06 May 2011

JR's Blog Announcements

JR Late Night Blogs is celebrating its 2nd Year Blogoversary.
As of 01 May 2011, JR Late Night Blogs was hugely revamped.
JR is very happy to announce some new things in JR Late Night Blogs.

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1. JR's Top Buddies Page
>>> The Top 5 Buddies of the previous year are on top of the page.
>>> JR's Yearly and Monthly Top Buddies Archive are made simpler and easy to interact with.

2. JR's Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Pages
>>> The Top 5 Celebrities of the previous year are on top of the page.
>>> JR's Yearly and Monthly Celebrity and Pinoy Celebrity Lists Archive are made simpler and easy to interact with.
>>> New pictures that include the name of the blog and the celebrity that is the highlight of that month.

3. JR's Buddy Hall of Fame and JR's Featured Friends Pages
>>> New look and a new way of interacting.
>>> Much cleaner and easier finding of archive blogs.
>>> More Buddy Alumni are in JR's Featured Friends Page. (18 Buddy Alumni)

4. JR Late Night Top 10
>>> JR's Top 10 Archive is much more improved.
>>> Instead of a boring list, JR replaced it with photos that represents the archive Top 10 lists.

5. JR Reviews
>>> A much cleaner Reviews page.
>>> All reviews (movie, tv shows, and video games) are already in one page.
>>> The archiving of the reviews are like the way of archiving of the celebrity lists and buddy lists.

6. JR's Personalities Profiles
>>> Though it will be fully released on December 2011, it is already available as a page... though still, it has no contents

7. Blog Schedules
>>> JR's blog schedules (starting on June 2011) would have an edited image by JR himself.

8. JR Late Night Blogs Facebook Page
>>> JR Late Night Blogs is already in Facebook.
>>> If you are in Facebook, then there will be no more hassle for you to check out the latest updates in JR Late Night Blogs.

9. Blog Networks
>>> JR Late Night Blogs is now a member of 11 different Blogging Networks.
>>> Top Blogs Philippines, Weblogs.com.ph, Who's Among Us, Blogged, OnTopList.com, Top Blog Area, Bloggernity, Globe of Blogs, BlogTopList, Bloggapedia, Blogdup.com

10. Networked Blogs
>>> This is the highlight Blog Network that JR joined so far. JR is now part of Networked Blogs.

11. Movie Reviews, TV Show Reviews, Video Game Reviews
>>> Starting on June 2011, JR would seldom publish reviews. These blogs would just be sideline blogs in JR Late Night Blogs in the upcoming months.
>>> So expect to have lesser reviews but much more lists.

12. Blogs That Would Already Say Goodbye
>>> JR's WWE Superstar of the Month Blogs would already be removed in JR Late Night Blogs. In replacement, JR introduces the Celebrity Profiles Blog on December 2011.
>>> JR's Featured Photos of the Week Blogs would also be saying goodbye in JR Late Night Blogs. 
*** These blogs would be permanently removed on 30 June 2011.

13. New Backgrounds Each Month
>>> JR Late Night Blogs' Backgrounds would also be in with the blog events. The blog backgrounds would now be in line with the theme of each month.

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JR is very happy to present to you guys a new and upgraded JR Late Night Blogs. Tune in JR Late Night Blogs for more opinionated lists, stories, and reviews.

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06 May 2011 (1AM) 

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