20 March 2017


Beauty And The Beast
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Tale As Old As Time"

➕ Emma Watson
➕ Different Ending from Original
➕ Cogsworth, Lumiere, Chip & Mrs. Potts
➕ The Transformation Ending
➕ Gay Le Fou

My favorite so far out of the four animation turned live-action films of Disney, Beauty And The Beast is superb on maintaining to be an original film with its original source. While this same film adapts certain sequences from the original animated film, this version of Beauty And The Beast is much broader in scope giving us a closure on both the backstories of Belle and the Beast with an ending much more unique and so effective than the original. This version of the beloved classic film is truly astounding. How they managed to bring the animated Cogsworth, Lumiere, Chip and Mrs. Potts to live-action is so astounding and impressive, truly making the Beast's castle alive as how it should be. The film is so ambitious in bringing different ensemble sequences such as that of the introductory scene, Belle's first dinner and Gaston's special dance number. My favorite sequence would definitely be the scene where the Beast dances with Belle in tune with the recognizable Beauty and the Beast song. The inclusion of gay characters in the film was also a huge and commendable step in a studio that has always been known to be conservative. Emma Watson is truly the standout of this film, she truly encapsulated the awkward yet beautiful Belle in this movie. Beast's supposed death was a surprise for me as it was different from the original but how he changed to the charming prince for Belle was masterfully done. Even the transformation of the Prince's supposed servants to their human form was very well executed. The depiction of the iconic rose in the animated film was also notable, but what makes this original is how each drop equates to the slow destruction of the castle. I hated Gaston so much in this film though, it's just so pleasing to see how he dies after his too many sinister actions. In its entirety, the film ended on a very high note. I would definitely be delighted to be a guest in Beast's castle.

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Time Published: 20 March 2017 (9:00 PM)

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