05 April 2012

JR Late Night Blogs' SLU-LHS School-End Blogs: JR's 10 Memories in High School

10 Memories - High School
JR may have already made a list of his best memories in High School last school year 2010-2011; but, it seems that the list did not include some moments that JR would never forget in his tenure as a fourth year high school student which would not completely define JR's stay in high school.

JR's four years in high school was fun, challenging, sociable, furious, devastating, full of crap, and just purely memorable. Well, I have to admit that high school is indeed a mix of good and bad memories; but despite of this, we still have memories worth sharing to others especially those students who are to come in this school.

Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School is, indeed, one of the best schools in the whole Philippines despite having poorly cleaned CR's and canteens. Their quality of education may surpass other schools' standards but it is their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that makes it one of the best there is. The activities in this school makes it a want to be place of learning to alot of students (although only a few can afford education here). Students who study here are very lucky to be part of this institution as they will experience quality education and fun-filled activities. As JR enters the fiery ruins of college, JR goes back to some of his greatest moments in his stay as a high school student in Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School.


United Students' Council IV-Mapagpakumbaba JR's The Very Big Grad Party Korean Buddy Interaction High School Graduation

Summary of the 10 Memorable:
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Memory 10 (High School Years Edition)
High School Memory
High School Years
1 4th Year
2 1st Year, 2nd Year
3 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year
4 4th Year
5 3rd Year
6 4th Year
7 1st Year
8 2nd Year
9 1st Yr, 2nd Yr, 3rd Yr, 4th Year
10 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year

High School Memory #01

United Students' Council
United Students' Council
United Students' Council
United Students' Council
United Students' Council

"Of all the memories I had in High School, not one can surpass my experience as the United Students' Council President of Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School. I consider it as the most valuable and most memorable of all my experiences in High School. Being the president means having great power and great responsibility, I see it as an opportunity to challenge some rude personalities, to change and to improve what is existing, and to influence alot of people to become powerful as well. It was a chance for me to speak of my endeavors with the support of the entire studentry. Some of my notable works are: The Speak English Campaign, Schoolwide Clean-Up Drive, Students-Teachers Awards, and Classroom Trash Bins. My ultimate challenge was the teachers of the school. I became probably one of the most controversial presidents in the school's history for having challenging them in a lot of their mistakes, misconducts and unfair treatments. Despite being the school's president, I had been deprived of opinion, decision, and accessibility in some of the school's important affairs and situations (which was given to other students because of hatred by various personalities). The thing here is I will remember my presidential responsibility in SLU-LHS because I had the opportunity to use my power to speak what the students really feel on what is existing. I got the opportunity to become recognized by alot of students (calling me boss, bossing, president, and kuya), and influence them on not becoming afraid of expressing their opinions regarding some school problems. I want to thank all the students who made me an entity that the school will remember throughout all ages. I just hate to say that the school is still dumb to realize they are still very poor in terms of quality and opportunity."

High School Memory #02

Korean Buddy Interaction
Korean Buddy Interaction
Korean Buddy Interaction
Korean Buddy Interaction
Korean Buddy Interaction

"Having foreign exchange students is one of those highlighted yearly activities in our school. I remember being selected twice as a buddy of those foreign exchange students coming from South Korea. It was in my first year and second year in High School that I had Korean partners in class. They were 'Homer' (Korean name, Son Tae Ho) and 'James' (Korean name, Seo Seungjae). Being their Filipino buddy, I try to teach them as much of our culture as they are mentioning some about their country. They also tell some of their personal stories especially when it comes to their favorites and interests (which I do as well). We also shared various gifts coming from our home countries. In fact, they also experienced traveling around our city and living with our Filipino families for a short amount of time. They are here though in our country, for two reasons, to learn about our culture and to enhance their English communication skills. Despite not that being good at English, I actually idolized them at how fast they are in dealing with math and science. They had even learned to speak various Filipino greetings and expressions in a short time. It was really fun that they are using some of our slangs in their communication as well. I enjoy having friends of the same race as I am but I think having friends coming from another country is way more fun considering that you will use most of your time relating with your similarities and differences. I am just sad that the school's budget deficiencies led to the end of this yearly activity in school year 2010-2011."

