03 May 2011

JR Late Night's Introduction of New Blogs to Come

JR Late Night Blogs has these what he calls "trademark blogs". These blogs are originals which cannot be seen in other blogs. These blogs make JR Late Night Blogs an original one like the Top Buddies List. It was first released on May 2009. This blog was part of JR's promotion of his blog during the past. But now, it has been made as somewhat a tribute to his Blog Followers, Blog Fans and Friends. After it's release JR introduced the Celebrity Lists (both International and Pinoy), these blogs made JR Late Night Blogs a hit during the past months and days. It even made JR Late Night Blogs controversial as it was also criticized by a TV show. JR also has the Top 10 Lists which are lists of his Top 10 Picks and Favorites. And finally, JR's Featured Friends and Buddy Hall of Famers, these blogs made JR's Blog a bit closer to his Blog Followers and Facebook Fans. 

JR has been introducing new blogs ever since...
And now is the great time to introduce new "trademark" blogs ;)



With JR Late Night's Celebrity Lists and Pinoy Celebrity Lists comes JR's newest list blog: JR Late Night's Fictional Celebrities of the Month Lists. This new blog is a spin-off of the regular Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Lists in JR Late Night Blogs. It will really be a one of a kind since, unlike Forbes' Fictional 15, this list lists the Most Popular and Most Impactful Fictional Celebrities for the Past Months.

Take Note, however, that this blog only comes once in every two months. JR would have the first list on May 28 and the second list on July 24. By the way, the Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity lists would be the same, the next list would be released on June 25 and June 26 and the following list would be released on August 27 and August 28. JR hopes you can cope up with the new blog scheduling.



Though this list is already all over the net, JR would also introduce one; but it would be updated in a regular basis. Starting on June 2011, we would have one blog like this. By the way, have JR mentioned that this would not list the All Time but the Monthly Top 20. Well, JR wants us to have a list that changes at least every two months. This blog would be published after every three months.



JR Late Night Blogs would have a new type of blog on December 2011... And that is the Celebrity Profiles. Have you recognized the Personalities Profiles Page in JR Late Night Blogs that has no content at all? Yup this is it. This blog would be a special tribute to all celebrities whether internationally-acclaimed or Pinoy. This blog would be like a Celebrity Hall of Fame but not with a galant celebration. It's a simple way of acknowledging celebrities who are influential and impactful. 


And that's just it ;)
JR has introduced you 3 new trademark blogs in JR Late Night Blogs
JR hopes that you check it as soon as they are released


03 May 2011 (1AM)

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