09 October 2010

JR's SLU-LHS: Most Memorable Years of My Life


After 6 years of my elementary life and 2 years of my high school life, JR is already in 3rd Year High School. In continuation of JR's SLU Centennial blog, JR presents a Top 10 Blog related to the High School Department of SLU. JR will have a Top 10 List on JR's Memories in SLU-LHS.


For the past two year levels of my academic life, I consecutively received the First in Academic Excellence Award at the end of each school year. I really was very surprised for the first time I received this type of award. When I was in elementary, I am always cheated upon by the different teachers and even the principal in the awarding of academic awardees. Always those who are powerful and popular in school are always in academic honors. Even the daughter of the principal is in high rank, well in fact, she is now in the same tract as an average regular student. Now, that the righteous teachers are in high school, I really was happy that the road has changed pace. I really was happy that fairness  in academics is shown in High School and I would never forget on how equal treatment is shown on each shining student of SLU-LHS. SLU-LHS proved me that there is always a Shining Light Behind the Dark and Thunderous Clouds.

When I was in second year, I was chosen as the representative of SLU in the High School Division of the CICM Biology Quiz Bee. This event is the most memorable of all the contests/competitions I entered. At first, I was not eager to join because of my lack of interest in Biology. I am actually not interested in Biology since I really dislike the concept of Science. But before the friendship meet happened, I trained myself to at least get the hang of Biology. I learned new things from long Scientific Names, unusual names of Diseases, weird Heavenly Bodies and powerful Scientists. During the span of the competition, I failed in the oral part since I landed in 2nd place but I was really surprised when the announcer announced the results of the written part of the quiz bee. I got the first place in the quiz bee part giving retribution to my failure in the oral part of the quiz bee. I was really happy of this great achievement in high school. Another thing I would never forget about this event are the friends who I hanged out during the event. For real, as I was typing this blog, I missed everyone of them. I wish this friendship meet can happen once more, but dreams are just there in our own minds. SLU-LHS proved that events are just a matter of recognizing competition at a low level and handling friendship at a high level.

When I was in first year, I was greeted upon by different older brothers and sisters. Some of them are already studying in college. Some are still in high school striving hard to graduate.
Of all the kuyas's, I will never forget Kuya Luigi John Canosa. I considered him as a real brother of my own. I always ask him different things which might either be necessary or not. Hehe... I also remembered the times when he included me in different Official Business (OB) activities which I really enjoyed the best. :) Another kuya I will never forget was Kuya Mark Warren. Mark Warren is actually my cousin. I would never forget the times he will call me younger bro or tol, even at times we had meetings with teachers. I always enjoy the heck of it since it is not normal for me to have an older brother who always consider me as a younger brother of their own. :)
Of all the ate's, I will never forget Ate Anagem Pinlac. She always recommend me in different school programs and activities which I sometimes dislike at first but like at the end. She always includes me in their hang outs outside the school. She sometimes tend to treat me with free food and free drinks. hahaha... I always remember that. :) Another ate I will never forget is Ate Justine Gervero. Currently, she is still in 4th year. I sometimes make her as an inspiration of my own since she is really smart and very active in everything. Being the 4th Year Science First in Academic Excellence, I will definitely keep track of how she deals with academics in her life. :)
SLU-LHS trains all students to be the best Kuya's and Ate's for their younger brothers and sisters..

The SLU-LHS Intramurals is what I believe as the most prepared and most important yearly event in SLU-Laboratory High School. The School Intramurals was made as a sign that the school does not only focus in academics but also in the co-curricular capabilities of each student. For the past years of my stay in Saint Louis University, I already received a streak of three team wins. First, in the sixth grade in elementary, I was on team Transformers. When I was in First Year, I was on team Osirians. When I was in Second Year, I was on team Dragonus. The streak is now 3-0. For this current year, the pace of the Intramurals changed. The Intramurals was changed back to the old "Per Batch" Intramurals. My plan for the team is different, to at least prove that the third years have the capability to present a professional presentation. I hope the streak can continue to 3 - 0. SLU-LHS proved that every student have the capability to balance their academics and co-curricular capabilities.

High School in SLU-LHS is truly different from Elementary in SLU-LES. In Elementary, teachers are merely the student's secretary of their grades. In High School, teachers are either the friend or foe of each student. Teachers at some point make their students as their own sons and daughters. They also tend to given them chances in cases they fail in their project, seatwork, quizzes, or examinations. Teachers sometimes tell stories of their own and relate it with the lesson they are discussing. Students, in return, also tell stories to their teaches which might either be in private or in public. Teachers are the best secret-keepers since they tend to give advices in every student's problems that they have. Compared with elementary, teachers in high school are like the student's own parents outside school. Elementary focuses on academics but in High School, SLU-LHS focuses on the relationship between the students and teachers. SLU-LHS proved that relationship with teachers is the best legacy they can provide.

Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Mag-aaral or SANAMA is the Core/Center Club of Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School. For the past three years, JR had run for a position in the SANAMA of SLU-LHS.
*In First Year, JR had run as 1st Year Council SANAMA Sergeant-at-Arms
*In Second Year, JR has run as 2nd Year Council SANAMA President
*This Third Year, JR had run as 3rd Year Council SANAMA President
Of the 3 Candidacies I had, JR prospered in the 2 Candidacies. JR won in the 2nd Year Council SANAMA Presidency and the 3rd Year Council SANAMA Presidency. Politics is not really in the line of my blood. The reason I was running for school position because I want to at least serve all the students fairly and equally. I really do not want our year level to be led by leaders who are just prospering under the blessings of popularity and fame. SANAMA is not merely for fame but for service. This 4th year, I plan on running for an Executive Council position but still it is a plan. :) Saint Louis University - Laboratory High School teaches the value of politics to young students who will vote in the near future. Voting is not merely a talent and obligation but it is an opportunity to help our own country to prosper under trustworthy officials. The students of SLU-LHS practices this opportunity for each and every student. My only wish for this elections is for it to be automated or electronic. haha... SLU-LHS proved that each and every student has the right to prepare for their voting and running in the future.

In an average school in United States, there is always an activity known as the Foreign Exchange Student Program. In SLU-LHS, there is also a Foreign Exchange Student Program but only for a matter of weeks. This activity is also known as the Filipino-Korean Buddy Interaction Experience. According to my research, this activity started since 2006. When I was in first year and second year, I was chosen as a buddy of a Korean student in school. At first, I actually do not know what that was all about until the Korean students came. These Korean students were from Shin-il Middle High School in Seoul, South Korea. My first buddy was Son Tae-Ho (2008) and my second buddy was Seo Seungjae (2009). Their first day in school was very rough since they have no idea on who they are to go with and where they are to go. But days gone by, until I really enjoyed hanging out with them since it was like my first time to hang out with a Korean student. hehe... The most memorable of my two Korean Buddies was Seo Seungjae because we always talk during classes not even minding the teacher talking in front. But I was very sad when the CICM Friendship Meet started in the final week of the Korean Students. I did not even said a final good bye to my Korean Buddy. I really wish there could be another Korean Buddy Interaction this third year. SLU-LHS has this activity as an experience for students to know about the culture of foreign students. As we all know, nationalities have a gap in their relationship with each other. SLU-LHS is doing their part by having this yearly activity. SLU-LHS proved that foreign relations is not just by economy but also in school relations.

With my kuya's and ate's, also comes the younger bro's and younger sis's. As years passes by, the kuya's and ate's graduates and leaves a deep mark to SLU-LHS. But with these deep marks comes a bright new future to the freshies of SLU-LHS. Another thing I would never forget in SLU-LHS is the younger brothers and younger sisters I had. When I was in 2nd Year, I already had most of the freshmen as my friends. I even know some of their names.
Of all the younger brothers I had, I will never forget Emil Pascual and Jason Clarence Manio. Both of them were previous best friends in elementary. Now, they are like two persons who doesn't even mind on talking with each other. The thing I would never forget about them is their cool and unique attitude. They always remind me of the different family cousins I have. They always hang out with me and even tell stories which are just out of the blue. I really enjoyed the times when my younger brothers call me "kuya". :)
Another person I will never forget is the best younger sister I had, Kimberly Taracatac. She was one of the best students in school when talking about Academics. I consider her as an inspiration and idol because of the so many achievements she already earned. The thing I would never forget about her was the time when I had the time to hang out with her in Tuguegarao. I really enjoyed conversing with her even walking with her.
Days will go by and my journey in SLU-LHS will end.
SLU-LHS proved that all students will have their time to become in charge of their younger brothers and sisters.

The second to the first memorable moment I had in SLU-LHS is the cool and awesome friends I had in my own year level. Being in my own year level, I get the chance to meet new people each day, tell stories with random people I pass by, learn new things with newly acquainted friends.
Currently in my 3rd Year Level status, I already have tons of friends from my own year level. Being the 3rd Year Council President, I get to know a new person each day. Of all the friends I have in third year, I consider 5 people as my best friends and they are: Kenneth Flores (the funny one), John Aaron Go (the cool one), Aidan Madarang (the peppy one), Patrick Balisong (the smart one), and Xavier Martinez (the "astig" one)
Friends is what High School is About. 
SLU-LHS is truly the school of all my cool and awesome friends.

Finally, my most memorable memory in SLU-LHS: Being in 3-Mapagpakumbaba. Of all the things I experienced in High School, I consider my being in the science section as the most memorable since it is the only memory that makes up my daily life in SLU-LHS.

High School is Truly The Most Memorable Years of an Individual's Life
I Really Enjoy Being in SLU-LHS
October 9 2010 (11PM)

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