27 November 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - COCO

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Year of Release: 2017
Date Watched: 26 November 2017
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Never Forget The Dead"


➕ Mama Coco
➕ Miguel's Charisma
➕ The Land of the Dead
➕ Spirit Animals
➕ Use of Mexican Culture
➕ Plot Twist Villain
➕ Traditional Family Values

Pixar did it again with another masterclass in animation. About a young boy's pursuit of his dream to be a musician while being withheld by his family's ban on music, Coco is one of the best films to have stood out in this year's blockbuster lineup. With effective use of Mexican culture and family values, Coco easily relates to your most conventional and traditional extended family with the strictest norms and morals. Coco is actually the name of Miguel's grandmother who is key to the remembrance of a long forgotten family member who was actually the cause of the family's dislike of music. This film's best asset is its presentation of a highly detailed Lola Coco complete with those wrinkles and white hair reminiscent of our lola's in the provinces. The Land of the Dead is damn amazing, providing an interpretation of life after death in the most creative and most unique manner. While the Land of the Dead and its inhabitants are strikingly beautiful, the spirit animals made the experience more memorable as their individual distinguished appearances are so ambitiously done. The story in itself is highly stylized in a way I felt goosebumps every time I got hit by so familiar situations faced in my own Filipino family. The movie is so unpredictable in many ways as many of my predictions and speculations turned out differently in the film. Until today, my astonishment with Coco remains. Bursting with effective use of aesthetics all throughout, not to mention the amazing music accompanying the movie, Coco is an eye- (and ear-) candy and eye-opener movie to its openly dedicated audience. The cinema I've been was actually full of young kids accompanied by their parents, all amazed at the story and visuals the movie presented. Coco is a highly-recommended film, regardless of what your personal beliefs are. It stands as one of the best and most improved (and in fact, the most human out of all) animated films by Pixar, a true testament to how far animation had been.

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25 November 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - JUSTICE LEAGUE

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Justice League
Year of Release: 2017
Date Watched: 21 November 2017
JR's Rating:  (8.7 out of 10, Awesome)
"Not Bad, A Good Start for the Justice League"

➕ Flash and Cyborg
➕ The Mother Boxes
➕ Assembly of Justice League
➕ Opening Sequence
➕ Superman's Resurrection
➕ "Come Together" Theme
➖ Ben Affleck (as Batman)
➖ Less Emphasis on Villain
➖ Struggles to be at Par with Avengers

Forget the negative reviews, Justice League is a great film. While Civil War still remains my personal best superhero ensemble movie and DC has a long way to go to match Marvel's Mightiest Superheroes, it's still not bad to see this film where all familiar DC superheroes assemble to bring Superman back to life and to fight a power-hungry villain known as Steppenwolf. While Batman and Superman remains dominant in this film, Flash is the standout out of all because of his unique backstory and fun vibe. Cyborg is second runner-up just because of his unique power that I haven't seen on any other superhero. While Wonder Woman and Aquaman are powerfully portrayed, Batman's portrayal in the film is somewhat inconsistent for me, and such is a low blow to my favorite DC superhero. Superman's death in the BvS movie proves to be useless if they would just bring him back but his return in this film was damn impressive. The chemistry of all the superheroes in defeating the bad guy in this film was also good. The villain was, however, given so less emphasis compared to the superheroes themselves; such the case, the movie could have split into two films, one focused on the superheroes' backstories and the return of Superman while the other on the fights against the villain. DC's Justice League is probably the strongest superhero team, though it would need a powerful movie to boost them up against Marvel's Avengers in such a dominant Marvel market. Justice League is a good film, a good way to start the collaboration of the DC superheroes. I'm hoping for a stronger villain (hopefully Lex Luthor would prove to be a challenge) and individual movies for each of its superhero members (most especially Flash). Love that awesome theme by the way.

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08 November 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - THOR: RAGNAROK

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Thor: Ragnarok
Year of Release: 2017
Date Watched: 07 November 2017
JR's Rating:  (9.0 out of 10, Excellent)
"Thor May Be The Strongest Avenger After All"

➕ Hulk vs. Thor
➕ Hela, the God of Death
➕ Short-Haired Chris Hemsworth
➕ Futuristic Sakaar
➕ Valkyrior
➕ Amazing Theme
➖ Jeff Goldblum
➖ Off-Beat Jokes

Ragnarok is the fulfillment of a long-awaited prophecy on the demise of planet Asgard after Hela, the God of Death, returns after a long imprisonment by their father Odin. While Thor manages to fight alongside Loki upon her return, Hela destroys Thor's hammer and even pushed them on a different planet where Hulk reigns supreme. No worries though, Thor legitimately earns the title of strongest Avenger alive in this movie. To make things straight, I haven't watched any Thor film (exception with the Avengers movies) prior to this one and hella, Thor: Ragnarok made Thor not just a damn amazing superhero but rather a hella amazing god. Thor: Ragnarok never failed with its several symbolic biblical references (i.e. Exodus of Asgard's People, David vs. Goliath) while remaining true to the storylines of Planet Hulk and Ragnarok. Thor: Ragnarok may not be this year's best superhero movie (that belongs to Wonder Woman) but it is distinctive as the best Marvel film of the year (sorry Spidey). Though some jokes were really off-beat with some of its more serious scenes, I just can't help but feel compassion for Thor in his struggle in this film. I fell in love with Sakaar as it reminded me a bit of the futuristic L.A. in Blade Runner (most especially when Thor gets introduced about the planet) but still maintaining its own unique vibe. While the the portrayal of the Grandmaster seem also off of this movie, the Valkyrior, Korg and most especially the majestic Surtur are played greatly and on beat. The theme in the film is so damn hella good as it works perfectly in the film. While the battle of Hulk and Thor is a must see in this film, the battle between Hela and Surtur is more ambitious defining truly the idea of Ragnarok. By the way, I love two more things about this film, one is how Asgard is referred to as the people not a place and the other, the short-haired Chris Hemsworth, I mean Thor. What a transition it really is. Things started really good when Thor bore that short hair.

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