incorporated in the music video should have earned a spot in the year-end Billboard Hot 100 charts for 2015. "How Deep Is Your Love" by Calvin Harris easily nags the top spot for its well-crafted and impressive music video. Both the music and video really complemented each other in a very beautiful and interesting manner. It is JR's personal favorite music and music video for the year, even having the most plays in JR's iTunes account with 335 plays for the entire year according to JR's iTunes play count. Justin Bieber earned the most spots in this year's list with 3 entries - "What Do You Mean" at #3, "Sorry" at #5, and "Where Are Ü Now" at #7 - truly making this year, the year of Justin Bieber, the year that people learned to like his music. EDM (Electronic Dance Music) dominated the list with 4 different artists each having an individual entry, Calvin Harris, Jack Ü (composed of Diplo and Skrillex), Zedd and Avicii. Unfortunately, Drake, Ariana Grande, and Brandon Beal all did not even made a rank in this year's list as all artists listed in this years' list really outdid them for their songs and music video. Even Adele's "Hello" did not make it in this year's list. It was really a difficult process to choose among JR's short list of 17 music videos on who would be included in the top 10. This year no doubt belongs to Justin Bieber but we start with Calvin Harris, JR now unveils 2015 Music Videos of the Year list.

Summary of the List:
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  1. For a music and its corresponding music video to qualify in the list, it must have been entirely listened and watched by JR from start to finish and is deemed by him as aesthetically beautiful, unique amongst all videos released within the year, very innovative in terms of its presentation of music video, and it has that cool factor upon watching and listening to it.
  2. In order to qualify as a 2015 music video, the music videos in the list must have been released worldwide on YouTube between 01 December 2014 to 30 November 2015 and must be available in the Philippines for viewing. No local entries, however, are qualified.
  3. In cases, however, of music videos released outside the time frame specified, the music included in the music video must be listed in the year-end Billboard Hot 100 of the corresponding year of the list to be qualified as a 2015 music (despite it not being a 2015 music video).
  4. An artist can have a maximum of two entries within a year excluding, however, entries that may feature them but have another artist as its distinguished artist.
  5. All YouTube views in the list were as of end of the year - 01 January 2016. All numbers have been rounded to the nearest thousands. 

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JR'S Music Videos of the Year - 2015
Music Videos of the Year
Music Artist Video Release
1 Calvin Harris August 2015
2 Tove Lo January 2015
3 Sam Smith February 2015
4 Justin Bieber August 2015
5 Justin Bieber October 2015
6 Maroon 5 January 2015
7 Jack Ü June 2015
8 Zedd June 2015
9 Avicii December 2014
10 One Direction August 2015

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(Calvin Harris & Disciples) 
How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris
Weekly Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 
Year-End Billboard Hot 100 Rank: 
Current YouTube Views: 
JR's iTunes Play Count: 
336 Plays
Video Release Date: 
06 Aug 2015
Song Genre: 
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"I want you to breathe me, Let me be your air
Let me roam your body freely, No inhibition, no fear"
"How Deep Is Your Love" by Calvin Harris & Disciples makes it in this year's top spot for having the catchiest tune amongst all songs in the list and coolest video amongst all music videos in the list. Shot in various locations around California, the music video is an amazing example of a modern-day music video experience with the clubs and lights reflective of electronic dance music (or EDM). The video is full of beautiful and gorgeous women but it was Gigi Hadid, the model who led us to such scenic locations in the video, that will forever be remembered and cherished in this music video. It is an amazing experience (although not a sexual one) that we will cherish and reminisce as the year 2015 ends. The lyrics despite repetitive is accompanied by an innovative and catchy tune all throughout. This is the second time that Calvin Harris made a song that makes it in the lists' top spot after he was featured with Rihanna in "We Found Love" last 2011 when then it was a battle against 25 other music videos contending for the top spot (now, its only 15). This time, Calvin Harris makes it in the list as the main artist not the featured one. After finding love, its now the search on how really deep is that love. Calvin Harris proves that his music are worth listening to and that his music videos are worth watching to. The experience of listening to the music itself is already an orgasmic one.