24 December 2010

JR Late Night Video Game Review: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Part 2)

JR's Video Game Rating: 9.5

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Name of the Video Game: Kingdom Hearts 2
Date of Public Release: March 28 2006
Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
Platforms: PlayStation2
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
IGN Score: 7.6
ESRB Content Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10+
Parental Advisory: Mild Blood, Use of Alcohol, Violence
Tagline: "The Story is Not Over."

Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and like the two previous games, focuses on Sora and his friends continued battle against Darkness. It also offers a number of improvements over the original with many new features, most notably Sora's Drive Form function, an improved camera, and in-battle options called Reaction Commands.
It is the third game in the series and the fifth game in the timeline after Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


"I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!"
"The darkness may destroy my body, but it can't touch my heart."
"Although my heart may be weak, it's not alone."
Description: A young boy and the hero of this tale. A boy chosen by the Keyblade, a mysterious weapon. In his last adventure, Sora journeyed with Donald and Goofy in search of his longtime friend Kairi, who had been spirited away into darkness. In the end, they saved the world of all worlds from the darkness that was closing in. Then, somewhere along the way, Sora fell into a deep slumber. Now that he is awake, he can't recall why he fell asleep to begin with.

"Confounded Heartless! Get lost will ya?"
The Royal Court Magician. Last time, Donald left Disney Castle with Goofy to search for King Mickey. During that quest, they met Sora and became fast friends. After they helped Sora save the worlds from darkness, Donald and Goofy continued their search for King Mickey, who had decided to stay behind in the realm of darkness. But before they could find the King, the three friends were plunged into a deep sleep.

"All for one and one for all!"
Captain of the Royal Knights. Last time, Goofy left Disney Castle with Donald in search of King Mickey. Along the way, they joined Sora, obeying the King's command to "follow the Keybearer." After helping save the worlds from darkness, Goofy continued his quest to find the King. But like Donald and Sora, he fell into a deep slumber before he could finish his quest. What had Goofy been up to before he feel asleep?

"Helping others comes before asking others for help."
The King, His Highness, Your Highness, Your Majesty, King of Disney Castle. King Mickey is a recurring character, and, along with Donald and Goofy, the main Disney protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series. He travels the worlds battling the forces of darkness and is the chosen Keyblade wielder for the Realm of Darkness, though he follows the path of light. Originally believing that the darkness had to be eliminated, he eventually realized that light and darkness are interdependent and cannot exist without the other due to his encounters with Riku.

"Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, I'm always with you."
Kairi is one of the seven princess of heart, and friends with Sora and Riku. In the first game, her heart is seperated from her body and enters Sora's. In order to revive her, Sora gives up his heart and becomes a nobody and creates Roxas in the process. Kairi is able to restore Sora to his human form, and as the worlds are reforming, Kairi is seperated from Sora, as she waits for his return on Destiny Island. Due to the powers of Namine, Kairi loses her memories of Sora, but as he starts to awaken from his sleep, Kairi begins to remember.

"Once we step through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. There's no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!"
Riku is Sora and Kairi's best friend. Under the influence of Maleficent, Riku turns on Sora, and embraces the darkness to aide him in his search for Kairi. Eventually, he becomes overtaken by Xenahort's Heartless, and Riku's Heart is sent to the realm of Darkness. In Chain of Memories, he confronts the Darkness in his heart. Riku finds balance between the light and darkness in his heart, and later dons the Organizations atire to capture Roxas to make Sora complete again. In doing so, he uses his dark powers which cause him to take on the physical appearance of Xenahort's heartless.

1. Kingdom Hearts Wiki (http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/)

Twilight Town is a world from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is the hometown of Roxas and has since been infested with Nobodies. Despite its subtle atmosphere, Twilight Town is one of the largest worlds known. It is located in between light and darkness, similar to Castle Oblivion and The World That Never Was. Like its name implies, the sun in their world never changes position.

"What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!"
Roxas is Sora's Nobody and a former member of Organization XIII, born when Sora took his own heart. Although Sora's heart was soon restored, Roxas continued to endure and exist, oblivious of Sora's existence for most of his life. Prior to the events of Kingdom Hearts II Roxas was Rank XIII within the Organization, and bore the title Key of Destiny because of his ability to wield the Ketblade. He wields light, and uses it to direct rays that strike opponents with great power. He commands the Samurai Nobodies.

Hayner appears in Kingdom Hearts II. He appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days alongside Pence and Olette.

Pence is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. From Twilight Town, he is a 15-year-old boy and a friend of Hayner and Olette, and Roxas while Roxas is in the Simulated Twilight Town. He also appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, alongside Hayner and Olette, talking to Roxas and Axel.

Olette is one of the characters in Kingdom Hearts II. In Twilight Town, Olette, a 15-year-old girl, is a friend of Hayner and Pence (and Roxas, or at least in the virtual version of herself). She also appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, alongside Hayner and Pence, talking to Roxas and Axel.

Seifer is a Final Fantasy character in Kingdom Hearts II. A character found in Twilight Town, Seifer is always seen with his posse Fuu, Rai and Vivi. He shares a rivalry with Hayner and his gang, and would most of the time pick a fight with the latter. Much like the original Seifer of Final Fantasy VIII, he is cocky, sarcastic, and a self-proclaimed protector of order, or at least, his idea of order, which is just bullying people into following what he says.

Rai is a Final Fantasy character in Kingdom Hearts II. Based on the character Raijin, he, like Seifer and Fuu originated from Final Fantasy VIII. The muscle of the "Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee," Rai isn't terribly bright, but that's not too much of an impediment since his main role in the gang is to toss his considerable weight around.

Fuu is a Final Fantasy character present in Kingdom Hearts II. She is based on the character Fujin, and like Seifer and Rai, originated from Final Fantasy VIII. While not much about her is given, she apparently has a strong loyalty to Seifer. Together with Rai, she is a member of the "Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee" which Seifer formed and leads, based on their so-called Balamb Garden Disciplinary Committee. Like this original group, they are more of a posse of bullies than an actual enforcement group.

Vivi is a Final Fantasy character that makes a debut in Kingdom Hearts II. He originates from Final Fantasy IX, although he is more weak-willed here. He is one of Seifer's gang's members, and the only member not from Final Fantasy VIII

Setzer is a character that (originally appeared in Final Fantasy VI) appears in Kingdom Hearts II. A top Struggle fighter, he is a flashy and arrogant ladies' man as well and enjoys taunting his opponents.

Yen Sid is a master magician who made his Disney debut in Fantasia. He appears in Kingdom Hearts II as an aid to Sora and the gang. Yen Sid is well-known for his wisdom, and his command over the arts of sorcery is such that most address him with the honorific "Master." He was once King Mickey's tutor, and taught him everything he knows of the arts of sorcery. His name is two separated parts of the name 'Disney' backwards as a tribute to Walt Disney himself. Yen Sid was also one of Walt Disney's alternate names.

The three good fairies who live with Master Yen Sid in his tower in Kingdom Hearts II. They originally come from the world Enchanted Dominion and will appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The three fairies also appear on Aurora's pillar during Sora's Awakening in Kingdom Hearts.

Hollow Bastion is a world from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. In Kingdom Hearts II, the world was expanded into the town and other areas. Not based on a Disney film, though showing the combined influence of Disney and Square, Hollow Bastion is a colossal castle that towers above the Radiant Garden. At one point, it was the only remaining part of the world, alongside the waterways that lay below. Because of this, the world itself was known as "Hollow Bastion" in Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and most of Kingdom Hearts II. However, it regains its original name of Radiant Garden by the end of Kingdom Hearts II. Unlike the rest of the Radiant Garden, which poses as Final Fantasy world, Hollow Bastion has no relation to Final Fantasy whatsoever. Ansem the Wise was the former ruler of this world. The castle was taken over by Maleficent.

"We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other."
Leon is a supporting character in the Kingdom Hearts series and leader of both the Heartless Resistance and the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. Originally, he went by the name Squall Leonhart but due to his world being destroyed by the Heartless he changed his name in an attempt to amend for his mistakes. Squall was the main character of Final Fantasy VIII and wields the notorious Gunblade.

Yuffie is a character from Final Fantasy VII who makes an appearance in all Kingdom Hearts games. She travels with Leon, whom she refers to by his real name, Squall - this usually causes annoyance on Squall's part. She sometimes refers to herself as the "Great Ninja Yuffie", wielding a large fuma shuriken as her weapon.

