01 April 2017


SLU SOM Microbiology Film Festival 2017
JR's Rating:  (10 out of 10, Masterpiece)
"Truly Impressive, School of Medicine and the Arts Indeed"

➕ The Walking Dead: Virocalypse
➕ Sherlock: The Tale of the Dreaded Rods
➕ Murdoch Mysteries: Dawn of the Unseen
➕ Well-Prepared Program
➕ The Master of Ceremonies

The experience of watching the SOM Microbiology Film Festival 2017, along with majority of Medicine student audience, was truly an amazing and impressive one. It's even an honor for all students coming from all the other different schools of Saint Louis University to be given the opportunity to experience such event.

The three films were truly the stars of this event. The first focusing on Virology, second on Bacteriology and third on Mycology. The first film, "The Walking Dead: Virocalypse," did great on effects and editing, hyping up the entire audience as the film festival started. It's a unique take on the very popular "The Walking Dead" series with different cases of infections involved. The second film, "Sherlock: The Tale of the Dreaded Rods," was powerful on screenplay and direction, continuing the excitement through a comedic yet quality film. It's based on the classic case files of the fictional Sherlock Holmes but applied to Contemporary Medicine. The third film, "Murdoch Mysteries: Dawn of the Unseen", has awesome acting performances. It's set on the early English times, with a serial killer mystery to be solved.

All-in-all, the entire film festival was pristine. The hosts did really great on handling the event (even managing to give life, distracting the audience, during a specific technical difficulty).

I, for one, am hoping that the SOM Microbiology Film Festival which just became a university-wide affair be a yearly anticipated event in the entire University. Congrats indeed to the people behind this event.

It's the best major activity sponsored by one school I have ever seen. (Even the best activity I've ever witnessed from all the major school assemblies in the SSC.)

The whole effort of the students of the School of Medicine on creating this Microbiology Film Festival truly made them deserving of a 10/10, Masterpiece. #WellOrganized and #WellExecuted

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