17 September 2010

JR's Welcome Back JR Late Night Blogs

As of 5:00AM, JR had already updated the JR Late Night Blogs

Because of so many problems encountered this year such as a... Ah forget about it :)

Anyways, JR is bringing more to JR Late Night Blogs...

The following are the new updates to JR Late Night Blogs:
1) JR Popular Posts - Look back at some of the all-time top-ranking and most popular blogs to the internet community in JR's Blog.
2) JR Late Night Blogs New Design - JR updated the look of JR Late Night Blogs. It is now as handsome as ever. Thanks for blogger's new template designer.
3) JR Total Pageviews - An update on the number of page views JR earned for the current month.
4) JR Late Night Brother Blogs - Take a look at some of JR Late Night Brother Blogs which are blogs created by JR's friends and classmates.
5) JR New Blog Page: JR Top Friends Archive - This is the complete archive of JR's Top Friends of the Month. It also includes the Top 10 Friends of the Year Update. Hope that you check it out.
6) JR Late Night Followers Box - After a 10 months hiatus from JR Late Night Blogs, JR is bringing back the followers box to accommodate blog members in JR Late Night Blogs.
7) JR Featured YouTube Video of the Week - JR introduces a new member of the JR Late Night Blog interface, the Featured YouTube Video of the Week. JR updates this giving you the best videos in YouTube directly to JR Late Night Blogs. Upcoming: The JR Late Night YouTube Bin.
8) JR Late Night Music - JR adds a new feature that would make you Blogging Experience more "unboring", the JR Late Night Music background. JR hopes you enjoy it. Music is changed every week.
9) New JR Late Night Roxas Logo - As we all know, JR Late Night Blog's logo is Roxas. It symbolizes how strong, mighty and powerful the blogger community is.
10) New JR Late Night Motto - JR is Always at Service, Late Nights
11) JR Late Night Upcoming Blog Events - JR will now update the Blog Events monthly. No more disruptions but continuous blogging.
12) JR Follow Me Button - JR also has his own twitter. Just click the button and follow him with his microblog in Twitter.
13) Lesser Blog Ads For the convenience of our dear blog viewers, JR had already removed the blog ads placed below each blog post. Lesser Ads means More Fun. :)
14) No More JR Late Night Archive Browser - To avoid redundancy, JR had removed the Late Night Archive Browser.
15) Lesser JR Late Night Blogs Updates - JR had now minimized the number of blog updates in the sidebar to one. JR will place the previous updates to the JR Late Night Blog Updates Page.
16) JR's About Me & Friendster Blogs Deleted - No more boring Friendster blogs and no more about JR. We should consider all people and all viewers as the new blog topic. More celebrities, movies, music, video games, and reviews on JR Late Night.

Upcoming blog updates on October and November:
1) One-by-One Blog Labels Re-checking - JR will check-up the previous blog labels and update it with new and exciting blog labels.
2) Update on Blog Rating - JR will update the blog rating for the upcoming months.
3) JR Late Night Mini-Facebook - JR will have the Mini-Facebook on October to give convenience to blog viewers who can't access Facebook from blocked Facebook servers.
4) JR Late Night Youtube Bin - JR will again bring back the Youtube Bin after a 10 month hiatus in JR Late Night blogs.
5) JR Late Night Chatbox - JR will bring a new app to the Late Night Blogger. The Late Night Chatbox where users can chat anytime they want whether anonymously private or publicly visible.

Oh well, there are more blog updates to come.

17 September 2010 (6:00AM)

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