Aerith is a character who lives in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden in Kingdom Hearts II. Like most of Sora's allies, she originates from the Final Fantasy series. An ally of Leon and Yuffie, Aerith is one of the three core Final Fantasy characters of the series, and takes an active support role with them in the defense of Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II. She also plays a part in Cloud's story, though does not directly assist him as she does her other allies.

Cid is a character originally from Final Fantasy VII, who makes an appearance in all three Kingdom Hearts games.

Moogles are creatures that appear in all the Kingdom Hearts games. In Kingdom Hearts and  Kingdom Hearts II they run synthesis shops were Sora can synthesize items to make new weapons and armor. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories they sell various cards to Sora in Moogle Rooms. To date, they are the only characters hailing from the Final Fantasy series to have appeared in all released Kingdom Hearts games.

The Gullwings are a group of treasure-hunting fairies made up of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. They have minor roles in Kingdom Hearts II. The name is a reference to the sphere-hunting group that the three girls are a part of in Final Fantasy X-2.

Xehanort was an apprentice of Ansem the Wise and is the main antagonist in the series. The exploits of his Heartless "Ansem" and his Nobody "Xemnas" are the basis of conflict in the Kingdom Hearts series. His goals have always been to find Kingdom Hearts and use its unlimited power for his own ends. He is responsible for the creation of the Heartless, the Nobodies, Organization XIII, and the driving force behind the Disney villains' desires and plans. He has made an appearance in every game in the series so far in some shape or form and is expected to be in future titles. 

Merlin is a recurring character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He helps Sora understand magic when the boy appeared in Traverse Town. Merlin is an original character of the 1963 Disney movie: The Sword in the Stone.

Scrooge McDuck appears in Kingdom Hearts II. He is the uncle of Donald and the trio Huey, Dewey and Louie. Uncle Scrooge McDuck wears a blue jacket, a top hat, spats, pince-nez glasses and carries a walking stick. Scrooge can be grumpy at times, but initially is a friendly person. He loves his money and often swims in it.

HUEY (red), DEWEY (blue), and LOUIE (green)
The trio are the three nephews of Donald Duck and relatives of Scrooge McDuck. In Kingdom Hearts, they work in the item shop in the First District of Traverse Town. Here, the three take turns selling items. In Kingdom Hearts II, they run an item shop, a weapon shop and an accessory shop in Hollow Bastion. In both endings, they are all seen going back to Disney Castle.

Cloud is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series, originating from the Final Fantasy universe. He is the main character in Final Fantasy VII and a supporting character in the Kingdom Hearts series.

- Tifa is a character in Kingdom Hearts II that originates from Final Fantasy VII. Her look in Kingdom Hearts II is modeled on her Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children appearance.

(Strongest Optional Boss in Kingdom Hearts 2)
Sephiroth is the embodiment of Cloud's dark side. He is regarded as one of the most powerful of all villains in the Kingdom Hearts series (though he is only an option to duel in Kingdom Hearts and is concerned only with Cloud in Kingdom Hearts II), and Sora has to be at a relatively high level in order to survive Sephiroth's attacks. He - along with Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie and Cid - comes originally from the Square game Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth's words in Kingdom Hearts II imply, as most Kingdom Hearts fans agree, that the being is the dark memories of Cloud incarnated into the image of Sephiroth and not the man himself. Should this be proven true, the real Sephiroth has yet to appear.

The  World That Never Was is a world featured in Kingdom Hearts II. It is also the base of operations in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The world of Organization XIII, it is home to seemingly endless supply of Heartless and Nobodies. The Heartless seem to spawn more here due to how close The World That Never Was is to the darkness of Kingdom Hearts. The Organization controls the world from The Castle That Never Was, a massive fortress that floats weightlessly over the expansive Dark City.
"I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time."
Title: Superior of the In-Between
Weapon: Ethereal Blades (Interdiction)
Attribute: Nothingness 
Limit Break: All Vanity
Original Name (Nobody of): Xehanort, Ansem
Nobody Controlled: Sorcerer Nobodies

Xemnas, the Superior of the In-Between, is the Nobody of Xehanort, Rank I within Organization XIII and the ruler of The World That Never Was. He is a supporting villain in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and later becomes the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts II. He wields the power of nothingness, and channels this into his weapons, red blades of energy called Ethereal Blades. He commands the Sorcerer Nobodies. Xemnas, as the superior, is the first member and founder of Organization XIII, with all other Nobodies under his control. He is also the Organization's most intelligent and most powerful member, so much that even Marluxia would not dare to face him until Sora was completely under his control in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Despite his original name being Xehanort, he uses an anagram of his mentor's name: Ansem, due to Xehanort stealing the name prior to discarding his heart and body. Xemnas is a playable character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days's Mission Mode.

"As if!"
Title: The Freeshooter
Weapon: Arrowguns  (Sharpshooter)
Attribute: Space
Limit Break: Critical Snipe
Original Name (Nobody of): Braig
Nobody Controlled: Sniper Nobodies

Xigbar, the Freeshooter, is the Nobody of Braig and is Rank II within Organization XIII. Xigbar utilizes spatial manipulation, and uses this to freely direct the projectiles from his weapons, twin "Arrowgun" blasters and to alter the battlefield. He commands the Sniper Nobodies. Xigbar is the fourth-to-last Organization member to be defeated, and the second to speak to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II, although he does so hooded at first. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Xigbar is featured as a playable character in Mission Mode. In an interview, Tetsuya Nomura said that "Xigbar's attacks have a high range, but he has slow reloading time."
"Feed your anger! Only anger will keep you strong."
Title: The Whirlwind Lancer
Weapon: Lances  (Lindworm)
Attribute: Wind
Limit Break: Dragoon Storm
Original Name (Nobody of): Dilan
Nobody Controlled: Dragoon Nobodies

Xaldin, the Whirlwind Lancer, is the Nobody of Dilan and is Rank III within Organization XIII. He controls wind, and uses his power over the air to freely manipulate his six lances without holding them directly. He commands the Dragoon Nobodies, and has the second highest throne among the Organization. Xaldin appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a villain in Beast's Castle, and spends his time in the game attempting to plunge Beast into despair in the hopes of turning him into a Heartless and thus creating a Nobody. Xaldin is a playable character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days's Mission Mode.

"I am a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes."
Title: The Chilly Academic
Weapon: Shield  (Frozen Pride)
Attribute: Ice
Limit Break: Diamond Dust
Original Name (Nobody of): Even

Vexen, the Chilly Academic, is the Nobody of Even and is Rank IV within Organization XIII. He controls ice and uses it to command storms and blizzards, freezing his opponents solid, while defending himself with his massive shield. Vexen was the highest ranking member of the Organization inside Castle Oblivion, but ironically he is the first Organization member to be eliminated. He created the Riku Replica and uses the Replica to carry out several experiments on Riku and Sora. Vexen appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as a playable character in Mission Mode.

"I, Lexaeus, will not yield to the frail heart of an infantile coward!"
Title: The Silent Hero
Weapon: Axe Sword  (Skysplitter)
Attribute: Earth
Limit Break: Ayers Rock
Original Name (Nobody of): Aeleus

Lexaeus, the Silent Hero, is the Nobody of Aeleus and is Rank V within Organization XIII. He wields control over earth and uses his massive Skysplitter Axe Sword to create earthquakes and brutally slam opponents. Lexaeus appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories during Riku's storyline, working with Zexion and Vexen to try and manipulate Riku into serving them. In contrast to his fighting style and physique, he is a disciplined schemer who often tries to keep people such as Vexen in line. Lexaeus appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as a playable character in Mission Mode. Tetsuya Nomura said that Lexeaus "has slow movement, but very high attack power." 
"Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing. Nothing but a mere illusion!"
Title: The Cloaked Schemer
Weapon: Lexicon (Book of Retribution)
Attribute: Illusions
Limit Break: Meteor Mirage
Original Name (Nobody of): Ienzo

Zexion, the Cloaked Schemer, is the Nobody of Ienzo and is Rank VI in Organization XIII and an antagonist in Riku's storyline in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He weaves illusions to fight for him. Unlike the other Organization members, Zexion's weapon was originally unknown, and his talents were used only outside of normal combat. In Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Zexion's weapons was revealed to be a book called a Lexicon. Zexion appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as a participant in the struggle within the Organization between the newer and veteran members. He is also central to the plot to use Riku as a puppet in Castle Oblivion. Zexion also appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, as one of the playable characters in Mission Mode.
"True, we don't have hearts, but we remember what it was like. That's what makes us special."
Title: The Luna Divider
Weapon: Claymore (Lunatic)
Attribute: Moon
Limit Break: Berserk
Original Name (Nobody of): Isa

