05 October 2010

JR's For The 100 Years That Passed, Advanced Centennial SLU!!!

After 100 years had passed, JR is proud to celebrate an advanced Centennial Celebration to Saint Louis University in JR Late Night Blog. As JR's Special Blog today, JR presents a Slow Jam Blog: JR's Late Night SLU Centennial Celebration.

It is now time for another SLOW JAM THE BLOG
Slow Jam Topic: JR's Late Night SLU Centennial Celebration


From Kindergarten to 3rd Year High School, I dedicated my whole Academic Life to Saint Louis University. In Saint Louis University, I achieved some of my dreams. Some of these dreams are spiritually related... some are social related... some are also politically related... but most of my dreams are academically related. For the past years I stayed in Saint Louis University, I already received 13 Academic Achievements. I am very happy to at least having experienced these grandest academic achievements since it is very rare for an individual student to receive an award especially in a population of 300 to 500 students in a specific grade or year level. In Saint Louis University, quality education is a guarantee. For my past years of stay in Saint Louis University, lessons and discussions are thoroughly talked about. No problems are left unanswered. As stated by the title of this blog part, I am definitely dedicating my academic life to Saint Louis University. I wish to at least give myself the quality education a student like me needs.

I can say that 25% of my memorable moments are from Saint Louis University.
Some of these memorable moments are the following.
1. When I was in Grade 3, I received my first Best in Conduct Award. 
2. When I was in Grade 4, I received my first Honor Pupil Award. 
3. When I was in Grade 6, I was elected as the Louisian Student Council Press Relations Officer. 
4. When I was in Grade 6, I graduated with Honors.
5. When I was in First Year, I received my First in Academic Excellence Award.
6. When I was in Second Year, I was elected as 2nd Year Council SANAMA President.
7. When I was in Second Year, I received my second First in Academic Excellence Award.
8. When I was in Second Year, I was chosen as the representative of SLU-LHS in the Biology Quiz Bee of the 2nd CICM Friendship Meet held last January 2010.
9. This Third Year, I received a Best in Conduct Certificate for having no violations in the previous year.
10. This Third Year, I was elected in my 2nd consecutive term as 3rd Year Council SANAMA President.

I really will not forget Saint Louis University in my whole life. Saint Louis University made my whole world, me and myself.

As of my high school life, I am really in full support to Saint Louis University whether it maybe in sports, academics, or others. To be a true blood Louisian, one must be a unique fan and student of Saint Louis University. When I first step-in in Saint Louis University, I already felt what it really is to be a student of Saint Louis University. Through the problems I encountered, I learned to smile and just move forward to what is better. Though the failures I received, I learned to stand back up and reach to where I was before. Through the fights I had with my current and previous teachers, I learned to make them as my true inspiration and friends. Through the difficult projects given, I learned to handle them with the help of my parents and friends. Through the restless nights because of Harvard-like exams and quizzes, I learned to balance my time and recognize my wrong ideas and information. If SLU taught me many things about life, I will be in full support with Saint Louis University.

The success of JR Late Night Blog would not be there without the help of Saint Louis University's quality education. JR Late Night Blog, as stated by the history I made, started as a journal book which I brought to school and which I place my opinions. With our Computer subject in school, JR learned on putting up a blog in the internet replacing JR's very old and boring journal book. JR Late Night Blog is the product of Saint Louis University's quality education to students.

If ever I become successful in the future, I owe 25% of it to Saint Louis University (obviously, I owe 75% of it to my family). Saint Louis University taught me a lot of things whether it maybe in values education, scientific learning, mathematical practices and practical activities. Saint Louis University had educated a lot of students  into recognizable and applaudable citizens in Baguio, Cordillera and the whole Philippines. With a lot of things taught, there is a great product to expect.

JR's Final Statement to the Special Blog:

Thank You Very Much Saint Louis University
Advanced 2011 Centennial to You :)

And that's how we slow jam the blog...

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October 5 2010 (11PM)

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