09 June 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - MY BROMANCE

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My Bromance
Year of Release: 2014
Date Watched: 01 June 2018 (Youtube - Wayufilm Production)
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Love Is Love"


➕ Sweet and Gentle Bank
➕ Aggressive and Unaccepting Golf
➕ From Step Brothers to Lovers
➕ Very Tragic Ending
➕ Realistic View of Same Love Struggles
➕ Prepare to Cry

No other romantic film made me cry more than this film right here. I had watched this film numerous times and it's just lately I got to watch it again. Ultimately, for pride month, allow me to make my review. My Bromance isn't your typical love story as it explores the transgression of emotions between two contrasting step brothers, Golf who is aggressive and unaccepting towards his brother and Bank who is gentle and sweet craving for the acceptance of his brother. While Golf eventually makes amend and accepts Bank, their "love" towards another takes a toll on their family and towards their future. You'll definitely have all that feels and compassion towards the main characters in this film, a glimpse of the true real-to-life struggles of couples resemblance of Bank and Golf. The movie banked on an amazing set of actors who gave life to such a well-written story that is both romantic and tragic. Every scene and dialogue involving both Bank and Golf together are worth the watch. The monologues and situations by them and their friends are all eye-openers towards issues that are in need of an open mind and understanding. It's amazing that Thai films open new ground for the acceptance of same love and this one is probably the best that have spruced out from their medium.

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20 May 2018

JR's Movie Reviews - LOVE, SIMON

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Love, Simon
Year of Release: 2018
Date Watched: 18 May 2018 (at SM Cinemas - Manila)
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"The Complicated Reality of Coming Out"


➕ Nick Robinson
➕ Simon's Friends
➕ The Ferris Wheel Ending
➕ Movie Soundtrack
➕ Tear-Jerking Scenes involving Simon
➕ Quotable Lines on Coming Out

Love, Simon expedites the sometimes brutal yet beautiful situations gay people have to go through with each and every day of their life. The movie is very timely as it exposes the continued challenge of acceptance despite a reforming contemporary society. Simon is your average teenager attending school and consistently hanging out with friends and family. When a schoolmate anonymously posts confessions of his sexuality online, Simon tries to communicate with him eventually forming an attachment towards the individual. Problem ensues when a schoolmate sees Simon's e-mail by accident and attempts to expose his secret if he doesn't help him. The movie is cute and surely any one from this generation would easily fall in love with. The movie means alot to me as I easily related myself in the most numerous of ways. Wonderfully acted by Nick Robinson, Simon's portrayal is on track with what it really is like to be your typical closeted teenage boy. Simon's group of friends are so special in the run of this film as each imposes a unique vibe for the main character to work with. I can't help myself but feel teary and eventually cry for Simon when he has to experience the most brutal of ridicule in school plus that the harsh waiting for "Blue" to reveal himself after losing touch of him. The moods I experienced with the movie are all the more motivated by its diverse soundtrack that are upbeat. I easily fell in love with this film. It definitely earns that special place in my heart.

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29 April 2018


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Avengers: Infinity War
Year of Release: 2018
Date Watched: 28 April 2018 (at SM Cinemas - Baguio)
JR's Rating:  (9.5 out of 10, Excellent)
"Thanos Wins and Deserves A Thunderous Applause"

➕ Thanos
➕ Heartbreaking Ending
➕ Battle in Wakanda
➕ Thor and His Stormbreaker
➕ Soul Stone in Vormir
➕ Punchlines that Work
➕ The Infinity Gauntlet
➕ Too Many Surprises
➖CGI Mishaps
➖Some Unanswered Details

It has been 10 years in the making and Marvel did not disappoint on bringing the journey of Thanos towards collecting all the Infinity Stones. Yes, the Infinity Stones including the Soul Stone has finally been uncovered in Avengers: Infinity War. While the Infinity War has seemingly concluded, the movie demands us to see the Avengers movie slated next year to give fruition on what transpired to those heroes that got lost in the end. It's true that a lot of heroes (and a popular villain) get to die during the war but I just can't help but root for Thanos who was truly the most amazing asset. Being both vengeful and emotional towards his daughter Gamora, Thanos makes the best recipe for a villain in a superhero movie. He is indeed a titan that is just so powerful and somewhat impossible to beat. The movie is action-packed, most especially the battle done at Wakanda, and exciting with the too many surprises, like Cap's appearance, that the audience can't just prevent to roar with applause but the movie never fails to punch you with tears at some of the most emotional scenes in superhero history like the sacrifice of Gamora at Vormir and the goodbye of Spider-Man to Iron Man. One notable scene I got to mention is Thor's mighty stormbreaker creation, reveal and use confirming my statement from my review of Thor: Ragnarok that indeed he is the strongest Avenger after all. There are some CGI mishaps in this film like Bruce Banner awkwardly placed at the large Iron Man suit and inconsistencies of the appearance with Thanos but my criticism would have to be some missing key plotholes like "Who is Thanos?", "How did his want to collect the Infinity Stones start?" and most importantly, "How did Thanos get the Power Stone and the Reality Stone?" (we just get to see it already at his gauntlet). All-in-all, the movie done great with the story and acting by an ensemble cast complemented by the script with effective punchlines that really goes well with the flow of the movie. The movie is worth the hype but much anticipation is on the next movie due to how the movie ended and I do hope that it's the best culmination of all the Marvel movies been made thus far. Marvel fans definitely have to watch this before watching the fourth Avengers film.

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