03 May 2009

JR's Special Introduction

Hey dudes out there, you always ask me if I could intro myself… then here you go:

My name is Jeremy E. Rimando.
I live in Baguio City, Philippines.
My Favorite Movies are Saw, Final Destination, Superbad, and the Marine.
I like listening to the songs of David Archuleta, Greenday, Craig David and others who are really popular.

My School History:
- Little Angels Nursery School
- Saint Louis University-Laboratory Elementary School
- Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School.

My Favorite Teachers (when I was in elementary): Ms. Jeena Tobiagon & Mrs. Joan Pasag

My Favorite Teachers (First Year): Mrs. Cristina Ventanilla, Mrs. Angeline Tadeo, and Mr. Samuel Tadeo.

My Favorite Places: SM City Baguio (been there), Sunset Beach in La Union (been there), SM Mall of Asia (been there), Orchidarium in Baguio (been there), NBC Studios in NY (wish to go there), Ski Dubai (wish to go there), and other places that are scenic and has an interesting history.

I hate people who are: giving me low grades in school (lets face it, we students hate those kind of teachers), boastful, in need of attention, angry at me, boring at conversations, and the people I hate the most are the people whom I talk to but don't mind to listen or respond to what I am saying.

I am happy because I am not in SLU-LES (my elementary school), because favoritism is reigning there. Teachers choose whom they want to give a high grade. Also teachers choose students which are daughters and sons of teachers...
Then, I think I am cool and confident to say I am cute and cool hehehe... XD.,., just kidding.

My Best Secret: I was once a host of a web show named as the Late Night with JRZCPJL haha… but now I am not in the crew anymore sine we are learning seriously.

That’s it for JR chatbros and netbros out there.

JR will also have his 2010 Special Introduction to update some parts of this blog.

3 May 2009 (1AM)

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