09 October 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - BLADE RUNNER 2049

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Blade Runner 2049
Date Watched: 08 October 2017
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Artificially Intelligent 2.0"

➕ Los Angeles with Flying Cars
➕ Product Placements
➕ Holograms of Elvis & Marilyn
➕ Memory Viewing and Placement
➕ Ryan Gosling, The Blade Runner
➕ Joi, The Hologram Woman

"Dying for the right thing is the most human thing we can do." The most powerful statement I heard in a movie in recent memory. Too good to hear it even in a Sci-Fi movie. Blade Runner 2049 brings us to a futuristic California where obsolete replicants (human replications) are killed for good as new and technologically-advanced replicants are being made for utility. Upon Agent K's disposal of a replicant, he soon gets involved in the investigation of reproduction in replicants which was initially thought to be impossible, a method which the corporation making replicants research hard to be made possible. The movie is so aesthetically achieved, that it's the alternative eye candy movie involving yet again Ryan Gosling after his La La Land stint. Set in a highly industrialized and commercialized Los Angeles, the movie banks on outstanding effects in presenting technologies which may soon be possible in reality. Love is highly advertised and can now be bought in digital yet responsive form such visible through the A.I. Joi. Memory placements in replicants and three-dimensional viewing of memories are made possible through a laboratory. The film also makes good use of product placements, with the futuristically designed Black Label Whiskey grabbing the cake. Other than a futuristic Los Angeles, the abandoned Las Vegas is yet another thing to look forward most especially the part where we see a holographic reference to Marilyn dancing and Elvis singing to "Can't Help Falling In Love." The aesthetics are really amazing but the story in itself is another thing, which for me is morally and ethically worth discussing. The story which already utilizes a strong reference prequel is made the more anticipating yet understandable and straightforward. The story and aesthetics seem to compliment each other, with yet no fillers really that are unessential for the progress of the movie. In such a futuristic world, it seems technology is more human than we are. Blade Runner 2049 is really worth the watch.

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22 September 2017

JR's Video Game Reviews - UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
(Reviewed on PlayStation 3)
Total Game Time: 20-25 hours in total
Dates of Play: 25 July 2016 - 01 August 2016 (PS3)

Story - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Graphics - 10/10
Innovation - 9.5/10
Playability - 9.5/10
Music - 10/10
JR's Rating: ðŸ”Ÿ9️⃣ (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"The Search for the Cintamani Stone & the Lost City of Shangri-La"

➕ The Lost City of Shambhala
➕ Zoran Lazarević
➕ Chapter 1: A Rock and A Hard Place
➕ Ch 13: Locomotion & Ch 14: Tunnel Vision
➕ Online Multiplayer Mode
➕ Easier Stealth Kills or Assassinations

Ambitious and amazing. Uncharted 2 banks on a new adventure with yet the same type of gameplay from its first outing but masterfully improves on both visuals and story. Its awe-inspiring setpieces are the game's true pride asset. Set in the majestic Nepal, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves brings our hero, Nathan Drake, on the search for the Cintamani Stone in the Lost City of Shangri-La (or Shambhala, which ever you prefer) which is deemed to give any one invincible and superhuman power. With Elena, Sully and the new Chloe Frazer, you race yourself against a maniacal Zoran Lazarević who has his own personal agenda of power. Another blockbuster video game by Naughty Dog that gives you a thrilling and gripping story in another challenging journey, this game takes a huge upgrade from its predecessor that makes my 10/10 all the worth. New weapons like the Crossbow, Pistole and the GAU-19 are great additions but the original Dragon Sniper and Desert still remain my favorites. It's stealth assassinations are way too easier and remain the better choice in accomplishing a wave of enemies before the next event takes place. This game is a also masterwork of setpieces that are now iconic in the video game universe, such being its elaborate train sequences both in the introduction wreckage and in the train while in locomotion. The end boss is damn frustrating but unlike the first, you can defeat Zoran on your own terms not having to press a predetermined button sequence (however there is this cheat on beating out the boss, better search it). Other than the single player game, the sequel introduces its first outing of multiplayer mode which is smooth and worth giving a try. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a must play in the PlayStation as it is one of the best that the platform has to offer. Uncharted 3 and 4 review coming soon.

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16 September 2017


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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
(Reviewed on PlayStation 3)
Total Game Time: 20-25 hours in total
Dates of Play: 11 January 2013 - 27 January 2013 (PS3)

Story - 9.5/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Graphics - 8.5/10
Innovation - 10/10
Playability - 9/10
Music - 10/10
JR's Rating: 9️⃣ (9.5 out of 10, Excellent)
"The Search for the Lost Golden City of El Dorado"

➕ The Statue of El Dorado
➕ The Majestic Fortress, Monastery and Church
➕ Chapter 1: Ambushed
➕ Chapter 17: The Heart of the Vault
➕ The First True "Video Game Blockbuster"
➖ Chapter 7: Out of the Frying Pan
➖ Chapter 12: Heading Upriver
➖ Navarro

A true achievement in video game visuals and story-telling, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune upped the ante in what is the modern-day video game. It is the epic introduction in one of today’s most popular and iconic video game series. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune introduces us to Nathan Drake, the supposed ancestor of English explorer Sir Francis Drake, on a quest to search for the golden city of El Dorado. Upon his adventure, he gets accompanied by journalist Elena Fisher and mentor Victor Sullivan (“Sully”) going against another group of treasure hunters set to steal the famed treasure. WOW is all that I can say in such a very polished video game with a well-crafted story complemented by visuals I’ve never seen before. In particular, the Fortress, the Monastery and the Church setting and their interiors are the true treasures of this video game, all detailed and visually pleasing. The first chapter of the game sparked the action-adventure mood you’ll soon experience throughout the game (and its sequels). The battle on the monster-like enemies at “The Heart of the Vault” chapter was scary and challenging, marking the true “Uncharted” experience. We have three game difficulties, making for stronger and more brutal enemies. I hated though the chapters involving the jeep and the ski-boat as they are boring and very much frustrating to finish. Gun controls are impeded by the limited positions and its dynamic environment. The end-boss Navarro is also bland, restricting you on only one standard or uniform method to defeat him. The game, however, presents something new to the average gamer. Many scenes prove to be memorable making you wanting for more from Naughty Dog. In all that is to say, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune initiated the “video game blockbuster”.

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