11 December 2009

JR's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Review


TOP 25 in the ALL-TIME WORLDWIDE BOX OFFICE ($789,458,727)
TOP 54 in the ALL-TIME USA BOX OFFICE ($249,358,727)
TOP 16 in the ALL-TIME NON-USA BOX OFFICE ($540,100,000)

Name of the Film: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Year: 2004
Date of Theater Release: June 2, 2004
Genre: Adventure/Family/Fantasy/Mystery
Director: Alfonso Cuaron
Writers: JK Rowling (novel), Steve Kloves (screenplay)
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Producer: David Heyman
MPAA Rating: PG
Running Time: 2hrs 22mins
Production Budget: $130million
Harry Potter is having a tough time with his relatives (yet again). He runs away after using magic to blow Uncle Vernon's sister Marge who was being offensive towards Harry's parents. Initially scared for using magic outside the school, he is pleasantly surprised that he won't be penalized after all. However, he soon learns that a dangerous criminal and Voldemort's trusted aide Sirius Black has escaped from the Azkaban prison and wants to kill Harry to avenge the Dark Lord. To worsen the conditions for Harry, vile shape-shifters called Dementors are appointed to guard the school gates and inexplicably happen to have the most horrible effect on him. Little does Harry know that by the end of this year, many holes in his past (whatever he knows of it) will be filled up and he will have a clearer vision of what the future has in store... Written by Soumitra

Tagline: "Something wicked this way comes."

*2004 BAFTA Children's Awards - Best Feature Film
*2004 Golden Trailer Awards - Best Animation/Fantasy
*2004 Phoenix Film Critics Society Society Awards - Best Live Action Family Film
*2004 World Soundtrack Awards - Public Choice Award (John Williams)
*2004 Teen Choice Awards - Choice Movie-Drama/Action Adventure
*2005 BAFTA Awards - Audience Award
*2005 BMI Film & TV Awards - BMI Film Music Award
*2005 Visual Effects Society Awards - Outstanding Performance by an Animated Character in a Live Act in Motion Picture
*2005 Visual Effects Society Awards - Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion
*2006 Empire Awards, UK - Special Award

1. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)

 2. Uncle Vernon (Richard Griffiths)

3. Aunt Marge (Pam Ferris)

4. Aunt Petunia (Fiona Shaw)

5. Dudley Dursley (Harry Melling)

6. James Potter (Adrian Rawlins)

7. Lily Potter (Geraldine Somerville)

8. Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint)

9. Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)

1. Trivias
- Dudley Dursley has no lines. He only laughs at the TV and gives two gasps of surprise.
- During the credits on the Marauder's Map watch for: Footprints that turn into paw prints. Footprints that chase other footprints. Cat prints that chase owl prints. Extra-large footprints by Robbie Coltrane's credit. Footprints that take special interest in the closing credits' creator. Two pairs of footprints in a scandalous configuration in a corner turret. Footprints that scurry away when the page covering them is lifted. Footprints that get stuck in an alcove. Footprints that walk into a room labeled "The Grindylow Lagoon", then sink. Hogsmeade landmarks, including the Book of Monster's Repair Shop and The Stink Bomb Shop. Toward the end, footprints can be seen playing hopscotch. By the listing for the song "La cumparsita" (The song played in the TV Show that Dudley Dursley is watching after Aunt Marge has flown out the window) a set of footprints can be seen tapping one of their feet. Also look for what look dance class footprints by the composer credit, and two sets of footprints walking backwards from the visual effects supervisor's credit.
- Honeydukes "is floor-to-ceiling psychedelia" and includes Mexican skulls made of sugar. The cast was told that the Honeydukes candy was lacquer-coated, when in fact it wasn't, to prevent candy from disappearing between takes.
- Filming was halted following the vandalization of the train used as the Hogwarts Express.
- Broke UK box office records when it grossed £5.3 million in its opening day of release on 31 May 2004, making it the biggest opening day and single day of all time.
- Warner Brothers supplied ushers at cinemas with night vision goggles to prevent illegal recording and pirating of the film.
2. Goofs
- When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are talking to Hagrid about Buckbeak's execution we see Harry get up and walk away from the rock he is sitting on. But in the next shot, Harry is sitting back down on the rock.
- Ron's pimples move about his face from one shot to the next.
- When Pettigrew changes from rat to human, his clothes transform with him. When he changes back to a rat, only his body transforms. Sirius repeatedly uses what is supposed to be the same transformation method to go from dog to human and vice versa, and his clothes always transform with him.
- On several occasions Hermione appears out of nowhere at the start of lessons, due to using her Time Turner to go to multiple classes at once. One time she appears just as a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson is about to begin. However, D.A.D.A. is a compulsory subject during the first 5 years at Hogwarts, so there would be no other classes scheduled at the same time.
- There are inconsistencies in the way that the "Time-Turner" works. When Harry and Hermione use it in the Hogwarts infirmary at the end, they suddenly "appear" in the infirmary 3 hours later. However, during lessons, including one particular divination lesson, instead of suddenly disappearing, Hermione suddenly reappears. The only way for Hermione to suddenly appear in the divination classroom was if she went there after class and "time-turned" in the exact spot where she suddenly appeared. Thus, she should suddenly "disappear" from lessons, not "reappear".
3. Memorable Quote
- Shrunken Head: Mind your head!

The Third of the Harry Potter Film Series...

Source: Internet Movie Database (*JR does not own the following information instead it was borrowed from the said source)

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