27 March 2012

JR Late Night Blogs' SLU-LHS School-End Blogs: 20 Most Influential Dose Students

20 Influential Dose Students
Influence is the thing that distinguishes one person from another. It's a quality that all of us have but only a few have the ability to use. People who are influential often have the capacity to bring a lasting effect on the character development or behavior of someone. They also have the ability to promote brands, qualities and taglines that a lot of people will follow and like immediately at various social media websites.

This third list in the special SLU-LHS School-End Week is non-scientific as JR chooses meticulously the 10 Most Influential Dose Students in SLU-LHS History. The person on top of this list is the only student in SLU-LHS History to be placed in SLU Hottest's Facebook Page. This person has been known to a lot of students from all year levels because of her very charming characteristics. Two basketball players who are known as phenoms throughout Baguio City also made the list together with two of the school's professional photographers. The school's most feared debater also made the list together with the student who can influence many through his hip-hop singles, the student who leads many through his very low voice, the student whose guitar skills mesmerizes alot of students, and the student who has a band who defined dose as a whole. The SANAMA president also gets listed together with the batch's valedictorian. This list was carefully thought over for a couple of days before JR had released it to the viewing public. Now is the time we look at the 20 Most Influential Dose Students in SLU-LHS History.


Emmanuel Ismael Arianne Tamisin Jhacel Mhar Javar Anne Louise Co Aldrich Jesse Fuertes

Summary of the Top 20:
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Influential 20 (LHS School Year 2011-2012)
Name of Influential Student
1 SLU-LHS' Hottest
2 Hip Hop Impressario
3 Couple of the Batch
4 The President
5 The Voice of the Batch
6 4th Year Council President
7 The Trendsetter
8 The Court's Player
9 Sexy Band Major
10 Most Feared Debater
11 The Strong Fighter
12 The Court's Phenom
13 Woman Behind Photos
14 The Influential Dancer
15 Batch Valedictorian
16 Woman on Court
17 The Mesmerizing Guitarist
18 The Soldier
19 Cheer Leader
20 Dose's Bad Boy

Influential #1

Liezel Medrano

Influence Highlights:
> Featured in SLU's Hottest Facebook Page
> 'The Louisian' Feature and Entertainment Editor
> 1,961 Facebook Friends

"A lot might question JR's pick for The Most Influential Dose Student in SLU-LHS but hear this she has almost 2,000 Facebook Friends, has been made part of SLU's Hottest in their Facebook Page, and she is the Dose Queen of All Media. Liezel Medrano is the average girl next door to many but only a few knows how fierce this woman really is. She has her very own style that alot of people like very much - simple, unique, fun, and creative - leading her to being one of the school's hottest students. Speaking of hottest students, she was recently featured in the Facebook Page of SLU's Hottest, a page with more than 16,500 likes and 1,600 mentions all over Facebook (one of the most popular Facebook Pages handled by a Louisian). At present, her feature received 80 likes and counting. Her ideas of style are just very broad that anyone who understands it will guarantee of its success. Being the Dose Queen of All Media, she uses the power of Social Media and Print to start trends that most students will usually follow. By the way, on average, her posts and photos in Facebook reach an average of 30 Likes -- now that is indeed influential. She is indeed SLU-LHS' Hottest."

Influential #2

Penny Salazar

Influence Highlights:
> Released "Bob's Life" which received more than 1,000 YouTube views
> Started a video blog on YouTube entitled 'The FriendZone'
> 1,776 Facebook Friends

"Penny stands at #2, not because he graduated as a dose student, but because of his hip-hop singles. You may call him the Kanye West or the Usher of our school but hell he is more and better than them. Through the singles he had released, he was able to express his sentiments about his life and his opinions of what is wrong with today's society. One of the most notable is 'Bob's Life' which earned more than 1,000 views on YouTube. Listening to this single, you will better understand how he pushed through with life despite of some limitations and losses he had. Penny Salazar's creative rhymes and lyrics are just filled with powerful words and strong emotions. One student actually mentioned in his profile that he is a Boyfriend Material. Well, that's a sign of influence to me. At present, Penny is starting a new video blog wherein he discusses his realistic observations about life."