Saix, the Luna Divider, is the Nobody of Isa, Rank VII within Organization XIII, as well as the second-in-command, and next to Xemnas, the main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. He derives power from the Moon, and uses this power to enter a berserk rage where he mercilessly attacks opponents with his massive claymore. He commands the Berserker Nobodies. Fittingly, Saix is the second-to-last member of the Organization to fall. Along with all other Organization members in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Saix is a playable character in Mission Mode.
"My show now, Keyblade master! Who am I? On, my name's Axel. Got it memorized?"
Title: The Flurry of Dancing Flames
Weapon: Chakrams (Eternal Flames)
Attribute: Flame
Limit Break: Explosion
Original Name (Nobody of): Lea

Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames, is the Nobody of Lea, and is Rank VIII within Organization XIII. He wields fire and enhances his weapons, twin chakrams, with his pyrokinesis to unleash powerful rapid attacks. The Assassin Nobodies are under his control. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Axel was the trump card for the rest of the Organization as a double agent in Castle Oblivion to keep track of Marluxia's plans. In Kingdom Hearts II, Axel betrayed the Organization for his friendship with Roxas and acted of his own accord to try and help Sora, though he originally wanted to turn Sora into a Heartless to get Roxas back. Axel appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as a playable character in Mission Mode. Lea, his complete being's original name, was revealed in the Day 356 Secret Report and also mentioned by Saix. Lea was friends with Saix's original persona, Isa. Lea, Isa, and Axel each appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Axel's appearance merely a cameo.

"Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad..."
Title: The Melodious Nocturne
Weapon: Sitar (Arpeggio)
Attribute: Water
Limit Break: Wave Gigs

Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne, is Rank IX within Organization XIII. He controls water, and uses his weapon, the sitar, as a musical instrument to make water fight for him in battle. He commands the Dance Nobodies.  Demyx plays a minor role in Kingdom Hearts II, where he is tasked with tracking down Sora to liberate Roxas's "true disposition." Although he dislikes fighting, he is directed to use "aggressive tactics" against Sora and his companions to bring out Roxas. Demyx is a playable character in Mission Mode in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

"I'd rather we just skip the formalities."
Title: The Gambler of Fate
Weapon: Cards (Fair Game)
Attribute: Time
Limit Break: Jackpot

Luxord, the Gambler of Fate, is Rank X within Organization XIII. He possesses the power of time manipulation, and uses his ability to force his opponents to play timed games, with unfortunate consequences if they cannot learn the rules and lose. He commands the Gamble Nobodies. He harassed Sora and his friends in Port Royal, playing a game with them involving the cursed Aztec treasure there. He later battles Sora alone in the World That Never Was, and is the third-to-last member of Organization XIII to fall. Along with the rest of Organization XIII, Luxord appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as a playable character in Mission Mode.
"As lightless oblivion devours you, drown in the ever-blooming darkness!"
Title: The Graceful Assassion
Weapon: Scythe (Graceful Dahlia)
Attribute: Flowers
Limit Break: Bloom-Out

Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin, is Rank XI within Organization XIII, the lord of Castle Oblivion and the main antagonist of Sora's story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He controls flowers, and uses his control to command beams of destructive energy from flower-themed minions, bombard the opponent with flurries of petals, and to attack opponents with his massive scythe. Originally discovered by senior Organization members Xigbar and Xaldin, Marluxia is the mastermind of an internal rebellion in the Organization against Xemnas. Marluxia makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and is a playable character in Mission Mode.

"More pain for you means more fun for me!"
Title: The Savage Nymph
Weapon: Knives (Foundre)
Attribute: Lightning
Limit Break: Voltic Rush

Larxene, the Savage Nymph, is Rank XII within Organization XIII. Larxene is the group's only female member, and also has a very sadistic nature. She controls lightning, and uses it to thrash opponents with rapid attacks while also attacking them with her weapons: electrified throwing knives. She is one of the members stationed at Castle Oblivion during Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and is part of an internal struggle between the senior and rookie members. Larxene also appears as a playable character in the non-canonical Mission Mode of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and is the first playable female character in the series.

"What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!"
Title: The Key of Destiny
Weapon: Keyblade (Kingdom Key; Oathkeeper & Oblivion)
Attribute: Light
Limit Break: Event Horizon, Magic Hour

Roxas is the Nobody of Sora and a former member of Organization XIII, born when Sora took his own heart to restore Kairi's. Although Sora's heart was soon restored, Roxas continued to endure and exist, oblivious of Sora's existence for most of his life. Prior to the events of Kingdom Hearts II Roxas was Rank XIII within the Organization, and bore the title Key of Destiny because of his ability to wield the Keyblade. He wields light, and uses it to direct rays that strike opponents with great power. He commands the Samurai Nobodies. Roxas was also one of the mysterious hooded figures in "Another side, Another story..." and "Deep Dive".  During the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II, the player controls Roxas until Sora is awakened. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Roxas is the main character. This game focuses on the time period between Roxas's birth and his departure from the Organization, eventually leading to his capture at the hands of Riku and DiZ.
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(1991 Disney Animated Feature "Beauty and the Beast")
"...A bright and beautiful young woman named Belle first encounters the Beast when looking for her father. Belle locates her father in the Beast's dungeon and agrees to take his place and remain in the castle. In order to break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and be loved in return. As the servants of his enchanted castle try to help him, will the Beast be able to love, be loved, and break the spell?..."
Sora, Donald, and Goofy find themselves in a soundless The castle's lord is the Beast, who fought alongside Sora in his previous adventures. However, Heartless lurk in castle halls, and worse, the Beast is not himself. He has locked his servants in the dungeon and seems to be overtaken by uncontrollable rage. Belle and the servants are concerned. Meanwhile, a man dressed in black - a member of Organization XIII - appears at the Beast's side. But where did he come from, and what is his purpose?

A hideous beast with sharp teeth and claws. A mysterious rose is his most important possession, kept in a glass case. Sora and his friends had helped him free Belle from Maleficent's clutches once before.

A girl who was held captive in the Beast's castle. At first he frightened her, but little by little, she noticed the injured heart he was hiding from the world. Belle is one of the Seven Princesses needed to open the final door to the realm of darkness. She's very grateful to the Beast and to Sora for saving her after she was kidnapped by the Heartless.

The Beast's housekeeper and Chip's mother. She became a teapot when an enchantress put a spell on the castle. Mrs. Potts is always ready to warm your heart with a comforting cup of tea.

The Beast's majordomo. He became a clock when an enchantress put a spell on the castle. Cogsworth is very particular about order and punctuality. Maybe that's why he turned into a clock?

The castle's maitre'd. He became a candlestick when an enchantress put a spell on the castle. Lumiere has a way with words and can be quite a character.

Mrs. Potts' little boy. Chip became a teacup when an enchantress put a spell on the castle. His missing front tooth became a little chip on the rim of his teacup.

(1997 Disney Animated Feature "Hercules")
"...The Greece of myths and legends. On Mount Olympus, Zeus and Hera throw a party to celebrate the birth of their son Hercules. But Hades, god of the underworld, was jealous of Zeus' power and had plans to take over his throne. Fearing that Hercules, who was born with godlike strength, would be an obstacle to his plans, Hades stole Hercules' immortality and forced him out of Olympus. As Hercules grows up in the mortal world, he eventually discovers the truth about his origins. He sets out to prove himself a true hero so he can return to Olympus. With the help of hero-trainer Philoctetes (Phil), Hercules foils the scheming Hades and discovers what it means to be a true hero..."
Hercules continues to fight the powerful opponents which Hades sends to the Coliseum. Hercules' girlfriend, Megara, is worried about Hercules and decides to ask Hades to give him a break. On her way to see Hades, she crosses paths with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, who decide to go in her place. Meanwhile, Hades summons the warrior Auron from the Underworld's darkest dungeon, hoping to defeat Hercules once and for all. Between the cunning Hades and his co-conspirator Peter, Sora and his friends will have their hands full. Will they be able to stop Hades' evil plans?

A legendary hero with super strength. When the Hydra destroyed the Coliseum, Hercules thought he'd let everyone down. Now he isn't sure he's the hero he thought he was, and he seems to have lost his fighting spirit. 

Lord of the Underworld. The last time Sora and his friends tangled with Hades, he was using the Heartless to try to take over the world. Together with Hades, the three friends put his plans on ice. But Hades is evil as ever, and won't rest until he sends Hercules to the Underworld -- for eternity.

