24 October 2010

JR's Featured Video of the Week Recap (Oct. 24-30, 2010)

JR Late Night Featured Video of the Week
(October 24, 2010 - October 30, 2010)

Video Posted by: HalloweenAsylum (August 10, 2010)
Video Description:
Crate Corpse will give your quests a surprise! It looks like an ordinary box, then the lid opens and the ghoulish corpse rises up with glowing eyes and speaks! With lid open measures approximately 35" tall. Battery operated. Box is a laminated cardboard material. Comes with a black cardboard liner (not shown in video). This prop can also be used in other settings - the corpse can be set into any container, like a trash can, for a cool surprise! Can only operate with minimum weight on the head though.

October 24 2010 (1AM)

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