26 July 2017

JR's Movie Reviews - KITA KITA

Kita Kita
JR's Rating:  (9.5 out of 10, Excellent)
"Kung Kailan Ka Bulag, Doon Mo Ako Nakita"

➕ Alessandra De Rossi & Empoy
➕ Scenic Japan
➕ "One... Two... Three..."
➕ Ramen Scene
➕ Very Tragic Ending

Kita Kita is an elegy to a very optimistic love story that truly feels genuine and unique from your typical Filipino romantic comedy. Kita Kita brings romance with a twist all in a tragic ending. The movie brings us to the Japanese town of Sapporo where Lea, a Filipino worker, strives as a tourist guide while struggling in a failed engagement bid with a Japanese locale. In a shocking twist, Lea is diagnosed with temporary blindness thereby changing her from an optimist to a pessimist; that, however, doesn't take long as Tonyo enters the scene. Lea and Tonyo's love story ensues with Tonyo courting Lea (in a comedic yet effective manner) until ultimately Lea earns back her sense of sight and sees the death of her love. Kita Kita brings those random kilig and sadness that is not corny but rather quotable and likeable. I personally loved the pairing of Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez, both of which did insanely good. Never expected it from them, to be honest. One scene in particular, gave me those kilig, when Tonyo told Lea an unconventional “I Love You” while they were eating Ramen. The movie is a happy treat until you get to see the tragic ending. The tragedy continues with an enumeration of how things started which was really effective; a perfect example of a flashback method of story-telling. A movie with those "feels", Kita Kita offers hope to the Filipino romantic comedy which typically is a genre of over-used celebrity couples and rushed stories. Sobrang galing na ika'y mabibitin. You’ll definitely count one to ten differently after you see this film.

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Time Published: 26 July 2017 (9:00 PM)

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