25 September 2016

JR's Movie Reviews - TRAIN TO BUSAN

Train To Busan
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10
"A Breath of Fresh Air for the Zombie Genre" 

➕ Gong Yoo
➕ The "Korean Zombie"
➕ Use of Horror Movie Stereotypes
➕ Daejeon Station
➕ Aloha 'Oe Ending

Watching the movie at our local cinema, Train To Busan was really intense, full of exciting and thrilling moments very much anticipated every minute by each movie viewer. Every part of the film is consistent and essential towards the understanding of how the story goes in the movie. The start seems so subtle and unnecessary (specifically that of the introduction to the character of Seok-woo, the fund manager of a prominent company in Korea) but would eventually be the basis of metamorphosis for the main character and the ultimate explanation of how the zombie outbreak came to be. Included in the ensemble cast are zombie movie stereotypes which would eventually give color and interest to the movie, preserving a unique take on how the characters' individual roles would soon be as important as the two major characters. We see your typical teenage couple who would then be protecting one another in what seems to be the apocalypse amidst all their athletic company being victimized by the outbreak, two old lady sisters who would soon provide a major moral within the movie as both would sacrifice themselves in two different situations faced by one another, a pregnant woman whose husband would go against all odds just to protect her and their child and finally a businessman whose only care is his own individual survival inspite of other's help towards his survival. The story behind each and every character are not just supporting details but also major details that the movie is so unique for in its provision of the zombie genre. It is indeed worth the watch as the special effects and amazing cinematography with the musical score complemented beautifully the movie's story. The movie is not just your average horror flick but a combination of romance, comedy and drama that would make you cringe towards some characters, laugh at some of their experiences, and be terrorized about the survival of each character you may be rooting for in the movie. My favorite part would definitely be the ending moments of the film where the soon selfish fund manager becomes a compassionate, protecting and sacrificial father towards her daughter (even towards their company), indeed a metamorphosis of his presentation from the start. How the fund manager gets bitten and sacrifices himself in order to ensure the survival of her daughter is truly a tearjerker. The daughter's cry and song was a unique and fit ending for the film. Rarely does an Asian flick earn worldwide critical acclaim and box office success such this film has indeed achieved. The movie would eventually give rise to a new prototype or specie towards the zombie monster. Truly a cinematic achievement worth a notice for this year.

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