21 September 2012

JR's Titans Profiles: Mark Zuckerberg

Titans Profile #0005
Year Inducted: 2012

Mark Zuckerberg

- Billionaire Founder of Facebook -
- Chairman and CEO of Facebook, Inc. -
- Forbes' Most Powerful People -
- Time Person of the Year 2010 -
- Most Subscribed Individual in Facebook -

14 May 1984
in White Plains, New York, United States
Harvard University
Big Break:
Years Active:

2004 -

From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking site Facebook. Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc.

Born and raised in New York state, he took up writing software programs as a hobby in middle school, beginning with BASIC, with help from his father and a tutor (who called him a "prodigy"). In high school, he excelled in classic literature and fencing while studying at Phillips Exeter Academy.

He later attended Harvard University, majoring in computer science and psychology. In his sophomore year, he wrote a program called Facemash as a "fun" project, letting students on the college's network vote on other students' photo attractiveness. It was shut down within days, but would become a template for his writing Facebook, a program he launched from his dormitory room. With the help of friends, he took Facebook to other campuses nationwide and soon after moved to Palo Alto, California. By 2007, Zuckerberg was a billionaire at the age of 23. By 2010, Facebook had an estimated 500 million users worldwide. Zuckerberg has since been involved in various legal disputes initiated by others who have claimed a share of the company's profits due to their help in setting it up.

Since 2010, Zuckerberg has been named among the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world. He was name by Time Magazine as Person of the Year in 2010. In 2010 a fictionalized account of Zuckerberg creating Facebook while in college and its later start-up phase was made into a movie dramatization, The Social Network.


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Mark Zuckerberg is JR's 5th Featured Titan
Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the technology industry. Mark Zuckerberg has been a key figure in the development of social media. He brought the now social media giant, Facebook, to most of the human population of the universe. Having more than a billion users at present, Facebook has at least one user in every seven individuals in this world. Facebook has been an indicator of power and influence for various celebrities and public figures as it is where these individuals get in touch with their fans and followers. Mark Zuckerberg is one of today's Most Powerful People because as I have mentioned earlier he handles a billion people in this world. If he is a president, he would have led the third largest country in this planet. Young as he is, Mark Zuckerberg is one of today's greatest Titans.


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