04 August 2017

JR's Video Game Reviews - TEKKEN 6

Tekken 6
(Reviewed on PlayStation 3)
Total Game Time: 8-10 hours in total
Dates of Play: 10 November 2012 - 26 November 2012 (PS3)

Story - 7/10
Gameplay - 8.5/10
Graphics - 9/10
Innovation - 9/10
Playability - 10/10
Music - 9/10
JR's Rating: 8️⃣ (8.5 out of 10, Awesome)
"Further into the Mishima Dynasty"

➕ Lars & Alisa
➕ Robert "Bob" Richards
➕ Azazel Boss
➕ 41 Playable & Customizable Characters
➕ Easy Platinum Trophy
➖ Long Wait for Online Mode
➖ Campaign Story
➖ Frustrating NANCY-MI847J

Tekken has since been an arcade and video game staple. It's sixth outing is probably the best yet out of its many installments through the years. Tekken 6 boasts 41 playable characters with their own unique fighting style each having numerous customizable features. We get introduced to 9 new characters, some notable favorites of mine are Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch, which both star in the game's campaign mode, and Robert "Bob" Richards, an obese man utilizing American martial arts. Tekken 6, along with its usual Arcade, Versus and Survival Mode, introduces us to their start at Online Mode enabling you to fight players online. This Online Mode, however, is a bummer taking long loading times in search of an opponent and sometimes ending in an unsuccessful partnering. While the Online Mode was an experimental and disappointing one, the Campaign Story is its weakest part as it seems irrelevant and bland. The story continues the Mishima family saga from Tekken 5 but its so much confusing. The end boss Azazel definitely looks good though, and a challenging opponent to take on. If you want a more challenging foe, NANCY-MI847J poses a greater threat than the aforementioned due to its high life and strong attack but only appearing in the Arcade Mode of the game. Frustratingly enough, you'll want to beat this one as you only get one shot at defeating it every take on the Arcade Mode. On a positive note, Tekken 6 is a huge advancement from its PS1 and PS2 counterparts. Tekken 6 is one of the best fighting games in the 7th generation of video games featuring an addicting Versus play against another player (local or online) or ghost AI.

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