11 January 2018

JR Late Night Blogs: Movies of the Year 2017

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JR's Movies of the Year 2017

Here comes the big one, JR's annual listing of the 10 best movies of the year. From 2010's original list of 20 movies, we lessen it down to just the 10 of JR's highly reviewed, a definitive list of the best indeed of 2017. For the first time, we won't be having any honorable mentions in JR's Movies of the Year list, and such will probably be the case in JR's future releases of this blog. All records or statistics mentioned here stand and continue to date back from JR's very first list.

2017 has been a great year for horror, three of this year's entries are horror flicks and for the first time, we have a horror movie nagging the top spot in JR's annual list. "Get Out" is named as JR's Movie of the Year 2017. A movie that depicts racial relations in America but on a horrific setting, "Get Out" is one of the most highly praised film of the past year making it a possibility of a Best Picture nod in the 2018 Academy Awards. JR loves horror so much and this film is the best so far this modern age has the offer. In fact, "Get Out" is the first original non-sequel film to be ranked at the top spot in JR's list. From all past lists of JR's Movies of the Year, the top spot has always been named towards a sequel movie from a blockbuster franchise or universe (2016: "Captain America Civil War" from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2015: "Jurassic World" from the Jurassic Park franchise, 2013: "The Hunger Games Catching Fire" from The Hunger Games franchise, 2012: "Skyfall" from the James Bond franchise, 2011: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" from the Harry Potter franchise, 2010: "Toy Story 3" from the Toy Story franchise). Two other horror movies are in this year list ranked at #3 and #9. Way back 2016, we also have three horror movies in the list making this year a consecutive great year for horror.

Second place goes to La La Land, the failed "Best Picture" winner against "Moonlight". The question is why did JR list the movie only this year. The answer is simple, it got only its wide release in the Philippines last January 2017 despite it being released in the United States on December 2016. All films in this list are based on their wide screening in the Philippines as such is the country of origin of this blog.

Marvel still continues to be in JR's list for the 7th consecutive time with Thor: Ragnarok entering at Top 10. This is the first time, however, since 2010 that Marvel doesn't have an entry within the Top 5 after the past 5 lists had one (2011: Captain America The First Avenger at #5, 2012: The Avengers at #3, 2013: Iron Man 3 at #2, 2015: Avengers Age of Ultron at #5, and 2016: Captain America Civil War at #1) Way back 2010, Marvel has Iron Man 2 at #11.

As 2016 had Captain America as its biggest star, 2017 hails a hero against racism.

Summary of the List:
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  1. All movies have to be watched and reviewed by JR during the year that was 2017. 
  2. The list includes all films released widely on an international scale. Filipino films are NOT anymore entitled to be in this list since they have a list of their own. (Click here to check JR's Filipino Movies of 2017)
  3. The selection of movies must have also been released in the Philippines between 01 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 regardless if the film was released within the year 2016 in the United States.
  4. No movie re-releases in HD or IMAX were included in the list (such movies had already been premiered in the past).
  • NOTE: All box office numbers are taken from Box Office Mojo as of 08 January 2018.

   10 - Masterpiece
     9 - Excellent
     8 - Awesome
     7 - Alright
     6 - Okay

5 - Mediocre
4 - Boring
3 - Bad
2 - Disappointment
1 - Worthless

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JR's Movies of the Year - 2017
Movies of the Year
Movie Genre Month of PH Release JR's Score
1 Horror Mar 2017 10.0
2 Musical Jan 2017 10.0
3 Horror Sept 2017 10.0
4 Sci-Fi Oct 2017 10.0
5 Animation Nov 2017 10.0
6 Action Jun 2017 10.0
7 Sci-Fi Jul 2017 10.0
8 Fantasy Mar 2017 10.0
9 Horror Aug 2017 10.0
10 Action Nov 2017 9.0

Get back to previous JR Late Night Blogs' Movies of the Year lists:
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Get Out
JR's Score:
Movie Genre: 
Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele
Producers / Distributors: 
MPAA Rating: 
MTRCB Rating: 
Total Running Time: 
1 hours, 43 minutes
Production Budget: 
$4.5 million
Worldwide Box Office: 
Philippine Box Office: 
$108,944 (Php 5,466,374 at $1 = Php 50.18)
Critics Scores: 
84 out of 100, Universal Acclaim (Metacritic)
7.7 / 10 (IMDb)
99% (Rotten Tomatoes)
Cast Overview: 
Daniel Kaluuya, Alison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford

"The Real Horrors of the African American Experience "
Who said social issues can't be an amazing source material for a horror movie. Well, Jordan Peele just created one with this horrific masterclass from 2017. Reminiscent and an ode to classic horror flicks, Get Out brings us to a black man's visit towards his white girlfriend's mansion in what appears to be a set-up for him to become the body or host for another elderly white man or woman's mind or brain. Get Out is a plot on the idea of playing God to enforce immortality of humans. With use of symbolism reflective of racial relations towards African Americans in the United States, Get Out is not your ordinary horror movie that banks on scary ghosts or haunted houses but rather on social issues which continue to haunt our society up to this day. Jordan Peele includes this film in a genre called "social thrillers" which he plans to expand in the future. Get Out is hands down the best movie of 2017.

Read JR's Full Review of Get Out:

10 January 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - GET OUT

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Get Out
Year of Release: 2017
Date Watched: 03 January 2018
JR's Rating: 🔟 (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"The Real Horrors of the African American Experience"


➕ Damn Scary
➕ "No, No, No" Scene by Georgina
➕ Hypnotism of Chris
➕ Idea of Brain Transplantation
➕ Use of Black Symbolism
➕ Weird Acting Housekeepers
➕ Nods to Classic Horror Flicks

Get Out made waves in 2017, and as I watched and review this film, all I can do is just applaud in my mind at how amazingly this film tackling racial relations in America was done in the most symbolic sense. "Get Out" is what audiences will root out for the main character in this film due to how sadistic and manipulative the villains are. With what is considered to be the best horror film in this modern era, Get Out explores Chris's stay in his girlfriend's house (The Armitages family) which soon turns out to be a weird outing due to the black housekeepers and horrific due to how the family treats Chris. Chris must have to get out of this residence as soon as possible due to him being the next transplantation victim of the Armitages. Well, I made mention of the word transplantation because this film explores the idea of moving the brain of an elderly man or woman to that of a healthy young person ensuring immortality of the former. Symbolically, with a black person being the host, the movie represents how white people control the minds of the black to be submissive to their dominion or their mindset. Actors in this film really presented their characters in the most outstanding sense with Mrs. Armitage, the deranged hypnotical woman of the household, and Georgina, the weird acting maid, the most notable ones. Georgina's "No, No, No" defined the best scene in this film making you guess why she is crying despite giving an equally laughing statement. The setting, cinematography and directing was a huge boost factor in this film that gives nods to various classic horror flicks which includes the opening scene reminiscent of Halloween, close-up shots from The Silence of the Lambs and the guests that reference Rosemary's Baby. The plot twist is something to look out for as you will never get out of your seats while watching this film. The real horror of this film is not the idea of mind control but rather the issue of racism that still exist up to this day. From comedy to horror real quick, Jordan Peele is a director to look out for in the horror genre. And Get Out is a movie to look out for in the 90th Academy Awards, it remains one of my personal picks as a contender for Best Picture.

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09 January 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - SIARGAO

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Year of Release: 2017
Date Watched: 04 January 2018
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Falling In Love With The Majestic Island of Siargao"


➕ The Picturesque Siargao
➕ Amazing Direction and Cinematography
➕ Jericho Rosales
➕ Erich Gonzales
➕ Environmental Advocacy
➕ Surfing in Siargao
➕ Night Life & Places in Siargao
➕ Hugot Lines & Songs

This film made me want to visit Siargao before I die. Siargao is really a place to sought out for, all the more proven by the picturesque scenes complemented with its realistic story from the movie of the same name. Siargao, the movie, brings us to the island of Siargao, referred to the characters as their home, where we engage into two struggling relationships, one coming from Manila and the other a return to Siargao. Erich Gonzales's character represents life from the congested city scape brought up by too much publicity through technology wanting to escape such scene thus going to Siargao but eventually returning home. Jericho Rosales's character represents the same escape to Siargao from his known stature in the city and a try at rekindling a failed love from his home of Siargao. Well, home is of the essence here since that's what this movie is all about. I can't help but feel calm and inspired by how beautiful this movie was made - all-natural and relatable that you really feel the authenticity of all elements, most importantly the acting and environment, in this movie. Siargao feels home, both the movie and island. I can't wait to go to Siargao soon just with how awe-inspiring this movie is. It's even rare that I watch a movie that relies more on its cinematography and directing rather than it's editing, Siargao is all too natural. Amazing masterpiece by Paul Soriano. One of the best I've seen in recent memory.

#Siargao #MetroManilaFilmFestival #MMFF #MMFF2017
#2018Movies #MovieReviews #JRMovieReviews

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