23 August 2009

JR's Favorite Food Business Establishments

JR’s Favorite Pizza House
1st - Pizza Hut
JR’s Favorite Shake Stand
1st - Zagu
JR’s Favorite Food Stand
1st - Plato Wraps
JR’s Favorite Food Stand Product
1st - French Fries
JR’s Favorite Japanese Fast-Food Restaurant
1st - Teriyaki Boy
JR’s Favorite Chinese Fast-Food Restaurant
1st - ChowKing
JR’s Favorite Donut Shop
1st - Mister Donut
* JR hates Krispy Kreme Donuts

JR’s Favorite Pinoy-Built Food Establishment
1st - Jollibee
JR’s Favorite Foreign-Made Food Establishment
1st - KFC
JR’s Top 3 Favorite Coffee and Bake Shops
3rd - Red Ribbon
2nd - Starbucks
1st - Goldilocks
JR’s Top 10 Favorite Fast-Food Chains
10th - McDonalds
9th - White Castle
8th - Sbarro
7th - Shakey’s
6th - Kenny Roger’s Roasters
5th - Teriyaki Boy
4th - ChowKing
3rd - Pizza Hut
2nd - KFC
1st - Jollibee
JR’s Over-All Favorite Food Business Establishment
1st - Jollibee
JR’s Favorite Food Business Establishment Locations
1st - SM Malls in the Whole Philippines

Next time, JR’s Favorite Clothing Business Establishments

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