23 June 2016

JR's Movie Reviews - THE CONJURING 2

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The Conjuring 2
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10
"A Terrifying Experience That Leaves Chills and Fright for Days" 

➕ Valak, The Nun
➕ More Jump Scares
➕ Lorraine Warren Amityville Intro
➕ Terrifying Invertion of Crosses
➕ Lorraine & Valak Library Scene

One good way to start an awesome horror movie - "based on a true story". In an era where sequels for horror films are not well acclaimed, The Conjuring 2 proved otherwise. The movie is filled with intense and terrifying scenes that will haunt your sleep for days (Valak gave me the chills while I was convincing myself to sleep). The Conjuring 2 provides its audience terror almost every minute making it an incredible movie experience for the average cinema viewer. James Wan provides the best example of how a horror movie should be: good source material, terrifying villain, numerous jump scares and a very captivating and moving story. Ed and Lorraine Warren's investigations with the paranormal are the subjects of this horror movie franchise and this movie might be the best yet (that's for me). The Conjuring 2 explores the presence of three terrifying villains in the Hodgson's Residence at the most documented Enfield Poltergeist - the Crooked Man, old man Bill Wilkins and the one that really led them all, Valak, the demonic nun from hell (who's getting her own spin-off movie by the way). What made me interested to watch The Conjuring franchise is the demons the Warrens are fighting (as the Warrens end each movie with condemning the demon back to hell by proclaiming its name). My favorite scene would definitely be Lorraine Warren being face-to-face with Valak at what seems to be an office in their house. To be honest though, I would not have watched the film if it were not for my friends who really said it was damn terrifying and yeah they didn't fail me. Just as Friday the 13th dominated the 1980s, Scream the 1990s and Saw the 2000s, The Conjuring franchise might definitely define the horror genre this 2010s. Anticipating for more adventure from the Warrens.

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