Influential #3

John Aaron Go and Monica Claire Flores

Influence Highlights:
> Dose's Mr. and Ms. Intramurals
> Prom's Couple of the Night
> combined 2,212 Facebook Friends

"The list clearly presents that it is limited to only 20 students; but, the Couple of the Batch would really have to be an exception to the list's specifics. They have been Mr. and Ms. Intramurals of the dose batch for the 2010-2011 Intramurals. They have also been named as Couple of the Night in the Senior's Promenade. These are just some highlights reflecting how epic, powerful, and influential this couple really is. Their influence is just broad, everyone in the school campus knows they are indeed meant to be together. When one of them falls, the other one pushes and lifts their partner back up. They even celebrate every monthsary with a simple yet meaningful celebration. An ideal couple, Moniron remains an influence to all couples throughout the campus to just have fun in every minute God has given us to spend with."

Influential #4

Jeremy Rimando

Influence Highlights:
> United Students' Council Executive President
> Passed 32 Project Proposals as Executive President
> 2,080 Facebook Friends

"Indeed, the United Students' Council President should be listed since he is the one representing and fighting for the entire studentry. Jeremy Rimando has been one of the school's most controversial yet real Student Government Executive Presidents in history. It has been his four years of experience in the Student Government elections that made him push the boundaries to limits no other president in SLU-LHS history can. His four years of active participation in school activities and events made him a familiar face to students. His electoral success was one of the biggest in the school's history garnering 953 votes against the opponent's 529 votes. However, his fighting for the entire studentry led him to being one of the infamous targets of various school personalities. It has been his rough actions to push the studentry upwards that make him influential. He has almost all students at his back every time he makes a decision or an action. Calling him "boss", "bossing", and "idol", students have respect and huge expectations from him. Though these school personalities try to push another representative for the studentry, Jeremy remained strong in bringing equality and not favoritism to all students."

Influential #5

Vince Neil Raphael Suclad

Influence Highlights:
> Intramural's Student Captain
> proponent of The Black Movement
> 1,166 Facebook Friends

"Vince Neil Raphael Suclad is no doubt, the most trustworthy and strongest person you will ever meet. His role in pushing the studentry where they should be in particular events and school issues made him one of the school's most feared students. This was proven through the infamous Black Movement. He may not started the idea but he was one of the key proponents in pushing it to happen. Though I may disagree with what happened, my respect for this person became stronger because of his leadership exerted in it. Indeed it is wrong to have a rally infront of your own institution, but it is right to express the students' opinions in a way no one will be hurt or offended. The Black Movement is indeed a peaceful revolution of the entire dose students to bring their side to the administration. I actually regret not being a part of it but I am proud of my batch because they did it with no fear. I am proud of Vince Neil Raphael Suclad because the Dose students became stronger and got what they want - being a part of the Lantern parade and, in addition, winning the 2011-2012 Intramurals (because he spearheaded Kasai No Heishi)."

Influential #6

Lianne Quitiquit

Influence Highlights:
> United Students' Council 4th Year Council President
> Talented Female Guitarist
> 4th Year Promenade Chairman

"Another influential student worth noting is the mastermind behind several successful projects throughout the span of school year 2011-2012. Lianne Quitiquit has spearheaded many programs last school year; the most notable one is the Seniors' Prom. Having worked with her, I have seen her pure and hardworking dedication in getting things done. She has dedicated every minute and every second of her life to the fourth year dose students. Though job is first for her, she manages to pass her academics despite of busy schedules. Hillary Clinton, you have met your match here in Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School. Trivia - one thing most don't probably know about her: she is one of the best female guitarist I know. Influential and indeed talented."

Influential #7

Jhacel Mhar Javar

Influence Highlights:
> Dance Coordinator for Dose Cheer Dancers
> Hosted several school events and activities
> 1,494 Facebook Friends

"The list would not be complete without the school's trend leader - Jhacel Mhar Javar (not the real spelling, just his style). Influenced by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Philippines' very own Vice Ganda, Jhacel is one of the Most Popular Students in SLU-LHS for the past four years. All students of SLU-LHS from 2008 to 2012 will never forget this person for his various involvement in several school activities, events and issues. He is quirky, funny, exciting, talented, creative, passionate, unique, and fun-to-be-with. Jhacel Mhar has influenced alot of students to accept others for what they are and what they are made of not by what they have and by their popularity. Because of Jhacel, gay, bisexual, and lesbian students in school are very open with their sexual orientation. You will never see them afraid to open who they are in public. It is because of Jhacel Mhar Javar that an era has changed in the history of Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School."

