07 June 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - WONDER WOMAN

Wonder Woman
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10Masterpiece)
"Flawless, Hope for the DC Extended Universe"

➕ Gal Gadot
➕ Greek Mythology & World War I
➕ Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor Love Story
➕ Strongest Entry to the DC Extended Universe
➕ Kick-Ass Yet Ignorant Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the best non-ensemble superhero movie I have seen EVER, and best superhero origins movie I have ever seen. With a dominant Marvel in movies, Wonder Woman proved there is hope to love and be invested in DC. This is probably the first time that I even rooted for a female superhero. Wonder Woman best exemplified the superhero origins story, bringing in Greek mythology and World War masterfully into the mix. We see the start of a young Diana set to defeat the Greek God of War, Ares, from setting the World War into fruition. Wonder Woman is all powerful, having superhuman strength, flying skills, and even speed to help mankind. I love Gal Gadot so much, definitely so hot as f*. She gave justice to the presentation of Wonder Woman, true to the character and definitely hot. I even love how she made Wonder Woman appear so much traditional and ignorant about mankind's progress, making some scenes be in a lighter mood at times of intense and strong scenes. The movie even succeeds to grab your heart, which is rare for an action-packed superhero movie. The love for morality is what makes Wonder Woman so damn inspirational and amazing, she's even damn smart. I am so moved even by the love story between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, truly a tear-jerker. Action scenes are intense and very well-crafted, at par with those by Marvel's. Wonder Woman in its entirety is a masterpiece, the movie made her one of my new favorites. Well deserving of a fresh 10 score.

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