03 May 2012

JR Late Night Blogs: Blog Releases and Updates 2012


The internet is a different form of media wherein development and change is a permanent thing. Unlike other blogging sites, JR Late Night Blogs is always open to new ways of bringing satisfaction to you, dear blog viewers, through its design and interaction. JR Late Night Blogs is also open to new blogs that are worth making and publishing. Here are some news on what's new and coming in JR Late Night Blogs.

Adrian Morales Pamella Dafne Garcia John Paul Salvatera Veronica Manalili Xavier Martinez
JR Late Night Blogs has finally opened it's blog for link exchanges last January 2012. After being consistently ranked in the Top 200 Personal Blogs in the whole Philippines by Top Blogs Philippines, JR had finally put in interest of linking other blogs as well to JR Late Night Blogs in order for both blogs to gain mutual support through internet blog views. JR's Link Exchange will serve as a portal or gateway for blog viewers to view other blogs similar to JR Late Night Blogs. As of present, JR has placed 28 blogs in his Link Exchange page. If you are interested to share links with JR, visit JR's Link Exchange page here: JR's Link Exchange Page.

JR Late Night Blogs' Pages has been treated with a new design. From top to bottom, we can see JR's latest updates to all of his blog pages. At the top of each page is the traditional three-colored trophy that JR is using in most of his blogs, the JR Late Night Blogs title, the title of the Blog Page, and the description of what is in that particular blog page. From picture dividers, JR is now utilizing the <hr> html tag to have a simpler and cleaner look for all of his blog pages. Below each page is the JR Late Night Pages title, the time of the page's most recent update, and the total page views of the Blog Page as certified by JR Late Night Blogs' Blogger Counter. JR Late Night Pages - now cleaner, simpler, clubby, convenient, and fast.

Alyanna Loise Moyano Irwin Posadas Nicole Blanco Zachary Distor Reishelle Manangan
JR's Featured Friends History Page is given a revamped design. The Featured Friends History Page contains links to all of JR's past Featured Friends. The most recent updates to the page are the following: 01) All Buddy Hall of Famers are now included in the Featured Friends Profiles. 02) The design of the Featured Friends Profiles Archive is cleaner and better than ever. All photos are enlarged to maximize the space available; and, instead of nicknames, the complete names of each buddy are listed below their images. 03) Now, the Featured Friends of the Year Archive not only lists the main Featured Friend of the Year but it also includes an archive of the Top 3 Featured Friends for each year and a link to their profiles. 04) The Featured Friends of the Month Archive is also given a huge revamp. Instead of a list, the archive is updated with the pictures of the Featured Friends of each month. Clicking the images will lead you to their profiles. 05) The Most Viewed Featured Friends of All Time is now added to this page. The Top 5 are featured, with their total number of blog views listed below their names. A link to the blog in JR Late Night Blog's Most Viewed Featured Friends of All Time is also included in this part of the page. 06) The Featured Friends of the Day Archive is already removed from this page as the archive is already the Featured Friends Profiles Archive part of the page.

JR's Top 15 Saw Traps JR's Top 10 Horror Films JR's Top 10 Halloween Props of 2011 JR's Top 10 Halloween Props of 2010 JR's Top 10 Halloween Props of 2009
It has been an issue lately in JR Late Night Blogs that there are some blogs which may not be suitable for viewing by some conservative blog viewers and those under the age of 17 like JR's list on his Top 15 Favorite Saw Traps and JR's picks on the best Halloween Props for each and every year. These blogs have contents which may appear very gruesome or very obscene to some people making it inappropriate to them. Starting today, JR Late Night Blogs would post warnings on blogs which are not advisable for viewing by conservatives and minors.

FabNine Jason Clarence Manio John Aaron Go Ruth Rachel Villanueva SLU-LHS Science '12
JR's Buddy Hall of Fame is traditionally held every November of the year. After the event was started last November 2010, it continued to be one of the most anticipated events in JR Late Night Blogs; in fact, the event gained JR Late Night Blogs more than 8,000 blog hits last November 2011. Starting next year, however, JR moves the Buddy Hall of Fame to April with only four individual and one group inductee each and every year. This transition would give way to JR's plan of moving the Celebrities of the Year and Pinoy Celebrities of the Year to November. The Hall of Fame would then coincide with JR Late Night Blogs' yearly anniversaries. As of November 2011, JR  has already inducted 12 individual buddies, and 2 buddy groups to the Buddy Hall of Fame in JR Late Night Blogs. JR's Buddy Hall of Fame is the place where historic, record-breaking, popular and prominent buddies or featured friends in JR Late Night Blogs are presented one last time.