Influential #8

Emmanuel Ismael

Influence Highlights:
> Represented SLU in various basketball competitions outside the school
> 1,144 Facebook Friends

"Emmanuel Ismael is one of those basketball players that students look up to. He is an idol to many student basketball players. It is not about his height that we are talking about here but it is about his skill, wit, leadership and sociability. In every basketball practice they have, he manages to be earlier than the specified time listening to music from one corner or socializing with random people waiting for others to arrive. One of my classmates actually is inspired by how he works as a player as he always pushes himself to the limit no matter what. He, together with his team, always is determined to give our batch, most especially our school, respected glory. Ask one student in school on whom basketball player from the dose batch will they remember - they would most likely answer this guy."

Influential #9

Xavier Martinez

Influence Highlights:
> SLU-LHS Marching Band Major
> Active officer in the United Students' Council

"Good looking + great musician + smart + resourceful + naughty = sexy = Xavier Daryl Martinez. Sexy is the best description I can give Xavier Daryl Martinez; well, because alot of girls really like him. Like most girls would describe him, 'nasa kanya na lahat'. I would beg to differ because Xavier Martinez is just your average joe. Though he usually plays or jokes with his friends when engaged in conversation, he is very humble especially when it comes to himself. He puts others before himself. That's the things his friends especially his special someone likes about him the most. Most recently, on another topic, he awed the Baguio audience in leading the SLU-LHS Marching Band last Panagbenga Float Parade. Now, one question lingers in my mind, 'Will Xavier Martinez finally find that one person who will love him will all her heart, mind, and soul?' A lot of girls would really love to be with him but only one would stand out the rest."

Influential #10

Patrick Edward Balisong

Influence Highlights:
> Garnered several awards through various debate competitions
> 'The Louisian' Associate Editor
> 1,722 Facebook Friends

"Everyone on school campus, young and old, student or teacher, knows this person right here. His influence started in Elementary when he became the Governor of the Louisian Student Council of SLU-LES way back 2007. Though not earning any position during his time as a high school student, he never failed to become one of the school's most trusted students. He became one of the key figures in the success of several major programs in school - the Intramurals, Seniors' Prom, Family Day, etc. I actually see Patrick Edward as a true person dedicated on giving the school the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. I know by heart that he made the school perfect for us."

Influential #11

Leandro Kieran Yangot

Influence Highlights:
> Best Cheer Leader in the 2012 Intramurals
> 1,128 Facebook Friends

"Leandro Kieran Yangot may not be influential to the lower year levels but managed to become respected by almost all dose students. He is indeed a brave fighter, fighting for his rights, for the rights of the students, and for the rights of the batch. Way back 2010, Leandro Kieran was involved in an issue that would change his life forever. He challenged the faculty and staff of the Third Year level as well as the school administration on what would be marked as one of the Most Controversial Issues in SLU-LHS History. One year later, he became one of the proponents of the infamous Black Movement. He was already fed up of the favoritism and impartial and biased decision process these teachers are showing to the students. He may not be liked by teachers but thanks to Leandro Kieran Yangot that the dose batch became a strong fighting batch. He was the reason why the dose batch won over their rights as fourth year students in the Black Movement. He was the reason why the dose batch became united during Intramurals 2012. He was the reason why the dose batch will be remembered for the years to come."

Influential #12

Leomar Laron

Influence Highlights:
> Represented SLU in various basketball competitions outside the school
> SLU-LHS' Phenom
> 1,655 Facebook Friends

"SLU-LHS' Phenom - Leomar Laron. With shooting skills like that of Kiefer 'The Phenom' Ravena, Leomar Laron is one of the best basketball players the dose batch has ever known. He has a vast range of fans from the first year level to the fourth year level. He gained a lot of crushes and secret admirers throughout his stay in high school. Knowing Leomar Laron, he is fund of jokes, games, and friends. Though he struggled with his academics, he managed to balance time wisely for his girl, for the court, and for everybody. I will never doubt if ever he lands as a player in the PBA or even the NBA."

