04 May 2009

JR's Favorite Aunt

Well to tell you the truth, the aunt that I almost see everyday is whom I will consider as my favorite tita the second will be the one who guides and supports me everytime she is here.

My Favorite Aunt is no other my Tita Loida. My second Favorite Aunt is my Tita Liza.

Actually this day is considered as the 40th death dayniversary of My Favorite Tita. I am very sad she is no longer with us. I remember and miss the 10 things she always does.


10. She always bakes. I remember the times that she always bake everytime I reached home after school. When I already do my assignments, she goes to me and gives me some of her special cakes. I really like those cakes she bakes. She is my idol chef hehe… But very sad to say she is not already here to bake those special cakes of hers.

9. She sometimes help me in some of my assignments. I remember the time I have to write a poem for my english class, she was there to check if my grammar was right or wrong. I also remember the time when it was our turn to cook on our THE classes, she taught me on how to cook carbonara properly. The last term she taught to me was “aldente” meaning the food is in the right texture. But very sad to say she is not already here to be my best teacher.

8. She always takes care of my daily expenses at school. Actually, the most hated part of my family in school is about the different projects that has expensive materials. But, she was always there in helping us, all kids at home, to buy those materials even if she will not accept anything in return. But very sad to say she is not already here to be our best project supervisor.

7. She was always watching my favorite shows with me. I missed the times we always bet on who will win in Pinoy Big Brother and in the Amazing Race. I missed the times we laughed to the jokes of Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. I am also very sad because she only watched the first 3 episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Also, in the daily news in ABS or GMA, we were always in the living room watching together and giving comments and reactions to what is happening to our country. But very sad to say she is not already here to be with me watching our favorite shows.

6. She always play computer games. Every time she plays computer games, I watch her play. I remember the times I say, “Kayo talaga nina Tita Liza talaga ang pinaka-astig at pinakamatalino na mga tita ko, hehe, the best kayo”. To tell everybody what she plays, she plays Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Mystery Case Files, Crash Bandicoot, and Tekken. “Grabe astig diba, ako lang ang tita na ganyan hehe”. But very sad to say she is not already here to play those games while I am watching.

5. She always celebrates my birthday and recognition exercises energetically. She always cook food for my celebration. She always invites guests for me to interact with. She always introduce me to her friends, even though they are much more older than me. She always takes a picture of the momentous things that happened to my life. But very sad to say she is not already here to be our best party organizer.

4. She always go to our room and brings my 2nd fave cousin (after Jacob), Andrei. Everytime, I go home, I directly go to our room and watch TV while doing my assignments. While doing those things, they (Tita Loi and Andrei) go to Tita Liza’s room and tell stories to me about what happened here at home when I was not here. It was fun telling stories to her. But very sad to say she is not already here to tell stories to me.

3. She always supports me. I remembered the time that a teacher of mine gave me a low grade in my scouting. She helped me beat up my sadness and anger and changed them to happiness and joy. We always have fun together that is why I considered her as my second mom. But very sad to say she is not already here as my second mom.

2. She always ask me to sleep early. Everytime I do my assignments, I remember the times she hugs me and tells “matulog ka na, may pasok ka pa bukas”. Siyempre, I was happy because there is at least one person who worries about me. But very sad to say she is not already here to hug me before I sleep.

1. She always greet me when I reach home and says “Favorite ka talaga ni Andrei”. This was the most favorite memory of mine that Tita Loi brought to me.

I am very sad that my favorite tita is gone. May tita ba kayo na ganyan? Siguro merong unti sa inyo. Pero ipagmamalaki ko na 1 out of 100 titas are like that. Sana mainspire yung mga titas out there na maging katulad ni Tita Loi.

In all of my memories, the most memorable ones are with my Tita Loida.

I know that she will not be with us now until the future but I will lock in my heart and mind those memories she brought to me and my family.


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4 May 2009 (1AM)

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