08 July 2016

JR's Movie Reviews - FINDING DORY

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Finding Dory
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10
"The Most Fitting Story For The Blue Tang With Short Term Memory Loss" 

➕ Dory's Cute Childhood
➕ Marine Life Institute
➕ Sigourney Weaver
➕ Hank, Destiny & Bailey
➕ How Dory Find Her Parents
➕ Expressway Scene

Finding Dory used the Finding Nemo formula that still proved to be effective to today's viewers as was the last one more than ten years ago. Surprisingly, the story for Finding Dory is very much independent with that of Finding Nemo so no need to watch the first movie to understand the story of this movie. Finding Dory brings us to an adventure to the Marine Life Institute being referred to as "The Jewel of Morro Bay, California" where Dory is in search of her mother Jenny and father Charlie. This movie gives us a closure to why Dory was lost at sea in the first place. While I do believe that the first film was better in terms of story, this one improves on the aesthetics with numerous new sea creatures being added to the scene like an octopus (named Hank), a whale shark (named Destiny), a beluga whale (named Bailey), and the massive squid that generally reflected the anglerfish from the first film. This film is definitely like your average old Pixar film ready to make you lose control of your emotions. What makes this movie so special is how they portrayed the importance of family whether they be by blood or by friends. How Dory finds her parents and how her parents found her would truly make your eyes jerk with tears. Every time flashbacks of Dory with her mother and father are shown, it made me even sadder the more. The value of Dory for Nemo and Marlin as family is however the defining moment of the film. Finding Nemo I have to say though was a better film than Finding Dory but the touching story of dedication, morals made for family and friends, and improved animation makes this movie deserve a 10 out of 10, a definite recommendation to any friend of mine. You need to have a good understanding of flashback though to understand how the story of the movie works. Hoping for a Finding Hank or Finding Destiny soon. ‬

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