24 May 2016


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Captain America: Civil War
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10
"The Most Ambitious Yet Grandest Film of the Year (So Far)" 

➕ Spider-Man
➕ Black Panther
➕ Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man
➕ Airport Battle Scene

The movie is indeed one of the grandest and most ambitious films ever made surpassing the grandeur and power of its predecessors. To say that any of the Avengers or Iron Man films is better than this film is an understatement to the third act of Captain America. In Captain America: Civil War, we see Team Captain America fight against Team Iron Man after a supposed protocol was to be imposed by the United Nations on the Avengers as innocent lives were sacrificed in previous missions by the mightiest heroes in the land specifically those missions done in New York (The Avengers), Washington D.C. (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Sokovia (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Lagos, Nigeria (beginning of Captain America: Civil War). Captain America fights for the right of superheroes to decide on their own whereas Iron Man fights for the enlistment of the Avengers under the United Nations Sokovia Accords. The ensemble cast has 12 superheroes fighting blood and sweat for what they believe in. The stand-out would definitely be Spider-Man who I would be anticipating very soon. (Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and this movie gave due respect to the titular superhero that the reboot Spider-Man movies failed to do. Thank you Sony for allowing Spider-Man to be part of the Avengers.) The Black Panther and Ant-Man were some of my other favorites to make an appearance. Though there were boring conversational arguments and a very unexciting villain in the movie, the action sequences occurring almost every minute between the different superheroes made such problem forgivable and very deserving of a 10/10. This is the best movie of the 2016 so far. Truly grand in scope and out of this world.

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Time Published: 24 May 2016 (9:00 PM)