High School Memory #03

Emil Pascual Razzia Mae Andaya Renz Ivan Siapno Reishelle Manangan Jason Clarence Manio

"One of those things I will remember in High School are my younger buddies. The reason: they are very sociable, loyal, fun to be with, fun to talk to, eccentric, always motivated, energetic, sometimes just curious and ignorant, understanding, but most of all, supportive. In fact, I consider them as my closer friends than people whom are in the same age as I am.  I would just like to enumerate some of these buddies who made the most of my High School years. Listed as Buddy of the Year for 2009, Jason Clarence Manio has been one of my best younger buddies in High School. The thing here is we had already been buddies way back in elementary. He has been one of those buddies whom I always consider as my younger brother considering that we always help each other in various problems we had in school. Listed as Buddy of the Month for January 2011, Emil Pascual is also one of those whom I would never forget. I first came to know about him when one of my female 'same-age' buddies showed a sign of affection for him. It was then that he became really very sociable. Listed in various Buddies of the Month lists, Renz Ivan Siapno and Reishelle Manangan are those whom I would also remember for just being fun. They had been my greatest friends in the katorse batch. I would also remember Razzia Mae Andaya and Maria Andrea Ubungen for being always prepared in the movies we are going to watch as well as activities we are going to do. I would remember Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) movie because of them. Other younger buddies whom I will also remember are Alvin Flores, Christian Luke Mamaat, Veronica Manalili, Christian Bernard Guzman, Jamie Soriano Prades, Alyanna Loise Moyano, Christian Dirige, VJ Salazar, Jeremy Tolentino and Marikit Manaois. They are the people whom I will remember the most in High School for they have been the greatest people I had ever met in my four agonizing years in High School."

High School Memory #04

IV - Mapagpakumbaba
IV - Mapagpakumbaba
IV - Mapagpakumbaba
IV - Mapagpakumbaba
IV - Mapagpakumbaba

"As soon as I was to graduate in High School, I came to realize that my classmates and I would soon part ways in college. It was for three years straight that I had been with them learning seven basic/regular subjects, three special subjects and one elective subject (except for some, whom I had been classmates with for four years). Those three years, for me, was full of fun, friends, misunderstandings, lessons, games, parties, drinking, assignments, sleepless nights, sleep overs, pictures, projects, movies and memories. Of all of my buddies, I consider them all as my best - Eleirold Asuncion, Patrick Edward Balisong, Christian De Guzman, Aldrich Fuertes, John Aaron Go, Aidan Byrne Madarang, Marc Jeriel Pulmano, Marc Daniel Tuazon, Cris Villanueva, Lady Shaira Abuan, Jean Clarence Cariaga, Monica Claire Flores, Pamella Dafne Garcia, Andrea Mae Sanchez, Lycon Marie Soliba, Pamela Joy Villanueva, and Ruth Rachel Villanueva. Though I hate only a member of our class, I will cherish all the moments we had with each other. Oh, I will also remember some teachers we had as well - Ms. Marissa Tablatin, Mr. Elizer Jay Delos Reyes, Mrs. Susanna Vanhoutte, Mrs. Placida Isican, Mr. Honorio Manzano, Mr. Joel Colsim, Mr. Domingo Popok, Mr. Michael Jarata, Mr. Vincent Tabor, Mrs. Wilma Cacho and Mrs. Aia Adato. I learned a lot from them and I also related with them. If I were to choose the greatest class I had ever since I step foot in school, it would be IV-Mapagpakumbaba. I am looking forward to all of us seeing each other successful, influential, and powerful. I will really miss them so much."

High School Memory #05

SLU-LHS Intramurals

"Of all the Intramurals I had in High School, I would remember Intramurals 2010-2011 more than any other activities in my high school years as it was one of the most agonizing and terrorizing experiences I had throughout my past four years. It was in school year 2010-2011 that the per-batch system of the Intramurals was brought back after a brief hiatus. Despite having signed the USC's proposal of the per-batch system, I initially declined in behalf of the third years because it would definitely change the school's landscape in terms of unity and coordination. It would look like all batches are not in good terms with each other. And definitely, in every Intramurals in the future years will be the fourth years always winning because they are already very aware of it having been involved in the activity for four straight years. But since most of the students signed in its project petition, I decided to sign as well. As soon as practices began, there are already signs of hell rising to the school's atmosphere. It was made mentioned in the proposal that students' would be the ones spearheading each teams in the Intramurals with little support coming from their mentors. But, the thing is, for the first, second, and third years, it looked like the Intramurals is for the teachers not for the students. They are the ones pressuring the students to do things beyond their capabilities. Being a leader, I fought back against their demonic auras and shouted at their wrong doings. The Intramurals was not made for teachers it was made for the students. They fought back by allegedly pulling me down the honor roll as well as removing me from the United Students' Council. I really felt bad about this school activity since it was for me a huge failure. Intramurals 2011-2012 though has been a time of revenge as we finally won with the students' unity and a little of teacher supervision. I listed this as part of my memorable not because it was a good one but it was the most devastating one as it sparked my fight against the teacher's corrupt and unfair treatment for students."

