30 January 2011

JR's 10 Memories of The Past Year (2010)

JR's Memories of the Past Year (2010)2010 has been a year of ups and downs to JR. 
As JR anticipates the year ahead, JR enumerates his Top 10 Most Memorable (whether it maybe sad or happy) Moments or Memories of the Past Year. As we all know, another year is another time for new and much more experiences; so, let the list begin.

Summary of the Top 10:
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Table of Contents: 
1 - JR's Korean Buddy Interaction
2 - JR's Friends
3 - JR's Moments Before the Departure of One of His "Bestest" Friends
4 - JR's Christmas and New Year Vacation with his Aunt
5 - JR's 3rd Year SANAMA Presidency
6 - JR's CICM Friendship Meet
7 - JR's SANAMA 2010 Christmas Party
8 - JR's The Fight of the Century
9 - JR's 2010 Halloween Festivities
10 - JR's Late Night Blogs Re-releasing


(JANUARY 2010)

2010 has been JR's second year in high school. It was January 2010 when we will experience the last Filipino-Korean Buddy Interaction as a high school student in Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School. After the first time I had a Korean Buddy Exchange Student in class, I already anticipated a new Korean Buddy to be my friend in second year. For last year (2010), I got chosen for the last time as the Filipino buddy of a Korean exchange student in school. My Korean buddy's name was Seo Seungjae and I really am very happy to be a buddy with this dude. He really was very cool since we have somewhat the same interests with regards to our favorite video games, subjects, and some other related topics. He was really good in math, maybe a little bit higher with relation to my expertise in math. xP. He was also very sociable that everyone in class recognize him every time he goes inside school. This person would still remain as my friend even though he is already back in his homeland. I would not forget this experience since I really enjoyed having a buddy which I can talk to and relate to who even came from overseas.



2010 has been a year of friends to me, JR. So, I considered on my number two spot of my Top Memories of the Past Year my dearest friends. First and foremost, 2010 has been a year concentrated on my classmates in 3Science specifically to Patrick Edward, Aaron, Aidan, Marc T, Errol, Pamela, Andrea, Rachel, and Lycon. They were the ones who I really depended upon all my problems for the past year. They were the ones whom I relied upon on a day-to-day basis. Hehe... :) Second are my friends from 3A, the classroom beside our classroom, Xavier, Kenneth, Erika, Micah, Everlyn, Camilia, Nikki and Bingbong. They are somewhat my advisors whom I always asked answers and suggestions to my questions. They were the ones who made my life mixed with a bit of with and laughter. Third are my "kanto" friends, which comprises of Joshua and Carlo. They are to be described as "double the fun" and "double the excitement" (haha) which means to say they always make the life of others happier even though they are very busy. Fourth, are my second year friends which I consider as my younger bro's and sis'. My younger bro's are Emil, Jason, Shan and Marcel. My younger sis' are Camille, Reishelle, Rainielle, Lorraine, and Abegail. They were the ones whom impacted my life in a way maybe. Fifth and Final, are my older than me yet young in age friends. We have Kuya Timothy, Ate Angelica, Ate Jenina, Ate Marianne and Kuya Duane. Even though they are already in their golden years, I consider them as my friends in a way or another. Haha... Well, 2010 was a sociable year for me with a lot of new friends.



Best Friends are like the Cream of the Crop in a Special Science Section class. They are the ones who we trust a lot more than our average acquaintances. When I was in first year, one of my friends mentioned to me about his departure or migration to United States specifically in Connecticut after his second year of education in SLU-LHS. So, as my fourth grading in second year in high school commenced, I tried to at least hang out with this person before he goes to Connecticut. There was one time last February 2010 when we had a special event in school and the girl that my friend liked who had a revealed crush on me came to also celebrate with the event. He somewhat got very sad at the same time angry every time he sees that particular girl's face. We talked about her the whole day not minding if some people might hear us from our backs. :). Another time we hanged out was when we planned to watch a movie at SM with Clarence, the plan actually got cancelled so we just walked around instead. Hehe... When I always got reminded by this event, I sometimes wished that time can be always turned back to at least hang out with this friend for a lot more time. The final time I hanged out with my friend was a lunch out in our house with Aldrich and Cris. We drank, which I believe to be was, an apple cider. Some of them got really into it not minding if they will get drunk, haha since it was a cider. :). Jasper Larioza is one of my unforgettable "bestest" friends, and last year (2010) will maybe become the last time I will ever hang out with him. By the way, JR used the term "bestest" to give emphasis; so to all blogger editors, I hope you understand. :)



Tita Liza is one of the most favorite aunts in the whole world. After the unfortunate passing away of my Tita Loida last March 2009, I got very sad that I will never have any more person at home whom I could relate to the most especially with the stuff I love to do. But Tita Liza changed that idealism because she made one of my Christmas vacations as one of the most memorable in my years of life. She really did her best so that we can all celebrate Christmas in a new and very exciting way. Last year's Christmas, we played a non-stop Family Edition of an Amazing Race which I prepared. She was actually a part of the game since we agreed that all my cousins as well as my aunt and my dad would play. She truly made the game a lot more fun and exciting since she tends to laugh at every task within the span of the game. Hehe... I was also kind of sad that we did not finish all the legs of the Amazing Race game but I believe that it was worth it since Tita Liza made it fun. There was also another time when Tita Liza became our somewhat mother for one whole week since my mom planned to go to the province and celebrate the New Year there. The thing that I cherished the most during this moment was the times we got outside the house and bought some fireworks, food and other items which we will use in the new year. We actually bought a lot of fireworks this year which I must say can be credited to Tita Liza's financial aid. :). One of the fireworks which I always remember was the Bajiet since Tita Liza and I laughed at how it worked in relation with the amount of money we paid. I always remember her laughs when I encounter the word Bajiet or Budget in any way. Tita Liza made my Christmas vacation of 2010 as one of the best and memorable in my life.


