29 May 2009

JR's A Student's Prayer (-reblogged-)

Hi, to everyone. Today JR will share to you all his favorite prayer. JR uses this prayer before and after lesson discussions in school. This prayer is actually the most popular prayer that students use around the world. (Note: This prayer wasn’t written by JR, it was prayer written by a church priest for students to use in their daily Catholic life.)


Everyday as we pray to You
May You bless all the things we do
Study, sleep, eat or talk
Guide us in our daily walk.

Sorry for mistakes of past
Make us run from sin so fast
Thank You, Lord, for everything
Truly You alone are our King!

At school we hope we may learn
And through diligence, good grades earned
To put knowledge to good use
As we, all ways of cheating, lose.

Bless our families, teachers and friends
Earthly angels You have sent
And grant one wish all the while
In our lives to make You smile.


29 May 2009 (1AM)

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