24 June 2009

JR's The Final Destination Movie Update

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Name of Film - The Final Destination

Year: 2009
Date of Theater Release: August 26, 2009 (France & Switzerland)
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Director: David R. Ellis
Writers: Eric Bress (story), Jeffrey Reddick (characters)
Major Distributor: Warner Bros.
Production Companies: New Line Cinema, Practical Pictures, Parallel Zide, FlipZide Picture
MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violent/gruesome accidents, language, and a scene of sexuality
Running Time: 1 Hour and 22 Minutes
Production Budget: $40 million
Domestic Total Gross (updated): $66,477,700

Nick & His friends, Lori, Janet, & Hunt are watching a race at McKinley speedway. Nick has a vision of a terrible disaster that causes the speedway to collapse and kill everyone. Nick manages to save his friends and a few others as his vision happens.
A few weeks later, the survivors go to a memorial of the crash, where Carter Daniels goes to a security guard named George, and calls him a few racist names and tells him he was the cause of his wife's death, Cynthia. Later that night Carter goes to George's home to burn a cross on his lawn. After a series of events, Carter ends up being dragged down George's street on fire by his pick-up truck, which eventually explodes. News of this comes to Nick and his friends.
Another survivor, Samantha, and her 2 children, go to a hair salon. While Samantha is in the chair, she nearly gets stabbed by scissors, and avoids death when a spray can explodes, which causes a ceiling fan to fall, much to her dismay. This prompts her to leave - as she heads out the door a lawn mower across the street sends a rock flying into her eye; killing her in front of the staff & her children.
This also spreads to Nick and his friends. Nick gathers everyone up in his aparpment and tells them about other people that had visions of disasters, saved themselves, then all died very horribal deaths. Nobody aside from Lori believe him and they all leave. Later that night Lori & Nick go to the speedway in order for Nick to recall the order of how people died in his vision. George, the security guard catches them and takes them to his office. Nick & Lori explain themselves & George shows them the tapes from the disaster. Nick remembers a man named Andy died next in his vision.
They go to Andy's place of buisness - a car garage. They tell Andy about everything but he doesnt believe them. After nearly getting crushed by his car, which was on a chain that leads to a CO2, the CO2 breaks off and pushes him to fence, dicing his chest.
Nick, Lori & George head off to save Hunt & Janet as they are next. Lori & George head to where Janet is- a carwash. Nick goes looking for Hunt at a pool centre. Janet is in the carwash where after a series of events, her car is full of water and her head is stuck in the sunroof. Hunt, after a series of events, is at the bottom of a pool that is being drained. His body is plugging the hole thats draining the pool. Lori & George show up just in time to save Janet from being skinned alive by the carwash. Nick shows up as Hunt's body is sucked through the hole & his organs are spewed everywhere. George then tells them he is ready to die.
Later that night they go to George's home and find he has been trying to kill himself all day but all of his attempts proved frivilous. They all realize they have cheated death.
A few days later, Nick & Lori are planning a vacation. Lori & Janet go to the mall to buy stuff for the trip as Nick & George realize there was another man in Nick's vision. The man survived because Nick didn't ask him to move like he did in his vision. Lori & Janet go to see a movie in the mall as George & Nick head to the hospital. They witness the survivor die in his hospital room and flee. As they run outside George is hit by an ambulance and killed on the spot. Nick rushes to the mall and pulls Lori from the movie theater. Janet refuses to leave, and as Nick & Lori leave an explosion kills Janet. Many explosions take place and in the chaos Lori is violently killed in an escalator.
Nick pulls out of his vision of what 'will' happen as he is leaving the hospital. He fails to save George and flees to the mall. He stops the explosion completley and saves everyone, but in the chaos his arm is hurt severly.
Weeks later, Lori, Nick, and Janet are having coffee at a cafe'. As they sit and share laughs, Nick begins seeing several omens: posters for the film Lori & Janet saw, advertisements for the pool Hunt was killed at, and news about the race disaster on TV. Nick tells Lori & Janet this was the plan from the beginning. Immediatley after he says this, a semi-truck smashes into the coffee shop; Janet is crushed by the truck wheel, Lori has her neck snapped, and Nick has his jaw broken, leaving the survivors dead.
Written by: jshelleh196

