22 October 2009

JR's Facebook's Vampire Wars Update (Introduction and Minions)

As a part of our October's Halloween Month special, JR will have a very short blog update on Facebook's most popular Vampire-Themed Application...

PART 1 of 3
The top social horror game on Facebook! http://apps.facebook.com/vampiresgame/
The 4th (tied with FarmVille) Most Popular Zynga Game in Facebook

I. Introduction

Start a Clan of Vampires with your friends, do missions, buy powerful abilities, and fight!

II. History of Zynga, Its Developer
Zynga was founded in July 2007 with the vision of connecting the world through games. Since then we've dedicated ourselves to making fun and social games for people to play with their friends and have become the largest developer of social games on the web in the process. Zynga games provide a platform for players to express themselves and form deep social connections with their friends. With a catalogue that ranges from casino games to role playing games, our games can be found on most social networks, and on the iPhone.

III. Grade by Facebook Users

(4.0 out of 5)
Based on 4183 reviews

IV. No of Facebook Users Playing This Game
Users:3,795,938 monthly active users

V. Attributes
Attack Strength - Attack points make your Clan more effective when attacking other vampires.
Defense Strength - Defense points make your Clan more effective at defending from hostile attacks.
Maximum Energy - Increasing this makes you complete more adventure quests and other actions.
Maximum Health - It lets you survive better in intense fights.
Maximum Rage - Strength in fighting.


V. JR's Avatar and Status in Vampire Wars
JR's Current Vampire Wars Stats and Finances (as of Nov. 20, 2009):
Skill Ranking 2,512
Missions Completed 1,086
Fights Won 2,513
Fights Lost 341
Death 13
Kills 46

Total Income 29,150,500 / hour
Total Upkeep -8,061,400 / hour
Blood Flow 21,089,100/ hour

"What good vampire doesn't bend the weak to their will? Minions are an excellent source of blood. Their prices are usually pretty hefty, but they generate a set income every hour. The income each minion gives is displayed under their title. Your total income is listed at the top of the page. Also displayed is your current Blood Flow (current income minus upkeep) and a counter."
Minions are sold in allotments of 1, 5, and 10. When purchasing minions, be aware that the price of a particular minion increases on each purchase, not on a per-minion basis. When buying minions, it is far less expensive to buy in full lots of ten than to purchase one by one; each minion in a set of ten will sell for the original purchase price. Also, the ratio of cost to income is the same for every minion (except the Psychic Minion). This remains true as the price goes up—the ratio of blood spent per unit of blood income generated is the same for 10 Bums as it is for 10 Law Firms.
 JR's Blood Flow: 17,413,100 every 60 minutes.
JR's Income: 17

1. Bum (Level 1)
Original Cost: 5,000 (Increases by 500 every purchase)
Income: 100 per hour
JR's Domination: 0
2. Park Jogger (Level 1)
Original Cost:  20,000 (Increases by 2,000 every purchase)
Income:  400 per hour
JR's Domination: 0

3. Escaped Mental Patient (Level 1)
Original Cost:  25,000 (Increases by 2,500 every purchase)
Income: 500
JR's Domination: 5

4. Cop (Level 5)
Original Cost: 100,000 (Increases by 10,000 every purchase)
Income: 2,000
JR's Domination: 17

5. High School Football Team (Level 9)
Original Cost: 350,000 (Increases by 35,000 every purchase)
Income: 7,000
JR's Domination:11

6. Blood Bank Nurse (Level 12)
Original Cost: 600,000 (Increases by 60,000 every purchase)
Income: 12,000
JR's Domination: 7

7. Paramedic (Level 15)
Original Cost: 750,000 (Increases by 75,000 every purchase)
Income: 15,000
JR's Domination: 5

8. Diner Waitress (Level 17)
Original Cost: 900,000 (Increases by 90,000 every purchase)
Income: 18,000
JR's Domination: 9

9. Group of Ninjas (Level 19)
Original Cost: 1,000,000 (Increases by 100,000 every purchase)
Income: 20,000
JR's Domination:17

10. Mime (Level 22)
Original Cost: 1,200,000 (Increases by 120,000 every purchase)
Income: 24,000
JR's Domination: 29

11. Hacker (Level 24)
Original Cost: 1,250,000 (Increases by 125,000 every purchase)
Income: 25,000
JR's Domination: 100

12. College Fraternity (Level 28)
Original Cost: 3,000,000 (Increases by 300,000 every purchase)
Income: 65,000
JR's Domination: 100

13. Bank Teller (Level 32)
Original Cost: 4,000,000 (Increases by 400,000 every purchase)
Income: 80,000
JR's Domination: 100

14. SWAT Strike Team (Level 35)
Original Cost:: 12,000,000 (Increases by 1,200,000 every purchase)
Income: 150,000
JR's Domination: 100

15. Law Firm (Level 40)
Original Cost: 25,000,000 (Increases by 2,500,000 every purchase)
Income: 200,000
JR's Domination: 100

16. Psychic Minion (This minion is unlocked by visiting the crypt and opening Akem Manah's chest twice.)
Original Cost:  1,650,000
Income: 30,000
JR's Domination:1
***Note: Prices Increase as the Domination increases.


This is just the part 1 of 3 of JR's Facebook's Vampire Wars Update

2 more blog parts to go...

Part 2 of 3 - Buyable Abilities and Blood Magic in Facebook's Vampire Wars
Part 3 of 3 - Items and Trophies in Facebook's Vampire Wars

This is JR's Short Update About Vampire Wars, a special halloween blog of October.

Remember to Play,
One of the Most Played Games in Facebook

Coming Up in the month of January 2010, the month of spring nearing, JR's FarmVille Update; and on the month of deaths and crimes, March 2010, JR's Mafia Wars Update
Soon, Cafe World and Kung-Fu Pets (2010)

As a part of 2009 Ending ceremonies, on a selected day on December, JR will have the Top 10 Favorite Facebook Friends and Top 5 Favorite Friendster Friends.

-jrspeciallatenightshow11 10/22/2009

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