High School Memory #06

High School Graduation
High School Graduation
High School Graduation
JR's The Very Big Grad Party
JR's The Very Big Grad Party

"They said it all ends here... I say let the games begin. Graduation for me is the end of an era, an end to a chapter but it also marks the start of something new. I am already relieved of some duties and some responsibilities but faced with a lot of new adventures and challenges. My High School Graduation was like the icing on my cake. I really anticipated for this day to come, sometimes wishing that it was already to happen tomorrow. (In fact, I was wishing for school to already end). 30 March 2012 was the time I had to fully say goodbye to the institution that I trusted for for four years, Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School. No matter the awards each individual received, it still comes to who had stepped up the stage and those who had left it with beautiful ambitions, inspiring mottos, and glowing smiles. I just hate the emcee of the graduation rites though, very fat and very biased! 02 April 2012, I celebrated my moving out of High School with my friends and some of my favorite teachers in my Very Big Grad Party. With more than a hundred guests, we celebrated with a lot of eating, drinking, and telling of stories. The house was just full. I, mean, literally full. Despite having alot of guests arriving at various hours, we still had fun. If I was to repeat one event in my high school years, I would choose this Very Big Grad Party as it might probably be the last time I would see all of my closest friends and greatest teachers. As I had said earlier, this might be the end but it is the start of the real life up ahead."

High School Memory #07

First Year in High School
First Year in High School
First Year in High School

"First Year was one of those years in High School that no one will ever forget in their High School life. It was the time of becoming aware of what is existing, how it is existing, and why it is existing. In short, a time of purely ignorance and curiosity with a lot of things. I listed my First Year in High School as one of those memorable because it was the time that I experienced things which I did not experience upon stepping in the second, third and fourth year level. Some of which are those great friends which decided to leave school at a later year, teachers whom we feared upon their entry and exit in class, outside school activities that we just do for fun-sake, relations with people whom we just knew about upon we enter in school, and assignments and projects which are just very easy to do. It was in my first year that I had to know great friends like Jasper Larioza, Marienne Elouise Ignacio and Patricia Ann Franco. They were some of my greatest and closest friends in school. But after one-two years of stay in school, they decided to leave and move to another country in hopes of having a better future. It was also in first year that we had fear on some of our teachers. Unlike how we consider teachers as the same age as we are as we go higher and higher, we literally had fear on those teachers who always shout and reprimand students at just small distractions and misunderstandings. On another note, it was also in first year that life was not that serious. We tend to enjoy every free time we had in visiting each others' homes, eating foods at the malls and streets, and watching movies. We even rush our assignments together before classes start. Despite all of this, I manage to become the Top Student of our class gaining the First in Academic Excellence Award during my first and second year in High School. If I was to choose the years I would go back and change in High School, I would definitely not choose my first year - it was the best."

High School Memory #08

2nd CICM Friendship Meet

"Another unforgettable event in my High School years was my entry in the 2nd CICM Friendship Meet held at University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. I was entered in the Quiz Bee of the Friendship Meet - Biology division. The entry and my win in the competition was not, however, the memorable thing about this event. I would always go back to this event because of the experience I had in this uncharted territory. With friends like Kimberly, Ate Marianne, Jose, Ate Sam, Kuya Aldrec Paolo, Ate Theresa, Kuya Carmelo, Kuya Mikko, and Sir Jay, the experience was much more worth remembering. The event was started with a mass and a dinner afterwards. I have to admit that the dinner was really awesome considering we had a lot of food to choose from. The following days were sports events and some performances coming from the five CICM schools - Saint Louis University Baguio, University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao, Saint Louis College La Union, Saint Louis School of Mandaue, and Saint Mary's University Nueva Vizcaya. It was in the fourth day that the speech and quiz bee competitions commenced; with almost all awards in our favor. My experience in Tuguegarao, however, consisted riding a kalesa around town and eating the town's very own dish - the pansit batil-patung (which comprises of the pansit miki Tuguegarao, carabao beef, togue, and an egg on top). If it was not for my friends and mentor - Mr. Manzano, I would not have experienced such event. "