Influential #13

Arianne Tamisin

Influence Highlights:
> Professional Student Photographer
> Sociable Dose Students

"Arianne Tamisin is the school's trusted photographer bringing every notable moment to the hands of every student on campus. 'The Louisian' is the one and only school paper in Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School. If ever you land as a member of the school's press, you will be feared, honored and trusted as students will look up to the different essays, articles, and reports published in your paper. But times have changed, teens are now into reading news via the internet as they are more detailed with applications and photos. In short, students will not read an article if it does not have any photo complementing it. Arianne Tamisin is one of those girls in SLU-LHS that students and teachers admire for her real, unbiased, and creative work. She is always on time with her DSLR camera on hand in every school activity. Students don't mind her when she is working as they have respect for her work. Her photos dominate every spot in the school paper. I actually don't read the school news much because sometimes they are just long, boring, and very tiresome. But because of Arianne Tamisin's photos, news in the school paper became much more interesting and exciting to read. She gives people photos that are worth way more than a million words."

Influential #14

Jose Alonzo

Influence Highlights:
> Louisian Dance Icon
> 1,191 Facebook Friends

"The self-professed 'Chick Boy' is one of the dose batch's influential students. He has a fanbase that already started when he was in first year. Older and younger students than him are inspired by how creative he is when dancing. Along with Jhacel Mhar Javar, Remjie Moises, and Ruth Rachel Villanueva, he has been involved in various dance groups throughout his stay in high school bringing in stunning movements that the audience have never seen. Other than dancing, he is also a good singer landing in solo or duet performances in every program the school has. But behind all of this talent, Jose Alonzo is also known as a lover boy. Way back 2010, he professed his love towards his girl in front of the entire studentry. (an event which will be remembered through all ages) A lot of people have fallen in love instantly with the moment; people are just feeling the intensity of what was going on in front of them. This event have sparked a changed in the aura in school as students are now open in professing their love to their special someone. Jose Alonzo may be a 'chick boy' but don't blame him it is because of his talent, style, and sweetness that a lot of girls are falling in love with him."

Influential #15

Marc Jeriel Pulmano

Influence Highlights:
> Batch Valedictorian
> 428 Facebook Friends

"Marc Jeriel Pulmano did not necessarily landed in the list because he became the batch's valedictorian. His vast knowledge had became an inspiration to many to do their best in school. He was always the target of most students in their questions and queries regarding to some topics which they have difficulty on. Marc Jeriel Pulmano, however, is not an addict or even a nerd. According to him, he sometimes play video games over reviewing for tests. I am just inspired by how this guy works - playing video games and getting perfect scores in our Physics quizzes and seatworks. As I have grabbed from his valedictory speech in our graduation, we should not always be serious about dealing with life we just need to learn how to balance time with family, fun, friends, and academics. He may not be a good speaker but he manages to influence every student to sometimes have fun once in a while. "

Influential #16

Anne Louise Co

Influence Highlights:
> Dose's Female Drummer
> Represented SLU in various basketball competitions outside the school
> 798 Facebook Friends

"At present, women does not just equal men but they dominate them. Other than Emmanuel Ismael and Leomar Laron, Anne Louise Co is another of those basketball players in SLU-LHS that students look up to in court. She is just good in basketball that other female students in school are enticed to play it. In my opinion, she is capable of playing the game with men as his allies or opponents. She is just good at it. Ah wait, she is really and indeed great at it. Other than basketball, she is also a drummer. Way back in 2010, she was selected as the drummer for our Intramural's team. Competition day began and she instantly gained fans and support from the audience. People were just stunned by how awesome this woman is at playing the drums. So, men, be careful of Anne Louise Co, she will indeed surpass your talents."

