01 July 2017


Transformers: The Last Knight
JR's Rating: 8️⃣ (5.0 out of 10Mediocre)
"Bad Idea to Harness the Earth's Geothermal Energy"

➕ The Transformers
➕ Bumblebee's Voice
➕ Quintessa & The Knight Autobots
➖ Inconsistent Aspect Ratios
➖ Forced Emotions & Symbolisms
➖ Too Many Explosions

Forced emotions, forced symbolisms and yeah, forced explosions... a few of what I felt with Transformers: The Last Knight. Transformers: The Last Knight brings us yet again to Optimus Prime becoming Nemesis Prime who is obligated by Quintessa to go back to earth and retrieve Merlin's staff which is the key to bringing life back to a devastated Cybertron. Merlin's staff will harness all of earth's life force to Cybertron to bring back life to their planet but thereby losing all forms of life on our planet. The movie gives us an astonishing human-like presentation of Transformers yet again with the likes of Hound, Hot Rod and the new Squad of Decepticons. The Knight Autobots and even Quintessa are really impressive additions. Bumblebee remains the crowd favorite being the life of this movie. Unfortunately, for me, with forced elements and inconsistent frame aspects, the 2 hours and 40 minutes time of this movie was a grueling one making me want to leave early on. The different aspect ratios used was not really a good choice by the director. Remember those ratios you use to crop your photos on Instagram or your iPhone, this movie used several of them (in application to the film of course). It made me really irritated while understanding the different scenes involved. Symbolisms were also really bad, as the director seems that, we, the average movie viewer won't understand specific details like etching Punish to an already established "Police" transformer and placing Bowling Pins near a building named as a "Bowling Alley". I can't even feel the emotions of the characters as their acting seems forced and really hard to get. And as usual, the famous Michael Bay-explosions, there are too much of these in the film that they seem inappropriate and inconsistent already with some scenes. Don't get me wrong though, I still loved this movie for the Transformers used but several elements doesn't really work that well in the movie. Another mediocre film yet again this 2017.

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