High School Memory #09

Sherene Tenaza Elizer Delos Reyes Susanna Vanhoutte Honorio Manzano Cristina Laguyo

"A few days ago, JR just published his 12 Best and Memorable Mentors in SLU-LHS list. On top of the list is JR's 3rd Year Class Adviser and 1st Year Algebra Subject Teacher, Mrs. Marissa Tablatin. She is my Most Favorite Teacher in my entire stay in High School. Since I listed some high school teachers as part of his most memorable memories in High School list, I would like to mention on why some of them would be worth remembering to me. First: Ms. Sherene Tenaza. Ms. Sherene Tenaza has been my partner in my job as the Executive USC President in school. She has been the person behind some of those projects existing around campus. I would remember her for being always supportive to me as well as the other officers in the student organization. Second: Mr. Elizer Delos Reyes. Mr. Elizer 'Jay' Delos Reyes is one of those funnest teachers to be with. He may be serious with his opinions but he is also a person full of jokes, wit, and exciting ideas. I would remember him for being the ideal teacher that the students would like to have in their classes - very sociable and enthusiastic. Third: Mrs. Susanna Vanhoutte. Mrs. Susanna Vanhoutte may not be liked by many students in school but she has a very broad and understanding mind. I would remember how she had always fought for our rights in front of other teachers and those in authority. Fourth: Mr. Honorio Manzano. Mr. Honorio Manzano was one of those teachers who keep on believing in his students for their skills and talents. He might not be strict but he is very smart and fun as a teacher. Fifth: Mrs. Cristina Laguyo. Mrs. Cristina Laguyo is one of those teachers I would remember for being opportunistic and open to various ideas of her students. She is also one of those teachers who never fails to improve the skills of her students in terms of handicraft, cooking, and events designing. Like a typical mom, she is always mindful to all of her students. Other teachers worth mentioning: Mrs. Donna Marie Alcantara, Mr. Allan Abuan, Mrs. Placida Isican, and Mr. Domingo Popok. Just a warning, not all teachers in SLU-LHS are fun, some are also terrifying like Ms. Maricris Tolentino, Ms. Mercy Acosta, and Mr. Ronaldo Pontanosa."

High School Memory #10

Luigi John Canosa Angelica Quiambao Penny Salazar Anagem Pinlac Aldrich Fuertes

"It all comes to JR's final memorable memory in High School - his Ate's and Kuya's. If I had a lot of younger buddies, I also had a lot of ate's and kuya's who treated me as their younger buddy. Like my younger buddies, my ate's and kuya's are also very sociable, loyal, fun to be with, fun to talk to, eccentric, always motivated, energetic, understanding, and supportive. When I first set foot in High School, one of those ate's I would remember was Ate Anagem Pinlac. She was the one who started my aspiration in being a United Students' Council officer. Running under the party of Olibrian Mallari, I ran as a Sergeant-at-Arms officer for the first year level. Despite losing, I soon became the council president in our 2nd and 3rd years in High School; eventually leading to my Executive Council Presidency in Fourth Year. I would thank Ate Anagem for this success. Another was Kuya Luigi John Canosa and Kuya Erveen Rhon Villamil whom I came to know when Marienne and I were to join the Science Fair. They were just very funny. You will find no time of boredom when you are with them. When I reached my second year in High School, I came to know Ate Marianne Domalanta, Kuya Carmelo Bautista, and Ate Donna Mae Areola from the various activities I had in school. Come Third Year, Ate Angelica Quiambao was one of those who are really sociable to us, lower year students. She was very open to us about her problems especially when it comes to her relationship. She also texts us just in case we feel like having someone to talk with. On another note, Aldrich Fuertes and Penny Salazar are another of those kuya's whom I will remember. Though they are only a few months older than me, they had been very supportive. Penny was just loyal to all of his friends while Aldrich was just the life of the party in a boring and silent crowd. The thing here is, in High School, the Ate's and Kuya's are just like us, people who dig for friends and fun. High School is definitely boring if you have not came to know some people who are older than you by a few years and months. I am looking forward for them in college."

High School is a mixture of good, sociable, devastating, and bad experiences. There have been successes and failures. There have also been a lot of dangerous enemies, scary mentors, difficult people, friendly schoolmates and helpful buddies. I have to admit that High School is truly the most memorable years any person will experience in his entire life. Despite those sleepless nights, tedious assignments, and boring lessons, we still have those fun activities, crazy friends, and exciting adventures. My life in the future will truly be serious in a way; but, I will always go back to those memories that helped me define myself in the present.

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