(JULY - AUGUST 2010)

For the second year in a row, my batch laid their trust on me for they voted me again as their Year Level President. This remains as one of my unforgettable memories since I together with the partymates campaigned very hard to gain favorable votes in the upcoming election.  I also enjoyed campaigning since it was really fun to meet new friends as well as new people who would truly support us during our campaign. As we proceed to our 4th year in High School next year, I am still not sure on whether to run or not for the student body elections but some of my batchmates are already influencing me to run for the School's Executive President position. I am actually running for the student body elections since it is a way for me to remove the gap that is occurring between the science section from regular section. I want that all sections would have a fair and equal treatment for all, no special treatment to the Science section (even though I am a part of it, hehe...) since I believe that school is made not for superiority but for equality. SANAMA, the student body government of SLU-LHS, stands for Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Mag-aaral or in English, USC, United Student's Council.


(JANUARY 2010)

Another unforgettable memory last 2010 was my entry to the CICM Friendship Meet at Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. I got entered in the Science Quiz Bee in the said event. What makes this event memorable is not just my entry to the competition but also the experience, friends, moments and memories at that particular event. I met a lot of friends which I usually do not have time to face when I go to any competition and I met some of my elementary buddies which are also part of the Friendship Meet. I also had the chance to see another school's atmosphere specifically that of Saint Louis School Tuguegarao, which was truly different from the school I am currently enrolled in. There was also a time we were given the chance to go out of the school and explore the busy streets of Tuguegarao. We actually had not much time on going around the city but we had the chance to eat one of Tuguegarao's famous food finds, the Pansit Batil-Patung, which comprises of the pansit miki Tuguegarao, carabao beef (also known as carabeef), togue, and an egg on top. I actually got "weirded" upon by the ingredients of the dish but mind you guys it was really delicious that I want my grandmother to make that dish at home. After one week of staying in the hot yet cool city of Tuguegarao, we are scheduled to go back to our hometown. I am very happy to say that I won the said competition and brought home a special fish-like medal. Hehe... I would not forget this event because this was free at the same time new. 



Another unforgettable moment last year was the Christmas Party the SANAMA had last year. It was no doubt the Best Christmas Party I have been to for my past years in school also considering the Christmas Parties I had in Elementary. Ma'am Tolentino, the SANAMA adviser, truly planned the said event. Even though there was a small amount of attendees, all of us enjoyed the party with some even wishing that it can still last a bit longer. Hehe... The thing that made this an unforgettable moment for me is the Icing Fight which happened towards the end of the party. I would not forget some of my friends spreading icing on my face as I was trying to avoid it. The Function Hall (even the Comfort Rooms) of our school was a huge mess after the party; so, we all helped each other, together, to clean it up. I gone home at about 8:30 after the party ended. I wish the SANAMA Christmas Party would be the same to the parties I would attend in the future specifically that of organizations. But mind you, guys, I also attend parties which are truly head bangers.


(OCTOBER 2010)

Students are sometimes right while, at the same time, teachers are sometimes wrong. Paying our tuition fee as well as studying hard is our role in school while a teacher teaches us in exchange for the tuition fee we pay. But what happens when these two worlds, the student world and the teacher world, collide? It actually gets gruesome and deteriorating to the human eyes. Freedom and rights are the two gifts of our lovely Creator that I value the most in this world we are living in; but there are sometimes when another individual steals or is not according to the natural law of expressing our own opinions. This year's Intramurals was brought back to the per batch system with the students handling their own teams and their own business. Basing from the SANAMA's appeal to this year's Intramurals, the Intramurals would be brought back to the per-batch system with the students being the one's responsible on creating their batch's team. What was different with regards to that appeal was the violation of a particular teacher to this appeal of the SANAMA, especially with Ma'am M and Ma'am L. I think that we the student's should be responsible on leading our own batch since it is already agreed upon even before the practices even started. There's was even one time, because of so much "pakikialam" or meddling of these teachers to the individual businesses of the students, that I already got over the limit and shouted things that express my own opinions with regards to their acts because sometimes they do not tend to mind what the student's are already thinking of them. I am just a person and I also feel what my schoolmates when they are always being belittled by people around them. One of them understood specifically that of Ma'am M but the other person did not truly understood what I have said that my mom even have to explain to her what I meant by the words I have said. Well, sometimes fights are the always solution to the problems in life.


(OCTOBER 2010)

Halloween is JR's All-Time Favorite Holiday. This year's Halloween was a way bit upgraded (maybe) compared to 2009's. Last 2009, JR bought a Horrified Head from SM (worth Php 749.50) and a Skeleton with Wings and Blinking Eyes (worth Php 699.50). For this year, JR bought a Talking Caged Skull (worth Php 999.75) and The Inverted Apparition (worth Php 459.75). JR is by the way a Halloween Props Collector so I wish you are not weirded upon. :) 



JR Late Night Blogs had been out of the Internet Community for almost 8 months. After its shutting down last March 2010, JR decided to bring back the Late Night Blogs for it was to become a part of our projects and seatworks in one of our subjects in school. (By the way, JR Late Night Blogs had been down since March 2010 but it was brought back on June 2010, it was officially re-released on September 2010 wherein new blogs were published) JR is very happy to say that JR Late Night Blogs is one of the Most Memorable Memories of JR for the past year. JR hopes that it will still continue to rise as days passes by.


JR is very excited for the year up ahead. Well, tune in again for JR's 2nd Annual List of his Top 10 Memories of the Past Year next year on January 2012.

30 January 2011 (1AM)

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