Frances Louise Fadlen JR's Buddies of January 2010 JR's Buddies of November 2010 JR's Buddies of December 2011 JR's Buddies of April 2012
JR's Buddies of the Month has been JR's way of ranking the buddies who contributed to the daily successes of JR Late Night Blogs through blog guesting, blog featuring, blog viewing, and blog sharing. It uses an algorithm that uses various data and statistics from social media networks, most especially from Facebook and Blogger. It does not present the Top 20 Friends of JR since it focuses more on scientific data coming from various sites. Other than JR's Featured Friends, JR's Buddies of the Month is the only blog in JR Late Night Blogs history that managed to still exist today after being presented in JR Late Night Blogs' debut. The list would, however, come to an end in the future to give way to new blogs. Though JR has not yet decided on a specific date, JR speculated to have it ended after JR's Buddies of the Year (Class of 2013) is published, which will be the final buddies of the year list in JR Late Night Blogs.

Harry Potter Peter Griffin Dr. House Jo Calderone John Kramer
JR's Fictional Celebrities of the Year lists the most popular and powerful characters from the fictional universe for the past year. It comes in two versions: The Halloween Special and The Regular List. The Halloween Special focuses more on those fictional characters which are famous for being gruesome, demented, and scary. On the other hand, The Regular List includes all forms of fictional characters. After being announced as a new blog last May 2010, JR's Fictional Celebrities of the Year remains one of those must-see yearly blogs in JR Late Night Blogs. The list would be moved every October with The Halloween Special coming out in the second week and The Regular List coming out in the last day of the month, October 31.

Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Rihanna Manny Pacquiao Anne Curtis
After two years of being a monthly list in JR Late Night Blogs, it was announced last January 2012 that JR's Celebrities and JR's Pinoy Celebrities lists would already become a yearly list. The list would be broader and more definitive focusing on the celebrities which made the most out of the year. The list would also experience a transition come 2013, it will be the last time that we will have the list published on January as it would be moved to November.

Saw 2 Kingdom Hearts Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Resident Evil 4 Spiderman
Due to big demand, JR Late Night Blogs is bringing back its monthly blog reviews. It was in March 2011 that JR had his very last blog review. It was in the early days of JR Late Night Blogs that JR released three blog reviews each month: one for a video game, one for a movie, one for a TV show. It was however ended just last year to give way to new blogs in JR Late Night Blogs. As JR had recently discovered, most of the blog hits that JR Late Night Blogs is gaining comes from its blog reviews. In fact, all of his reviews obtained more than 1,000 blog hits each. In addition, the seven most popular blog posts in JR Late Night Blogs history are all blog reviews with JR's Kingdom Hearts Video Game Review (Part 2) dominating the charts with 9,395 Pageviews, followed by JR's Clash of the Titans Movie Review with 6,461 Pageviews and JR's CSI: Miami TV Show Review with 6,119 Pageviews. All of JR's Reviews are accounting to about 30% of all the blog hits JR Late Night Blogs received in its entire run.  This year, come July 2012, JR brings back his monthly Reviews. It will be a regular blog in JR Late Night Blogs which will feature and review popular Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games. As I have stated, it will be in a monthly basis with only one release each month. JR is just very happy to announce its big return this coming year.

This year we also bring back JR's Slow Jam The News. Based on Jimmy Fallon's Slow Jamming The News, JR's Slow Jam The News focuses on the month's most remarkable worldwide and national news. JR's Slow Jam The News will be renamed to JR's The Month in Review to avoid copyright infringement. JR would list 10 news that rocked the whole world for the past month. JR would then make a commentary about each news explaining his opinion, convictions and praises about it. JR Late Night Blogs would also open the floor to guests from various fields in giving their opinions with various current events.

Steve Jobs James Cameron Pope John Paul II Giorgio Armani Mark Zuckerberg
Other than celebrities, JR would soon include various people coming from the government and business sector in his personalities profiles. Since celebrities are not just the people running this world, JR would like to feature people who made the most out of their entire lives in giving the people the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Despite being not a celebrity, these people have contributed alot to the development of today's society especially in world peace, health and technology. They are people with innovating minds, people with extraordinary talents, and people who left a lasting legacy. They are the titans who helped build our world. JR would introduce the Titans Profiles starting September 2012.

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