09 July 2017


Spider-Man: Homecoming
JR's Rating: 8️⃣ (8.9 out of 10Awesome)
"Spider-Man Reboot Done Amazingly"

➕ Tom Holland
➕ Iron Man
➕ Aunt May (WTF? Ending)
➕ The Vulture Villain
➕ Staten Ferry Sequence
➖ Captain America Post-Credits
➖ Weak Marvel Cinematic Universe Entry

This time around it's done amazingly. Though with less action to Iron Man and Captain America movies, the cute and comedic take on Spider-Man makes it a unique treat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming takes us to a high school Peter Parker who just recently fought alongside Iron Man in the Civil War of Superheroes. Back in New York, Spider-Man proves himself to Iron Man by defeating a powerful Vulture to rightfully earn his spot as an Avenger. Much to my dismay of Spider-Man's first reboot, this second reboot is done masterfully after a good partnership between Disney's Marvel Studios and Sony to mutually share their superhero properties. In comparison to the first two versions of Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming gets an absent Uncle Ben, no real origin story (where Peter Parker gets bitten by a spider), a younger and hotter Aunt May and of course, the presence of other Marvel superheroes. With Captain America and Iron Man's presence, Spider-Man gets a huge boost from the two most recent dumb ones. Tom Holland's acting for me is so much better than his predecessors (Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire), probably due to how he presented Spider-Man in a different way, in a more youthful, awkward, true to his age Peter Parker. The Vulture villain brings in too many action sequences like the Staten Ferry castastrophe and the ending fight between him and Spider-Man in the Avengers plane. I personally love the scene where Spidey gets trapped in the DODC Facility after a failed attempt to capture the Vulture. I feel though that Spider-Man: Homecoming has still a long way to match the thrill and excitement that are Iron Man and Captain America; which both have more intense action sequences and much more ambitious villains. Still, Spider-Man's new outing is a worthy addition to the MCU and a lot better than Webb's Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield. By the way, I just can't forget how Aunt May is so damn hot this time around and I can't forget that very disappointing post-credit scene involving Captain America.

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