A beautiful horse that can fly just like an eagle, he's Hercules' loyal partner. Hercules' father Zeus created Pegasus from a cloud and gave him to Hercules when he was a baby. Hercules and Pegasus were separated for a while, but they were reunited again when they grow up.

Or "Phil" for short. Phil is a veteran trainer of heroes and Hercules' mentor. He also trained Sora and his friends during their first adventures with Hercules. These days Phil is busy running the Coliseum and screening contestants for the games.

Or "Meg" for short. She's tough, witty and a true friend to Hercules. Since she met him, Meg's been trusting folks a bit more than she did before. Meg set out alone for the Underworld. She knows Hercules is exhausted and wanted Hades to give him a break from fighting in the Coliseum.
AURON (Final Fantasy X)

(1998 Disney Animated Feature "Mulan")
"...Ancient China. Born the only daughter of the distinguished Fa family, Mulan is frustrated with the strict rules of her tradition-bound society. When her aging father is summoned to war, Mulan decides to disguise herself as a soldier and report for duty in his place. Her journey leads her to a clearing just outside an Imperial Army training camp led by Li Shang. Will Mulan be able to join the Imperial Army and defend her family's honor?..."
In a vast, unfamiliar bamboo grove, a familiar, upbeat voice rings out: "I'm little, lethal and legendary!" It is Mushu. Mushu helped Sora and friend in their previous adventure, but it turns out Mushu's day job is to help Mulan (Ping) anyway he can. Sora, Donald, and Goofy agree to help them and set out to join the Imperial Army and stop the Huns. At the training camp, they meet with rowdy company... and the shadow of the Heartless. That should be Shan Yu, leader of the Huns. There's also a mysterious figure in a black coat... Numerous enemies stand in their path. Can Mulan, Sora, and friends stop their evil plans and restore peace to the land?

The only daughter of the distinguished Fa family, Mulan has a hard time acting the way everybody wants her to. She's sure she'll never fit in. But when her aging father was ordered to join the Imperial Army, she sneaked away and risked her life to take his place. She disguised herself as a man and joined the Imperial Army in her father's place, wishing to fight the Huns and uphold the family's honor. The other soldiers know her as Ping.
He used to be one of the Fa family guardians, but Mushu's slip-ups got him demoted to the lowly job of gong ringer. He hopes to prove himself and win back his place among the other guardians by helping Mulan. Mushu gave Sora and friends some valuable help during their last adventure.

Leader of the Huns. He wants to take over all of China. Shan-Yu and his enormous army are fearsome fighters who have defeated some of the Emperor's best troops. Now Shan-Yu plans to use the Heartless to invade the Empire. Shan-Yu has fierce eyes, and is always seen with a hawk who serves as his airborne eyes and ears.

A talented young officer whose father is a distinguished general in the Imperial Army. Captain Shang has to train a disorganized group of recruits who've been drafted to help fight the Huns. He sure is a stickler for discipline, so he must have his  hands full getting his inexperienced troops into shape.

(2003 Disney Feature Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
"...Port Royal, a settlement on the Caribbean Sea. The Governor's daughter Elizabeth wears a medallion that she took from Will Turner when they were both still children. One day, Elizabeth is kidnapped by the ruthless pirate Barbossa and his crew. Will tries to stop them, but quickly finds that he is no match for them, for no sword can slay them. Barbossa escapes with Elizabeth on his ship, The Black Pearl. Will decides to join forces with a pirate named Jack Sparrow in order to save Elizabeth. Jack discovers the terrible secret of Barbossa's crew: a terrible curse that keeps them from death yet denies them the pleasures of life. Elizabeth may hold the key to breaking the curse, or does she? ..."
Sora and friends arrive at a world unlike any other they've seen. They meet a lone pirate named Jack, who joins their fight. But what destiny awaits them?

A pirate who sails the high seas. He sure is a colorful character, one who puts a lot of store in his freedom. He says he's a captain, but he doesn't seem to have a crew. Jack was arrested in Port Royal and thrown in jail, but Will Turner helped him escape during a pirate attack. Jack seems to know something special about Will's name. What could it be?

Daughter of the Port Royal's governor. To protect Will, she kept his pirate medallion hidden from her father and his men. A bit romantic about pirate life, she likes to steal a glance at the medallion every now and then. Will is a bit shy and rather formal around Elizabeth because of her father's position. She kind of wishes he wouldn't be.

A very talented swordsmith. As a boy, Will was rescued at sea after pirates burned his ship and left him to drown. About the same time he was rescued, the pirate medallion his father had given him disappeared. Young Elizabeth Swann was aboard the ship that rescued Will, and they've been friends ever since. As Elizabeth's father is governor of Port Royal, Will is a bit shy and rather formal around her.

Captain of the Black Pearl and leader of the undead pirates. The medallions' curse keeps Captain Barbossa and his men in a kind of limbo between life and death. Their true form is revealed in the moonlight, and what a terrifying sight it is. These days, Captain Barbossa has joined up with Pete in a search... for something.

(1992 Disney Animated Feature Aladdin)
"...Aladdin, the kind-hearted young man who had big dreams, no matter how poor he was; and Jasmine, Agrabah's princess who fled the palace to try and lead her life on her own. Though the two seemed so different, they met and fell in love. But Jafar, scheming to take over Agrabah, tricked Aladdin into going to the Cave of Wonders in search of a magic lamp. Jafar's plan failed, and Aladdin became the master of Genie's lamp. The Genie offered to grant his master three wishes... but will Aladdin find true happiness?..."
Sora, Donald, and Goofy are in Agrabah once again. And who shows up? Iago, that feisty parrot who teamed up with Jafar to cause Sora and friends all kinds of worries on their last journey. Iago claims to be a reformed bird, and wants to talk to Aladdin, but then trouble arrives in the form of a lamp - the very same one that Jafar bottled up. To top things off, Pete shows up and swipes the lamp. Suddenly Agrabah doesn't feel so safe... Oh and don't worry -- Genie gets his share of screen time, too.

A young man from the desert city of Agrabah. One year ago, Sora and friends helped Aladdin defeat Jafar and free Genie from the lamp. Aladdin used to worry that someone known as a "street rat" couldn't really earn the love of a princess. But Jasmine taught Aladdin that it's what's inside a person's heart that really counts. Aladdin's monkey friend Abu is never far from his side.

The princess of Agrabah and one of the Seven Princesses needed to open the door to the realm of darkness. Jasmine met Aladdin after she fled to try and lead her own life. She's very grateful to Aladdin, Sora, and his friends for saving her city from Jafar.

The Genie spent ten thousand years stuck inside the magic lamp until Aladdin found him. After the Genie helped Aladdin defeat Jafar, Aladdin used his third and final wish to set the Genie free. For the Genie, it's a dream come true. Instead of being at every master's beck and call, he's enjoying a carefree life.

Aladdin's faithful and rather funny sidekick. Abu doesn't talk a lot, but he always understands what Aladdin needs. Unfortunately, Abu can't resist treasure, even if it belongs to somebody else.

Jafar's boastful and cunning parrot. He's Jafar's eyes and ears for everything going on in Agrabah. Iago's mischief finally landed him inside the lamp, imprisoned with Jafar. Now that he's finally free again, he swears he's turned over a new feather. But I wonder...

Before he became an evil genie, Jafar was the Sultan's royal vizier. The last time we were in Agrabah, Jafar was trying to use the Heartless to take over the city. He even got control of Aladdin's pal Genie and wished to become a powerful genie himself. Aladdin, Sora, and his friends joined together to defeat Jafar, and imprisoned him in his own lamp.

(Modern Disney Characters)
"The castle home of Mickey Mouse, the King whose secret efforts ensure the safety of all worlds. In the King's absence, Queen Minnie Mouse watches over the castle, which is also the home of Donald and Goofy, as well as Daisy Duck, Gummi gurus Chip and Dale, and many other Disney characters."
Sora's trio returns to Disney Castle. Donald and Goofy are home again, but they notice something is wrong before they can even celebrate. A flustered Chip and Dale arrive on the scene with urgent news: "Queen Minnie needs to see you!" Apparently something terrible has happened to the castle.

Queen of Disney Castle. She is ruling in Mickey's absence. At her request, Jiminy is tagging along with Donald and Goofy as the Royal Chronicler. Queen Minnie is the quite concerned about the King, but she knows in her heart that he'll be all right.

A lady-in-waiting to Queen Minnie at Disney Castle and Donald's girlfriend. She's helping Queen Minnie run the castle while the others are away.

