18 February 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - YOUR NAME

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Your Name
Year of Release: 2016
Date Watched: 17 February 2018 (DVD)
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"A Japanese Animation Masterpiece That Makes You Believe in Love"


➕ The Entire Unique Concept and Story
➕ High Attention to Detail
➕ Use of Japanese Culture
➕ Taki and Mitsuha Romance
➕ "Kuchikamizake"
➕ Sad Moments & Fulfilling Resolution
➕ One of the Best Japanese Animation Films
➕ Hopeful Ending

While the American movie market is up and dominating, this Japanese animation masterpiece made waves in 2016 making them believe with the magic known as love. Your Name explores the "switch" between two high school students' everyday lives, meddling with each other's decisions and lifestyles. Taki, the male lead in this movie, soon learns that he is made to save Mitsuha, the female lead, from a meteorological disaster that plagued a town in Japan years ago, where Mitsuha's life was set. Everything in Your Name is just art in the greatest sense, a candy both for the eyes and heart. The attention to detail was high and pristine, presenting both traditional (Itomori) and contemporary (Tokyo) sides of Japan in the purest and truest sense. The true magic in this film was the idea of love, making you believe in its unique power used aesthetically in a concept and story that is unlike no other. There are many sad moments in this film (too many to mention) but never lose hope when you see how the story transitions on a hopeful note with an ending open to personal interpretation and imagination. Your Name made me believe in the true power of love which makes you cry at the most random of times. Your Name is truly an outstanding feat in Japanese animation. It's one with Spirited Away that the genre has best to offer. It is an immortal masterpiece worth watching and sharing to inspire generations and generations.

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16 February 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - BLACK PANTHER

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Black Panther
Year of Release: 2018
Date Watched: 14 February 2018
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Wakanda Forever"

➕ Wakanda
➕ The "Car Chase" Scene
➕ T'Challa's First Challenge
➕ The Afterlife
➕ Two Post-Credit Scenes
➕ All Black Cast

Marvel did it again with its unique take on the richest superhero in the entire universe. Leading a country that controls the world's only source of Vibranium, Black Panther is a lesser known superhero amongst Marvel's Avengers but remains a dominant force to be reckoned with. Black Panther brings us to the isolated, rich, advanced and disguised nation of Wakanda where T'Challa is to succeed his father's throne as the country's new king. Horror ensues as the son of T'Challa's uncle acted revenge on him upon the former father's murder. Dawning his purple and black suit, Black Panther is up for a personal battle of his own while we learn who he really is. With a more personal story towards its superhero and with a somewhat political and social propaganda, Black Panther, hands down, bests Iron Man, Captain America and Thor as the best solo superhero movie that Marvel has made. Because of this film's stunning production design, the wondrous country of Wakanda is its marvel as it is very well presented. It's culture, technology and economic wealth are some of the reasons why I want to be a citizen of Wakanda. Wakanda, indeed, is forever. One scene however really caught my awe, the car chase scene is just worth that jaw drop for its upbeat and well-directed style. I recommend you stay throughout the entirety of the movie as both post-credits are worth the wait opening doors for the Infinity Wars timeline. This movie is also unique for its amazing "all black" cast, that isn't typical for a superhero flick. Black Panther is a new favorite of mine and very well worthy addition to Marvel's cinematic take on its many properties. Black Panther is worth a recommendation as it stands with Civil War and Wonder Woman as the best the genre has to offer. Damn amazing.

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15 February 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - ANG LARAWAN

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Ang Larawan
Year of Release: 2017
Date Watched: 01 February 2018
JR's Rating:  (9.4 out of 10, Awesome)
"A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino"

➕ The Marasigan House
➕ Anticipation Over The Portrait
➕ Paula and Candida
➕ The Ensemble Cast
➕ Presentation of Filipino Culture
➕ Musical Numbers
➖ Long Waiting Scenes

Ang Larawan won Best Picture in the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival; but did it live up to the hype and expectations? Ang Larawan is the film adaptation of the play by National Artist Nick Joaquin which revolves around an artist's portrait that attracted curiosity around town. With a family struggling to cope with the many atrocities of life, the Marasigan sisters (Paula and Candida) is faced with the dilemma of having their own peace of mind. The question is, will they sell the painting or keep the painting. The answer remains an amazing plot twist that would leave you shocked even after leaving the cinema. The Marasigan sisters, Candida and Paula, are triumphantly played by Joanna Ampil (MMFF 2017 Best Actress) and Rachel Alejandro respectively. With an ensemble of veteran actors and actresses, the acting in this film together with their numerous musical sequences doesn't disappoint. The movie also has an outstanding production design, most especially the Marasigan household which remains loyal to the traditional Filipino bungalow and the time at which the film was set. The house which keeps the painting is a masterset in its own right. The painting remains the sole mystery, on how it looks like and why people are clamoring to see or even own it. The only issue I had with such an outstanding film are the scenes which makes you wait too long for what's next to happen. Such are a waste of precious time to the average cinema viewer. Everything else in the film Ang Larawan has been well taught, designed, and presented. Too bad only a few Filipinos got to see such film that is directed to our rich culture and history. Up to this day, I wonder what that portrait, blurrily presented in a short moment, really looks like.

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