11 August 2016

JR's Movie Reviews - JASON BOURNE

Jason Bourne
JR's Rating:  (7.5 out of 10
"Identity an 8, Supremacy a 9, Ultimatum a 10 but Jason Bourne a 7" 

➕ Matt Damon Is Back
➕ Gladiator-Like Beginning
➕ Greece Civil Protest Scene
➕ Cryptic Ending
➖ Action Not At Par With Previous Films
➖ Very, Very Confusing Story
➖ Weak Deep Dream Assassination Attempt

As much as I want to praise Jason Bourne as he is one of my favorite movie characters, the return of Jason Bourne is definitely a not fitting sequel to the grandeur of Bourne Ultimatum. Noticing the past sequels of Jason Bourne (with the exception of Bourne Legacy as it really sucked), as each sequel progressed the action sequences and drama surpassed their former and truly was becoming more ambitious in scope. Bourne Ultimatum gives us the supposed closure for Jason Bourne exposing to the public the truths involving the CIA's assassination programs Blackbriar and even Treadstone. Car sequences along New York was the best I've ever seen in that movie. Jason Bourne brings us back to the roots of Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon discovering how was he even placed in the Treadstone assassination program which his father designed for the CIA. A traitorous job by the CIA was done in order to have Jason Bourne be part of their program which uses psychological torture to forget everything about his past. A new threat comes forth with this movie, the "Iron Hand" program which seeks the CIA to have access to the social media giant Deep Dream as part of their mass surveillance integrated with their different assassination programs. Bourne may have not exposed the CIA's future plans but an ending which seems to be very cryptic seems to continue the story of this movie in the future. The beginning of Bourne seemed to really interest me as it shows us Jason Bourne fighting gladiator-like style to earn money post his agent life status but the aggressiveness of such scenes didn't seem much to pull my excitement with those following action sequences done in the civil protests in Greece, stealth sequence in Germany, and the car chase in Las Vegas, the assassination attempt even of the CEO of Deep Dream wasn't even exciting. Story would really be confusing if you haven't watched the first three films of the series. People seem to forget why they loved Jason Bourne in the first place, those action sequences he is engaged in with the CIA's best is what makes him different alongside agents James Bond and Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible). Jason Bourne is okay but Bourne Ultimatum would still be definitely the series' defining moment.

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Time Published: 11 August 2016 (9:00 PM)

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