Two of the kingdom's mechanical specialists. They help maintain the Gummi ship, which can travel to any destination. Chip is diligent and follows through on his plans while Dale's pretty impulsive, but he works slow and steady to finish a job when it's important. Chip and Dale looks almost exactly like, but you can tell them apart by the color of their noses and the shape of their front teeth.

(1989 Disney Animated Feature The Little Mermaid)
"Ariel, youngest daughter of the sea king Triton, is a mermaid whose curiosity runs deep. Her beautiful voice is sweet and melodic, but her current interest is in the world above. Ariel would always sneak off to the surface for a peek at life outside the ocean, and one day she came upon the castaway Prince Eric, whose ship had been caught in a storm. She cared for Eric, but vanished when he woke up. Eric can not remember the face of his rescuer, but he can not forget her beautiful voice. Ariel, too, is falling in love with Eric. But the sea witch Ursula is scheming to take advantage of Ariel's feelings and forge a contract with terrible consequences..."
Sora, Donald, and Goofy have come to Atlantica once again, each "dressed" for the occasion, so to speak. They celebrate the reunion with their friends Sebastian and Flounder from their earlier adventures, but Ariel seems to be down. She's in love with Eric, the prince she met that stormy day.

The seventh daughter of Triton, king of Atlantica. She made a deal with  Ursula to become a human, but lost her voice in the bargain. Ariel has three days to make Prince Eric fall in love with her. If she doesn't, she'll become a mermaid again and belong to Ursula.

A prince from the world on land who loves the sea. Ariel saved him from drowning when his ship sank one stormy night. Prince Eric doesn't remember anything from that night except Ariel's enchanting voice. Now he's searching everywhere for the girl who saved him.

The Sea King who rules Atlantica; the trident is the symbol of power. Triton dearly loves his daughter Ariel, but to ensure her safety and the security of his kingdom, he's strictly forbidden her to have contact with anyone from the human world.

Ariel's trusted friend, Flounder would do anything for her. He's small and not exactly brave, but he'll never leave Ariel's side, even when it means facing danger.

King Triton's court composer. You could almost say he's a musical genius. Sebastian's also in charge of keeping an eye on Ariel to make sure she stays safe. At the moment, he's working on a very special musical.

A sea witch who lives in a cave far from the palace. She used to serve King Triton, until her evil scheming got her banished. One year ago, she tried to get rid of King Triton and take over Atlantica. Sora, Donald, and Goofy helped Ariel defeat her, but she used the power of darkness to rise again. Her grudge against King Triton is as strong as ever... and now she's out for revenge.

SORA (Merman)
Now that they're under the sea again, the party has taken on the same mer-forms as they did in their last adventure!

DONALD (Squid) & GOOFY (Turtle)
The Royal Court Magician and The Captain of the Royal Knights. In their previous travels, Sora, Donald and Goofy defended Atlantica from Ursula.
(1948 Disney Animated Short Steamboat Willie)
"Mickey Mouse's historic debut. Steamboat Willie was the first animated "talkie" featuring voices and music. Mickey starred as a boathand on a steamboat headed downriver. The boat's captain was the cat-like Pete, who went on to become Mickey's long-standing rival. This work was noted for the synchronization of sound and animation, as a black-and-white Mickey Mouse runs about his merry way in time with music."
The world into which Sora and his friends stumbled was entirely in black and white! And they themselves have changed color and form to match! They run into Pete in this world, but he seems a little different from the Pete they met in other worlds. They also encounter a Mickey Mouse who's fit to be a king -- except he's not their King. Something's not quite the same. Donald and Goofy mention "deja vu", but what could they mean by that? In a strange world, what kind of strange things will Sora find next?

It's King Mickey all right, but in this world, he doesn't have a lot to say, and he doesn't look exactly like the king we all know. His Majesty's acting like he's someone completely different. I wonder what's going on.

Captain of the Royal Knights. To save Disney Castle, Goofy passed through Merlin's doorway into a strangely familiar world of black and white.

The Royal Court Magician. To save Disney Castle, Donald passed through Merlin's doorway into a strangely familiar world of black and white.

Captain of the river steamboat, this is a different Pete from the one we know. He doesn't seem to have any connection with the Heartless. Why, he doesn't even recognize Sora, Donald, and Goofy! I wonder if he's just trying to trick us.

SORA (Retro Form)
Sora as he appears in the world of Steamboat Willie. The entire party has taken on a classic look to match their black-and-white surroundings.

(1977 Disney Animated Feature The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
"Winnie the Pooh lives with his friends in 100 Acre Wood. This group of friends consists of the honey-loving Pooh, his best friend Piglet, the mischievous Tigger, the slightly pessimistic Eeyore, the helpful Rabbit, the all-knowing Owl, and the Tigger-loving Roo and his mama, Kanga. Everyone in the fun-loving group watches out for one another as they get involved in many wonderful adventures."
A world existing in a picture book. Sora visits this world to see how his friends are doing, as he hasn't seen them since his previous adventures. Sora is ecstatic about seeing Pooh again, but when they reunite, he discovers that Pooh has lost all memories of him and calls him "Somebody-I-Don't-Know." Not only that, it seems Pooh has forgotten  all about the residents in 100 Acre Wood! Sora and the gang try all sorts of methods to help Pooh remember his friends... In this adventure, not only do Roo and his mama Kanga make an appearance, but Gopher as well!

A bear who lives in the Hundred-Acre Wood. Known as "Pooh" for short. He loves to eat, and his very favorite thing to eat is honey. Pooh likes to exercise every morning. He says it improves his appetite.

One of Pooh's friends in the Hundred-Acre-Wood. Piglet's tiny and timid, startled by just about anything. But knowing he has friends like Pooh always helps Piglet feel a little more courageous.

Eeyore always seems to be a bit gloomy. His usual residence is a house built of sticks. His tail is held on by a tack, but it keeps falling off and getting lost. Eeyore spends a fair amount of time wandering the Hundred-Acre Wood looking for a new home, because his stick house is always falling down.

Tigger sure is energetic. He loves to use his tail to bounce all over the Hundred-Acre Wood. Sometimes his bouncing gets to be a bit much, but he doesn't mean any harm. Underneath that happy-go-lucky exterior is a sensitive, gentle heart.

Roo's mother. When she leaves her house, she just pops little Roo into her pouch and off they go. Kanga is always ready with a kind and gentle advice for her neighbors in the Hundred-Acre Wood.

The youngest resident of the Hundred-Acre Wood. Roo looks up to Tigger, and dreams of bouncing just like him someday.

Owl seems to be the wisest resident of the Hundred-Acre Wood. Whenever anyone has a question they can't  answer, they ask Owl. He's always happy to help, but his answers aren't always exactly right!

Rabbit is proud of all the vegetables he grows in his garden -- especially the carrots. Pooh likes visiting Rabbit, as Rabbit always seems to have some honey to share. Rabbit is a very hard worker, and he wishes Tigger wouldn't bounce so close to his prized carrots.

(1993 Disney Stop Motion Feature The Nightmare Before Christmas)
"Every year Halloween Town brings the tricks and treats of Halloween to the world. And Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, leads the way, designing frights certain to make even the bravest of children shriek. One day Jack finds a door to another world and stumbles upon Christmastown. He is completely awed by the twinkling trees and scrumptious cakes that fill the town, and decides to make his own sort of Christmas. But what kind of Halloweeny Christmas does Jack have in mind?"
When Sora and friends visit Halloween Town, they notice things have changed. Jack Skellington, Halloween's favorite host, is fascinated by Christmas and wants to visit Christmas Town. He'd like to help Santa Claus with the holiday festivities. Sally doesn't think this is such a good idea, as she knows what happened the first time Jack tried to help with Christmas. Donald and Goofy understand Sally's reluctance, but Sora convinces them to go. He's excited to meet Santa Claus. Unfortunately, Jack's enthusiasm isn't the trio's only problem. Oogie finds his way back into the picture and is looking for revenge. This could be a real nightmare in Christmas Town.

The Skeleton King. He loves scaring folks more than just about anything. When Sora and his friends first met Jack, he wanted to use the Heartless to spice up his frightening Halloween celebration. But things didn't work out quite like Jack planned. Now, Jack's enchanted by Christmas. He's determined to give Santa a rest and show he can do a top-notch job running the big day.

