08 July 2018

JR's Short Film Reviews - BAO

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"The Closest Pixar Came To Home"

Bao is a short film shown right before the movie Incredibles 2.

A mother's love for her children is never a joke. Carrying a child in her womb for a couple of months, add up the cooking skills she equipped herself and the hardwork she gave in raising him or her up are just a few manifestations of a mother's greatest and most sacrificial love for someone other than herself. If you're living in a typical Filipino family whose sense of closeness and protectiveness is unjustified vocally but consciously understandable, then you're in such a treat after watching this short film. Our mothers have been so sensitive and delicate to us on our being in shape and perfection, a beauty to her eyes. A mother's giving up to her child as he or she starts to have a world of his or her own is the hardest she can endure (harder than giving birth probably) because of the uncomputable amount of patience and understanding she had to give other than that painful labor she had to go through. Reality is separation is just part of life's complete cycle. And a mother, despite the pain, will just have to support her child on her dreams and success in life. Bao exemplifies just that by using a dumpling, a dumpling created with utmost care and made to endure the harshest of conditions but eventually as time pass by, that same dumpling will have to go away from the maker to someone who it's meant for (probably to be eaten). Going to the other end of the spectrum, being raised up to existence by our very own mother's, regardless of culture or beliefs, a children's sense of giving back through finances but better in presence may be voluntary but the most meaningful way of giving thanks and showing appreciation for every thing she has done. Every minute, hour or day we get to talk or bond with our mothers (or parents) is just priceless and can never be equated with anything in this world; as a mother's world is definitely her children. Bao made me value my mother again despite my rebellious nature to her overprotectiveness. This has been the closest Pixar came to my home, my family.

If I were to score this short film, I'll give it a  (9.8/10), Excellent.

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07 July 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - HEREDITARY

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Year of Release: 2018
Date Watched: 28 June 2018 (at SM Cinemas - Sta. Mesa)
JR's Rating:  (9.9 out of 10, Excellent)
"Disturbing and Damn Scary Indeed"


➕ Charlie (and Her Decapitation)
➕ Gruesome Demonic Ending
➕ The Miniatures
➕ Dinner Table Monologue
➕ Toni Collette as Annie
➕ Too Much Scary Twists

Not all horror films bank on jumpscares to keep you out of sleep. Hereditary scares the crap out of you by telling a tale so horrific that it doesn't need any ghost or monster appearance to be that damn terrifying. Hereditary explores the psychological transition of a family after having to deal with the death of a grandmother then eventually their one and only daughter. Unbeknown to the family, their grandma had already made a pack with the devil Paimon to have him a male host to possess which then happens to be their one and only son, Peter. Many films before like Rosemary's Baby, Get Out, and The Silence of the Lambs never made use of any ghost but rather told a psychologically scarring story that remains scary from the time you watch the movie up to this very day you are conscious and breathing. Hereditary just does that and doesn't holdback on its distinction as the scariest movie of the year (before Suspiria and Halloween). Each and every intricate scene has that spooky and disturbing vibe. From the tree house where Charlie sleeps to the miniatures made by Annie, I can't help but feel uneasy with what it is to unfold at the movie's ending. The movie has an amazing set of actors but the one who played Annie, Toni Collette, was definitely splendid and deserving of an ovation. Her dinner table monologue is one of the many that exemplified my amazement with her. Charlie's decapitation was gruesome but you have to finish the entire movie to see an ending that is so disturbing you wouldn't want to see it again but remarkable you'll have to include it as one of the best endings in horror. I have to say this film is one of the best and scariest horror films of this modern age.

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06 July 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - INCREDIBLES 2

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Incredibles 2
Year of Release: 2018
Date Watched: 17 June 2018 (at SM Cinemas - Manila)
JR's Rating:  (9.7 out of 10, Excellent)
"Done Properly, Parenting Is A Heroic Act"

➕ Jack-Jack
➕ Continuity with First Movie
➕ Women Empowerment
➕ Memorable Comedic Scenes
➕ Edna Mode Returns
➕ Jack-Jack and Squirrel Scene
➕ Improved Visuals from the First
➖Some Disorienting Scenes

Incredibles 2 is definitely a fitting sequel to the superhero family we loved way back 2004. Prepare to be amazed by how Pixar's animation skills have improved throughout their presence in the industry. Continuing from the story of the first movie, the Parr family tries their best to bring back heroes to the scene after getting a soft ban by their government due to a failed attempt to defeat the Underminer and causing destruction to the city along the way. Elastigirl gets herself involved with a fanatic of superheroes to show the public the need for supers to help the world. How incredible it was that this film banked on Elastigirl after the first movie banked on Mr. Incredible's power. It was only this time I get to appreciate Elastigirl as much of the movie's exposure is on her. Mr. Incredible though isn't suppressed as numerous comedic scenes erupt from his father duties to his family. By the way, who wouldn't forget Jack-Jack's numerous powers seen in his battle against a squirrel and his babysit with Edna Mode. That baby is definitely the most powerful out of everyone. I was hoping though that Dash and Violet get much exposure if a sequel is on the mix. While there are some disorienting scenes involving the Screenslaver, all was essential towards the depiction of the villain. The Incredibles 2 shows how far Pixar has gone after years of film-making. We'll heres to hoping more films with the Incredibles.

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