Tagline: "Take the Trip in Real D 3D"
Soundtrack: "Why Can't Be We Friends" (by War); "Devour" (by Shinedown); "The Stoop" (by Little Jackie)
(Portrayed by: Bobby Campo)
(Portrayed by: Shantel VanSanten)
(Portrayed by: Nick Zano)
(Portrayed by: Haley Webb)
1. The Final Destination is the first film in the Final Destination series to be presented in 3D.
2. The Final Destination contains 11 deaths scenes, the most of any film in the series.
3. The film's opening titles recreates death scenes from all three of the previous Final Destination films.
4. When Nick is driving he pulls up to a sign that causes him to have a premonition, the sign is clearly marked Clear Rivers Water. Clear Rivers was a central character in both Final Destination and Final Destination 2.
5. Nick Zano ad-lib the "donkey punch" line in the sex scene. Zano stated in an interview that David R. Ellis encouraged him to make up outrageous lines in various takes.
6. The Final Destination was the first film in the Final Destination series not to be filmed in Canada.
7. The car that crashes at the speedway has the number 666 on it.
8. References to the unlucky number 13: When Nick has his first vision, his alarm clock says "2:15". If you subtract the 2 from 15 it equals 13; The auditorium that Laurie and Janet go into is 13.
9. The Final Destination is the first film in the Final Destination series which had not featured the cast on the DVD cover.
10. At the end a bus can be seen with the number '180' on top. The number 180 pops up in all the Final Destination films.
1. Revealing Mistakes: In the car wash scene, Janet is shown trying to call for help but is unable to since there is "no signal", but when the phone is shown, 'Offline' can clearly be seen on the upper corner of the screen. This is only displayed if the offline mode (used while traveling on airplanes) has been manually enabled.
2. Revealing Mistakes: In the hospital scene when the bath is overflowing, there is a massive amount of water pouring out of the bath, but only a small stream going into it from the tap. It would be impossible for more water to be coming out of the bath than going in.
3. Factual Errors: During the escalator scene, Lori's right foot was crushed by the escalator's conveyor belt. This makes her spit out blood. This is not suppose to happen since only her limbs were hurt or injured, so she wouldn't have to spit out blood. We only spit out blood if our head, chest, or abdomen are injured or hurt.
4. Continuity: When Hunt and Janet pay a visit to Nick and Lori to discuss about the possibility to exist a chain of deaths or a specific order, Janet leaves and Hunt follows her. Immediately after he gets up the couch, his shirt allows some belt to be visible in his back. He turns around to say something, and when he leaves, his shirt is actually OK.
5. Continuity: In the pool scene the pressure gauge on the drainage pump is shown in close-up to read 100-120-140-160 PSI, while on the far away shot it reads 70-80-90-100 PSI.
6. Continuity: Once Nick awakes from the mall premonition, he rushes through the mall to find the construction site. In one shot, you see him pushing through some people. For a brief second, you can also see Lori and Janet chasing him. They are supposed to be in the movie theater at this moment. (This shot was in the alternate ending where Nick finds Lori and Janet before the movie starts and warns them of their impending deaths.)
7. Factual Errors: When the old patient at the hospital tells the Asian medical worker that he killed a lot of them in Korea, the Asian medical worker replies that he is Chinese, implying that the Chinese did not participate in the Korean War. However, China did participate in the Korean War and many Chinese soldiers died there.
8. Factual Errors: A nail gun cannot shoot without the trigger being pulled back, and the front end (where the nail shoots out) being pushed into the wood; furthermore, electric nail guns have to be within certain angles in order to shoot. It would be impossible for the gun to shoot like it did in the movie.
9. Revealing Mistakes: In the beginning sequence at the race track the car skidding on an oil spill should have skidded into another direction. It is riding with it's left side wheels on the spill - the loss of traction on this side should have made it turn right, and not left as it does.
10. Continuity: During Nick's premonition, when the cowboy sits in front of Lori, something happens on the track which causes the audience to stand up and gasp. After Nick's premonition, the cowboy sits in front of Lori, but the audience remains seated.
1. George Lanter: I've been trying to kill myself all day.
2. Hunt Wynorski: That's a lot of Tampons for one woman.
3. Janet: Yes. I own you, machine.
4. Hunt Wynorski: [playing with his iPhone after having sex with a women] I finished, like, four minutes ago. Ever played "Donkey Punch"?
5. Hunt Wynorski: [kisses his lucky coin and then points it to Janet] Go ahead, Janet. Kiss it.
**Janet: [flashes a disgusted look at Hunt]
**Hunt Wynorski: It's your choice, heads or tails, but you know I like head.
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August 28 2009-Official Release Date)

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