He loves to scare people silly -- but when Jack discovered Christmas, he was captivated. He even thought he could improve it by adding his own special brand of fright. Jack wanted to deliver presents on Santa's behalf to the children of the world. Santa helped him realize that his talents were really meant for Halloween. But Jack still has the Santa suit Sally made for him!

Jack's ghost dog. He comes out of his grave whenever Jack calls, and never gets tired of playing fetch with his master.

One of Dr. Finkelstein's creations, Sally's patched together with parts that sometimes come off and move around on their own. She's gotten very good at mending herself with a needle and thread. Sally usually helps Dr. Finkelstein around the lab, but she'd much rather spend time with Jack.

An evil bag of bugs who loves gambling with dice and dreams of causing trouble for Jack in Halloween Town. Sora and his friends defeated Oogie once before, but Maleficent  brought him back as part of her evil plan.

The prankster trio that includes Lock, Shock and Barrel. Their walking bathtub helps them get around while they commit all kinds of mischief. They sometimes help Oogie, but they're not really loyal to him.

Know to some as Father Christmas, Santa Claus makes children's dreams come true every year on December 25th, delivering presents in a sleigh drawn by flying reindeer. To get ready for Christmas, he depends on his list of this year's good little girls and boys. It seems our friend Jack Skellington is a bit confused. He thinks Santa's name is actually Sandy Claws.

The two-faced mayor of Halloween Town. His face switches from a happy version to a sad one depending on his mood, which seems to change pretty often. The Mayor relies on Jack to make preparations for Halloween. In fact, the Mayor can't decide a thing without Jack's help.

A special set of Halloween-style reindeer, custom-made by Dr. Finkelstein for Jack. They're just right for pulling Jack's coffin sleigh through the Christmas Eve sky.

SORA (Vampire Form)
As with his first visit to Halloween Town, Sora and friends change shape to fit into this world.

DONALD (Mummy Form) 
& GOOFY (Frankenstein Form)
The Royal Court Magician and the Captain of the Royal Knights. On their first visit to Halloween Town, Donald and Goofy helped Sora defeat Oogie Boogie.
(1994 Disney Animated Featured The Lion King)
"The Pride Lands, located somewhere in the African Savannah. A single boy cub was born to Mufasa, king of the savannah. Mufasa named his son Simba, and taught him what he needed to know to be king himself one day. However, Mufasa was killed by Scar, who wanted the throne for himself. Because of Scar, Simba believed he was responsible for his father's death and fled the Pride Lands. It was Timon and Pumbaa who befriended the young Simba and taught him to think positive. As the fun-filled days with his new friends passed and Simba grew older, he awoke to his father's teachings, just in time to face his past... and Scar."
After King Mufasa, ruler of the savannah, passed away, everyone taught Simba would be the next king. But by the time Sora and friends arrived at the Pride Lands, it was Mufasa's younger brother Scar who was sitting on the throne. Scar, who was working together with the hyenas, has been treating everyone else horribly. Nala looks to Sora for help, but only King Mufasa's rightful heir can save the kingdom... Nala is reunited with Simba, and tries to convince him to return to his kingdom, but Simba seems to be questioning himself. Will Scar's treachery go unchallenged?

Son of the great Mufasa who grew up to succeed his father and rule the Pride Lands. As a young cub, Simba mistakenly thought he was responsible for his father's death. He left the Pride Lands and met two new friends: Timon and Pumbaa. They taught him to lead a carefree life. During their first quest, Simba came to help Sora, Donald, and Goofy whenever they called on him.

A meerkat and one of Simba's closest pals. He found Simba, almost dead of thirst, when he was just a cub. Timon and his buddy Pumbaa taught Simba their motto, Hakuna Matata, which means "no worries". And that's how Simba grew up -- with no worries, taking life one day at a time.

A warthog and one of Simba's closest pals. He found Simba, almost dead of thirst, when he was just a cub. Pumbaa and his buddyTimon taught Simba their motto, Hakuna Matata, which means "no worries". Some folks are a bit put off by Pumbaa's pungency, but a kinder fellow you'll never find.

A great king of the Pride Lands. He passed on the wisdom of generations of kings to his son Simba and was loved by all the animals of the Pride Lands. Mufasa tried to climb to safety after saving young Simba from a stampede, but Scar sent him plummeting to his death.

Simba's evil uncle and brother of Mufasa. After Mufasa's death and Simba's disappearance, Scar became king of the Pride Lands and used the hyenas to do his dirty work. Scar hasn't taken care of the Pride Lands, and almost all animals have been forced to leave.

Simba's childhood friend Nala has grown up to be a strong lioness. She's searching for help to save the Pride Lands, which have fallen into a terrible state.

A mandrill who lives in the Pride Lands, Rafiki is a wise old shaman. Rafiki was a trusted advisor to Mufasa, and has always looked forward to the day Simba would take his father's place as king.

SORA (Lion Cub)
Sora's been transformed into a cub in this world!

GOOFY (Tortoise)
Captain of the Royal Knights. Goofy's been transformed into a turtle in this world, and it seems to suit him just fine.

The Royal Court Magician. Donald's taken wing in this world, and, naturally, he got the hang of it right away.

(1982 Disney Science Fiction Feature Tron)
"Flynn is a gifted programmer who works at ENCOM and creates video games late at night. One day, his work gets stolen by an executive named Dillinger. To gather evidence of this theft, which is stored in the Master Control Program, he is digitized into the world of the computer with a high-power laser. He discovers that there is a completely different world inside the computer, which the ruthless Commander Sark controls for the MCP. Flynn and Tron, the security program of the digital world, decide to take on Commander Sark and the MCP together..."
Through a mistake, the three friends get digitalized and sent to the digital world. Once there, Sora and his friends are overwhelmed by the world within this computer. That's where they meet a mysterious stranger named Tron, who calls himself a "security program." Sora learns that Tron is in danger of being deleted from the world and agrees to take on the MCP and Commander Sark to stop it from happening. However, the MCP manages to control even the Heartless, creating more trouble for everyone...

A security program that was improved and upgraded by Ansem the Wise. Ansem the Wise is also the fellow who reprogrammed the MCP. Tron is dedicated to making sure the system functions properly, but the MCP wants to take control away from the users. Only Ansem knows why these two programs behave so differently.

A powerful program who doesn't serve any user -- just the MCP. Commander Sark is pretty harsh to any program that tries to resist the MCP's power.

SORA (Data Form)
Sora has been digitized into the world of Tron!

GOOFY (Data Form)
Captain of the Royal Knights. Goofy watched Donald trying to use Ansem's computer to find the King, but Donald's impatient keyboard-banging caused the MCP to transport the three friends into the world inside the computer system.

DONALD (Data Form)
The Royal Court Magician. Donald tried to use Ansem's computer to find the King, but his impatient keyboard-banging caused the MCP to transport the three friends into the world inside the computer system.

1. Kingdom Hearts Wiki (http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/)

"A keychain attached to the Keyblade increases defense at critical moments."
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +1
Abilities: Defender, Damage Control
Obtained: Fight the "Mysterious Enemy" at The Old Mansion

The Kingdom Key is the most recognizable Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series, and is the form used in almost all depictions of the weapon. It has appeared in every entry of the series to date. The Kingdom Key also draws out the true power of Sora's Keyblade, even though it is not the strongest keychain. As such, it is the true form of his Keyblade, which means that it is also the default form of Roxas's and Xion's Keyblades.

The Kingdom Key is depicted as a classic skeleton key approximately 3.5' long, with a long silver keychain extending from the hilt, and a Mickey token on the end of the keychain. The blade and teeth of the Keyblade are silver, the rainguard is blue, and the hilt is gold. The teeth of the Keyblade form the outline of a crown which matches the crown charm Sora wears.

"Enhances magic and increases the duration of a Drive Form."
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +3
Abilities: Form Boost
Obtained: Unlock the Gate in Twilight Town

The Oathkeeper is a Keyblade which appears in Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It also appears as half of Roxas's dual set of Keyblades alongside the Oblivion, and was transformed from his original Kingdom Key Roxas after he absorbed Xion. Fundamentally, the Oathkeeper is symbolic of Sora's memories of Kairi

The Oathkeeper's keychain token is Kairi's Lucky Charm, a star sown together from Thalassa shells. Its shaft displays two hearts, and its handle bears two angel wings, contrasting the bat wings that comprise Oblivion's handle. The teeth are fashioned in the shape of the Kanji for "light", corresponding to the Oblivion's kanji for "darkness".
"Has great strength, and allows the Drive Gauge to restore quickly during MP Charge."

