23 September 2010

JR Slow Jam Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From

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Slow Jam Topic: Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From

Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs... 
Oprah Winfrey, Conan O' Brien, Jimmy Fallon... 
Noynoy Aquino, Barack Obama, Hu Jintao... 
Stephen Hawking, Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown...
Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z...
James Cameron, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steven Spielberg...
Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Dmitri Mendeleev...
Andy Warhol, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jackson Pollock...

These 24 people were, are and still the World's Leading Pioneers. They are just part of the thousands of known people in the world. From the field of Technology, TV, Politics, Literature, Music, Movies, Science, and Arts, they have good ideas that lead to the success of the Human Species in the whole world. But where do this good ideas come from?

Source No. 1
God's wonderful creation is the best Wikipedia we can use if we are going to create something. The environment has different concepts which are really unique. Many inventors and scientists have based some of their own ideas, inventions, and creations to the environment. 
For the case of Charles Darwin, he based the evolution of man on his observations from South America. He proposed that us (species Homo sapiens sapiens) are descendants from the lineage of primates. He also based the evolution of birds from a single flying reptile with feathers. Darwin's theories proved that just through thorough observations of nature, there could be different things people can conceptualize. This proved that nature and the environment is the best encyclopedia God has given us.

Source No. 2
Our vocabulary has unique words which people can use in making great ideas or works. Some musical artists use unique, eccentric and weird words in their songs. One of these artists is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga's ideas and opinions are all expressed in her extraordinary songs through unique and creative use of words. In the song Alejandro for example, she expressed her opinion towards the gay community of the whole world. She stated that the song is meant to give care and support to the community which the Catholic Church regards as immoral. So far, the song earned the Billboard Hot Dance Club Song # 1 spot. Lady Gaga proved to the world that popularity can be attained just by using the power of words in creating ideas and opinions on different things.

Source No. 3
Our dreams is another source of good ideas. Dreams have a different story to tell each day. With just a strong memory, we can record these dreams that we have. The Flashing of Dreams led to the success of JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer now. JK Rowling is the author of Harry Potter. Harry Potter is about a young wizard who is in an adventure for different weird happenings in their school. So far, Harry Potter is regarded as one of the most successful books in the history of the whole world. JK Rowling's concept for Harry Potter was not just a snap of thoughts; but it was a series of her dreams. Harry Potter led to the billionaire status of JK Rowling. Another great author whose work was based from dreams was Stephanie Meyer. She wrote the Twilight series. Twilight is about the love of a male vampire and a male werewolf for an average young female human being. So far, the complete Twilight series already reached the billion dollar earnings mark. Harry Potter and Twilight are not just simple thoughts and opinions but are very unique dreams of two popular authors known to man today.

Source No. 4
Problems are the next best source of ideas. Problems are not just hard situations that give us very sad and uncomfortable moments in life, problems are also the sources for the happiness of other people. Noynoy Aquino is the current President of the Philippines. During his campaign for president, he gave different answers to the problems of the people through his advertisements. "Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap." "May Dalawa Tayong Daang Pagpipilian: Sama-sama tayong dumaan sa tamang landas." These are just two of the memorable quotes stated by Noynoy in his political campaign ads on TV. The source of his popularity to the people was the solutions to the problems the Philippines is currently experiencing. It is a good thing that Noynoy used the problems of the Philippines for the presidential race. It really gave a big boost.

Source No. 5
Technology is the source of Bill Gates' income, Mark Zuckerburg's popularity and Steve Jobs's iPad. Technology is not just a source of income, popularity and gadgets. Technology is also a good source of idea. Without the concept of Technology, then all people would be working hard for every things they do at home, school and nature.

Source No. 6
Knowledge is what we had learned, what we are currently learning, and what we will be learning in the future. Knowledge is the collection of ideas from the past, present and future. People, like Jerry Bruckheimer, use their own knowledge in creating innovative projects for the world. Jerry Bruckheimer created different movies and TV shows using his own knowledge. For example, Jerry Bruckheimer used his knowledge on Science to create the TV Series CSI; Jerry Bruckheimer used his knowledge on Math to create the movie series Pirates of the Carribean and Jerry Bruckheimer used his knowledge on Geography to create the Amazing Race. If people just get up their couches and work, then they could come up with ideas that might change the whole wide world. Deep Thinking can lead us to more things that just Sleeping Happily.

Source No. 7
Our best friend is another source of good idea. Ideas are not just perceived by our own self. Ideas are perceived through the different people in our surroundings. But how? Ideas can be gathered just by asking others on what they think about regarding different topics. Oprah Winfrey uses this source for her ideas. Oprah Winfrey started out as a regular TV show host in 1984. Now, she is the Richest Female Celebrity in the Whole World. Oprah Winfrey used the power of her viewers to gain respect, popularity and influence. She uses the whole human population to make ideas for her own projects that could help and benefit groups of people in the world. Oprah interviews random people in the whole world to get information and make it as an inspiration for others. With just confidence and influence, this source of idea will truly be a relief for the researcher.

Source No. 8
Secrets are another way to make ideas. The secrets of other people can lead us to bizarre and weird ideas. For example, you do not know who stole your smartphone. But you suspect your friend neighbor stealing it. So you then create an idea to prove that your suspection is true. You might go to their home and ask their maids and guards regarding their masters personal information. You might also get an invitation from your neighbor to go to their home and drink coffee and check out if he/she is guilty for it. With just the proper usage of secrets, we could come up with the best ideas to get what we want.

Source No. 9
Unexpected events in our surroundings are also sources of good ideas. Every individual in the world have used this source in their family life, social life, academic life and spiritual life. Andy Warhol uses unexpected events in his life. Andy Warhol used a Car Crash in front of him in his painting. He got his canvas and just made fun of a car that crashed in front of this home and burning his neighbor's home. He did not even mind reporting it to the police since he just wants to paint the scene. This unexpected event led to his popularity in the world of art. He grabbed an opportunity that is really from a very unexpected event. Unexpected Events happen once in a lifetime, we must grab the opportunity to make an idea from it.

Source No. 10
And finally, our own self is the last source of a good idea. With our favorites, opinions, and bodies, we can come up with "Eureka" moments that might change the world. If we just have the proper concentration and balance, then we could come up with Eureka Moments leading to At Last Moments and Ideas.

JR's Final Statement to Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From

Let Us Remember:
"Ideas are Like Opportunities. We should make it before it is too late."

And that's how we slow jam the news

Note: JR recognizes http://www.ted.com/talks/steven_johnson_where_good_ideas_come_from.html as the source for the video used in this blog

September 23 2010 (11PM)

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