Influential #17

Aldrich Jesse Fuertes

Influence Highlights:
> Guitarist in several school events and activities
> 874 Facebook Friends

"No other guitarist comes close to Aldrich Jesse Fuertes. Unlike Kenneth Villarin and Marikit Manaois, students never get tired of listening to this guy right here. It's like he was made to hold the guitar his entire life. Other than joking around, he never misses playing the instrument during his free time. Other than having awesome guitar skills, he has great singing abilities that usually make girls fall in love with him. Yes, you heard me right. Aldrich is a celebrity in school because of this talent of his. From first year to fourth year, you would always see more than 10 girls admiring him secretly, even publicly. Behind all of this talents and admirers, Aldrich Fuertes is one of the coolest guys I know. He is a video game addict. He has an interest in sports especially in Basketball. Wait, there's more, he is one of the fastest solvers in our Physics and Calculus classes. No wonder why a lot of girls really like him. Aldrich Fuertes is kind of like a package complete with the things a girl wants."

Influential #18

Xymann Dario Paquitol

Influence Highlights:
> Known to always stand out and express his opinions to everybody
> 796 Facebook Friends

"Dose would not only be remembered because of their unity but also because of Influential #18 - Xymann Dario Paquitol. He is the one who always stands out among the crowd and points out his various stands and opinions regarding some national and local and even school-related issues to teachers, and sometimes invited speakers. He never minds the people who might criticize him. He just walks to the front, stands up straight, grabs the microphone, and bravely states all that he has to say about today's society. I do am inspired by what he does, I am actually not irritated by him like most students usually are. Every time, when we are having long, boring seminars and this guy stands up and speaks out, I wake up, sit up straight and just state in my mind 'now that's what I am looking for in a seminar not just bullsh*t talks'. I am just happy that some students understand issues better than other people usually understand. He is one of those students that are really critical, unbiased, and correct in thinking."

Influential #19

Saintel Davith Santiago

Influence Highlights:
> Dose's Side Cheerleader during the 2011 and 2012 Intramurals
> 1,474 Facebook Friends

"Saintel Santiago has been the side cheerleader for the past years of per-batch intramurals. I sometimes question the teachers on why was he not given the chance to at least lead our team on his own. I think the batch trust him. He has a very low voice, only that a few notices it. The teachers never even praised and credited him on how he worked as the cheer leader during our first and second year stay in high school. The question right now is why did JR listed Saintel if he just became the side cheer leader for the past two years. Despite of being the side cheer leader, he manages to still stand up straight and just be who he is. A lot of students recognize him because he has been the only dose student and probably the only student in SLU-LHS history to have been in the cheer leader row for four years straight in high school. The dose batch loves this guy right here because he never fails them, he really pushes himself to the limit to give the batch what they want which is inspiration and strength. He never cares about himself; he just cares about the whole batch. Don't thank the teacher team captains, thank this guy right here for helping us win 'The Most Disciplined Award' in third year and 'The Intramurals 2012 Champion' in fourth year."

Influential #20

Eds Ramos

Influence Highlights:
> one of the most influential clique leaders in SLU-LHS
> 1,199 Facebook Friends

"Eds Ramos rounds up the 20 Most Influential Dose Students in SLU-LHS History list. Why him? No one else. Eds Ramos has been one of the key figures manipulating the minds of many in the four years of student government elections. He always holds the 30% of the school's population - the bad boy clique. He might not be the leader of the said clique but he manages to influence them in changing their opinions and views regarding various school affairs. In the most recent SLU-LHS Student Elections, he managed to pull a lot of students from various year levels to vote for his picks. It was because of this guy that various student candidates gained multiple votes in the 2011 Student Elections. It might even be because of him that some candidates won a position in the student government elections."


JR's Influential 20 is a special list in JR Late Night Blogs that lists the 20 Most Influential Dose (or students who graduated as part of batch 2012) in Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School History. The ranking was based on how broad the influence the person has on all students from all year levels and how much did he/she contributed to the development of their institution. The list does not make use of any scientific data or mathematical algorithm in the ranking of influence.; the list was carefully thought about by JR (only him, no one else) considering the aforementioned questions.

This list is formulated by JR not by any other person or not by using a scientific formula.

Agree? or Disagree?
If you have any person in mind who should have been placed in the list or if a person in the list should have been ranked higher, just comment it below and discuss why he/she should be included in the list. Remember: JR is always open to suggestions or any healthy criticism. Engage in the conversation on JR's 20 Most Influential Dose Students in SLU-LHS History Blog List. 

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