Strength: +6 /// Magic: +2
Abilities: Drive Boost
Obtained: Unlock the Gate in Twilight Town

The Oblivion is a Keyblade which appears in Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It also appears as half of Roxas's dual set of Keyblades alongside the Oathkeeper, and was transformed from the second Kingdom Key Roxas obtained after absorbing Xion. Fundamentally, the Oblivion is symbolic of Sora's memories of Riku.

Oblivion is similar in shape to the Kingdom Key, though is deep black and has a longer reach. The hilt guard is comprised of two bat-like wings extending downward. The teeth are in the shape of the Kanji for "darkness". The keychain's token is a black version of Sora's crown necklace. A chain-like design runs up the length of the blade. The diamond in its hilt also resembles the diamond in the original logo of Hollow Bastion. When the Oblivion is summoned in Kingdom Hearts II, black smoke and violet sparks surround it.
"Although it does not enhance attack strength, it increases the drop rate of items."
Strength: +0 /// Magic: +4
Abilities: Drive Converter
Obtained: Complete Spooky Cave Mystery

The Sweet Memories is a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts II. It is obtained by completing the Hundred Acre Wood. As a reward for completing one of the game's side quests, the Sweet Memories keychain is one of the game's few optional Keyblades. 

The Sweet Memories keychain is designed around elements of the Hundred Acre Wood world. It consists of a honey-covered honey pot handle with a model of a tree trunk as the blade's shaft. The end of the key consists of a branch with a beehive, due to Winnie the Pooh's love for honey. Its keychain design is a Honey Bee.
"Restores MP relative to the amount of damage taken."
Strength: +2 /// Magic: +2
Abilities: MP Rage
Obtained: Defeat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

The Hidden Dragon is a Keyblade available to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

The Hidden Dragon Keyblade is designed with an oriental dragon theme. The guard is similar to the color and shape of Mushu. Its blade is a burst of fire coming out of a dragon's mouth, while it features the medal Mulan receives for saving the Emperor on the Keychain.
"Increases maximum combo by 1 when in midair."
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +1
Abilities: Air Combo Plus
Obtained: Speak to Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in Mysterious Tower

The Star Seeker is a Keybladelade that is found in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysKingdom Hearts coded, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

The guard appears to be two shooting stars. The blade is blue and decorated with stars, while the end is a crescent moon and star. The key chain design is a crescent moon. The Keyblade's name seemingly references Mickey and Sora's journeys to the various worlds, which are seen as stars. It also makes a reference to the worlds in the universe of Kingdom Hearts, since stars refer to the worlds. The Star Seeker is part of a group of weapons associated with Yen Sid's tower, along with the corresponding staff and shield. These weapons are decorated with crescent moons and stars, and are the second set of weapons available to the party.
"Greatly increases the amount of experience gained when defeating an enemy at a critical moment."
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +0
Abilities: Experience Boost
Obtained: Speak with the Gullwings after the Battle of the 1000 Heartless

The Gull Wing is a Keyblade found in Kingdom Hearts II. It can be found by speaking to Yuna, Rikku and Paine in Radiant Garden after the War of 1000 Heartless. The Keyblade is designed with wings on it, and is named after the three girls who give it to Sora, who call themselves the "Gullwings". The Gull Wing is one of the weakest Keyblades found in the game, having a strength bonus of only 3 and no magic enhancement, but it has Experience Boost as its attached ability, which enables Sora to gain increased experience if he is in critical health.

The Gull Wing's appearance takes after the girl trio. Its keychain is the symbol of the Zanarkand Abes, the blitzball team that Final Fantasy X's Tidus and Jecht belong to, which was then reused as part of Yuna's Gunner dressphere, the symbol itself is attached to the weapon by the wrapping of Yuna's long ponytail from Final Fantasy X-2. It is attached to the Keyblade's hilt by a chain resembling the hilt of Paine's sword, particularly the spade design where the handle meets the blade (originally a spade-shaped skull in Final Fantasy X-2). The guard is made from two feathers that were once a part Rikku's outfit in Final Fantasy X (tied to the end of the two braids protruding from the base of her hair), while the blade is made from the bows seen on the arms of her Thief dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2. The strikezone of the Keyblade is quite literally the wing of a gull, the mascot of the Gullwings sphere hunter group.
("Draws in nearby orbs.")
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +1
Abilities: Draw
Obtained: Defeat Captain Barbossa in Port Royal

Follow the Wind is the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts II which represents Port Royal. It also appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories as a bonus Keyblade. You can obtain it in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories by finishing Reverse/Rebirth (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix for the Japanese version), and then finding it in the Neverland Key to Rewards room.

The guard looks like a ship's wheel. The blade is anchor-like in appearance while the Keychain is one of the gold medallions as well as the middle area. 
("Increases the effect of restoration items used on the field.")
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +2
Abilities: Item Boost
Obtained: Complete Timeless River

The Monochrome is a Keyblade which appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II.

The Monochrome's guard is a lifesaver float while the blade is a steamboat stack. The keychain is a ship's wheel, possibly that of the Steamboat Willie. The teeth also resemble the steam whistles from Steamboat Willie. Other than that, the Monochrome resembles the transmitter of the Graham Bell phone. The word 'monochrome' is another word for one color, and is often used to describe things that are in black and white, like the world of Timeless River.
("Increases damage done by thunder-based attacks.")
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +2
Abilities: Thunder Boost
Obtained: Defeat the Hostile Program

The Photon Debugger is a Keyblade acquired after Sora's first trip to Space Paranoids in Kingdom Hearts II. This keyblade also appears as a card in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories in a reward room on the 12th floor after completing Reverse/Rebirth (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix in the Japanese version).

 The Photon Debugger looks similar to the inhabitants of Space Paranoids, appearing to be constructed of computer circuitry. The key chain is a miniature version of the Identity Disc used by Tron in both Kingdom Hearts II
("Enhances magic to increase damage dealt by blizzard-based attacks.")
Strength: +6 /// Magic: +2
Abilities: Drive Boost
Obtained: Unlock the Gate in Twilight Town

The Mysterious Abyss is a Keyblade is acquired after defeating Ursula in Kingdom Hearts II. This Keyblade is the equivalent of the Crabclaw Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.

 The token is in the shape of a shell connected to the handle which is made up of assorted shells by a golden chain. The teeth and blade of the Keyblade are in the shape of a water spout.
("Increases strength during MP Charge and allows unlimited chaining of combos. When equipped, the combo finishing move is disabled.")
Strength: +3 /// Magic: +5
Abilities: Berserk Charge
Obtained: Complete the Goddess of Fate Cup

The Fatal Crest is a Keyblade obtainable in Kingdom Hearts II by completing the Goddess of Fate Cup.

The neck of the Keyblade appears to be that of a skeletal dragon, of which still has life in some of it. Unlike most Keyblades, this Keyblade features a curved neck. The token is the Hades Cup. 
("Increases the damage of the finishing move in the air relative to the number of hits in the combo.")
Strength: +4 /// Magic: +0
Abilities: Air Combo Boost
Obtained: Defeat Hydra in Olympus Coliseum

The Hero's Crest is a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts II. This Keyblade replaced the Olympia from the first Kingdom Hearts.

The blade, hand guard, and tip are similar to Greek Ionic architecture. The teeth seem to take the form of a star, possibly refering to the fact that at the end of the storyline of the first game in Olympus Coliseum, you can see a faint silhouette of Hercules in the stars, or Sora, Donald and Goofy's silhouette in the second game. The keychain is the symbol of the Gods of Olympia. The keychain is also the medallion you borrow from Hercules to protect you from the magic of the Underworld. 
("Has great strength, increasing MP restoration speed after MP is consumed.")
Strength: +4 /// Magic: +1
Abilities: MP Haste
Obtained: Talk to Simba in the Oasis of Pride Lands

The Circle of Life Keyblade is from Kingdom Hearts II. In a way, it almost replaces the Jungle King from Kingdom Hearts, except the Circle of Life is much stronger at its point in the game it is obtained than that of the Jungle King.

It looks like the Keyblade is made of wood, possibly symbolizing the fact that it is received from the Pride Lands. The chain of the keychain is a vine, rather than metal links. The guard and keychain is a lion head, specifically the head of Simba as drawn by Rafiki in the movie The Lion King. Its name comes from the theme and a song from the first Lion King.
("Wishes come true by increasing the drop rate of munny, HP and MP orbs.")
Strength: +4 /// Magic: +3
Abilities: Jackpot
Obtained: Defeat Jafar

The Wishing Lamp is from Kingdom Hearts II. It is the Kingdom Hearts II equivalent of Three Wishes.

The guard is similar to the palace towers, while the blade rises from a wishing lamp at the center-top of the guard. The key chain is Genie's wishing lamp. 
("Enhances magic to increase damage dealt by fire-based attacks.")
Strength: +4 /// Magic: +4
Abilities: Fire Boost
Obtained: Defeat the Nobodies in Betwist and Between

The Bond of Flame is a Keyblade that is found in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Axel gave the Keychain to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II after sacrificing himself to save Sora from the Nobodies in Betwixt and Between.

This keychain, teeth and blade resembles Axel's chakrams. When you attack with it, tiny chakrams and flames appear. The two chakrams that make up the Keyblade are joined by a metal eight, a reference to Axel's position within the Organization. The Keyblade's name seems to reference Roxas and Axel's friendship.
("Has great strength, allowing finishing combo moves to be unleashed successively.")
Strength: +5 /// Magic: +0
Abilities: Finishing Plus
Obtained: Reunite with Beast

The Rumbling Rose is a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is acquired during Sora's second trip to Beast's Castle. It is the equivalent of the Divine Rose from Kingdom Hearts.

The guard and key chain are rose-like, with thorns and roses that decorate it. The teeth seem to be claws which represents the owner of the rose, The Beast. It could also be to represent how much the Beast wants to protect the Rose. Although not stated, the rose based design could be based on the Beast's Rose. 
("Has great strength, increasing the amount of damage dealt from Reaction Commands.")
Strength: +5 /// Magic: +1
Abilities: Reaction Boost
Obtained: Defeat Hades

Guardian Soul is a Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts II which is given to Sora by Auron after he defeats Hades and restores Auron's will.

The blade is similar to Auron's strongest weapon in Final Fantasy X, the Masamune. The hilt guard is a strange face while the token is Auron's jug of sake. In addition, the sparks that appear when the blade is used to strike as per other Keyblades are Yevon symbols, a reference to the main plot of Final Fantasy X. This is, however, ironic, as Auron was instrumental in revealing the truth of the religion. 
("Well-balanced with strength and magic, increasing maximum ground-based combos by 1.")
Strength: +5 /// Magic: +3
Abilities: Combo Plus
Obtained: Talk to Leon before the second visit to Space Paranoids.

The Sleeping Lion is a Keyblade given to Sora by Leon before the second trip into Space Paranoids in Kingdom Hearts II. This keychain is the equivalent of the Lionheart keychain from Kingdom Hearts.

The blade and hilt appear like the Gunblade wielded by Squall in Final Fantasy VIII. The tip and token are lion-heads, reminiscent of Griever from Final Fantasy VIII.
("The greater number of combos landed, the more damage is dealt, leading to a strong finishing move!")
Strength: +6 /// Magic: +1
Abilities: Combo Boost
Obtained: Defeat The Experiment

Decisive Pumpkin is one of Sora's Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts II. It is achieved by defeating The Experiment in Halloween Town. This Keyblade is the equivalent of the Pumpkinhead Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. This is one of the strongest Keyblades in the game, with strength on-par with the Ultima Weapon, and with the Combo Boost ability its strength is only increased further.

Similar to the theme in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Decisive Pumpkin sports a Christmas motif with a tint of Halloween. The main hand guard is designed with Dr. Finklestein's skeleton reindeer, with the emblem of Jack wearing a Christmas Hat at the central part. The blade's body is Halloween Town's Guillotine snake-like statue, but longer and with a candy cane pattern. The blade also resembles the long snake seen in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The chains sport a Jack-o-Lantern motif, symbolizing Jack's image as the Pumpkin King, and the token is Zero. It makes jingling sounds when swung, completing the Christmas theme.
("Has great range and strength, but maximum ground and midair combos are decreased by 1.")
Strength: +7 /// Magic: +2
Abilities: Negative Combo
Obtained: Speak with Cloud after defeating Sephiroth

The Fenrir is one of Sora's Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts II. After defeating Sephiroth in Radiant Garden, Sora witnesses a battle between Cloud, Sephiroth, and Tifa. After Sephiroth and Cloud fly away into a duel, Tifa thanks Sora for his help and gives him the Fenrir keychain. It is the equivalent of the Metal Chocobo and One-Winged Angel Keyblades from the first game.

The Fenrir Keyblade takes on the appearance of a pin tumbler lock key, with bandages adorning the base of the blade similar to Cloud's sword. Because of the styling, it is notably the only Keyblade with no "teeth". Its keychain resembles Cloud's wolf pendant from his Advent Children outfit (also a reference to the wolf-god, Fenrir). 
("The Keyblade above all others, holding all power and will increase MP restoration rate, once all MP has been consumed.")
Strength: +6 /// Magic: +4
Abilities: MP Hastaga
Obtained: Item Synthesis

The Ultima Weapon is a Keyblade which appears in Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II. It is the most powerful keychain, and requires the most effort to obtain in all three games. Unlike other keychains which can reappear, unchanged, in other games, the Ultima Weapon's appearance differs between games.

The Kingdom Hearts version of the Ultima Weapon is strongly reminiscent of the Dream Sword but is wrapped in ornate gold filigree in a pattern slightly reminiscent of fish bones. The teeth of the blade are a golden version of the crown charm Sora wears, and the keychain token, attached to the blade by shimmering thread, is a gilded heart, used throughout the series to refer to a complete being, instead of a Heartless or Nobody. It also bears one heart just above the guard and another just next to the crown making up the teeth of the blade, both of which are present in the Kingdom Hearts II version. The Kingdom Hearts II version retains most of its Kingdom Hearts version elements, except for the colors (blue, white and gold), the crown-and-heart keychain, and the Dream Sword. It also includes many more crowns into its design, including one at the tip of the blade, near the crown "teeth", two making up the guard, three in the chain, and the aforementioned combination of a crown and the original heart keychain as the token.


Story = 10/10
Game Design = 24/25
Minimal Glitches = 18/20
Graphics = 23/25
Sound = 20/20

I. STORY (10/10)
The story concept of Kingdom Hearts 2 is the updated and continued story of Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts 2 is the mash-up of the storyline of the Final Fantasy video game series and the hidden lives of the characters of Disney. The concept of Kingdom Hearts is not just made for the fun of kids but also made to the enjoyment of every teen and adult. Even through the story has a little bit of cartoon violence, any individual will truly remember the game in their hearts and minds. They would not mind of the violence but the concept of the story of the video game. The story will make any individual laugh and cry.

The game design of Kingdom Hearts truly improved in the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game sequel. The game graphics and the game videos were brought up to the next level since it beaten up those of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. Also, the video game had new worlds and characters that was thoroughly designed and created. You would not see any character or heartless that are not figured properly. The worlds are also new and much more enjoyable to play. 

No glitch that may affect the over-all gaming of an individual. The video game has a total of 13 goofs and glitches according to the Internet Movie Database. To get the score for this category, JR considered the total number of goofs and divided it by 5. The resulted number will be subtracted from the over-all score. So, 13 divided by 5 is 2 (rounded from 2.6). Making its minimal goof score 18 out of a possible 20.

IV. GRAPHICS (23/25)
The graphics of Kingdom Hearts 2 has improved comparing it from the first Kingdom Hearts video game. The video game characters were truly made for each other; considering the combination of Final Fantasy and Disney. With this being said, the planning of the game graphics can be seen throughout the making of the whole game. Others might think that Disney and Final Fantasy are not a match made in video games, but this was disproved by the game graphics of Kingdom Hearts 2. 

V. SOUND (20/20)
Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of the video games where its music and sounds can be recognized by its players even when played on the radio or television. The sounds used in Kingdom Hearts 2 are being used by certain television shows in the whole world. The sounds in the video game are cool and unique. There is no doubt that Kingdom Hearts is one of the video games with the best sounds.

Sorry to the first Kingdom Hearts, but Kingdom Hearts 2 is JR's Favorite PlayStation 2 Game of All Time. Kingdom Hearts 2 has one of the best story concepts I ever played with. Through the journeys I had in Twilight Town, to my timely visits to Disney Castle, until my final battle with Ansem in The World That Never Was, I will never forget my experience playing Kingdom Hearts 2. Actually, I still wish that there will still be another Kingdom Hearts sequel in the PlayStation 2 console. However, I am already contented with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Nintendo DS) and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP). If I were to recognize and award one video game series, I would mention Kingdom Hearts.


SquareEnix (http://na.square-enix.com/games/kingdomhearts/kh2/)

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