18 September 2010

JR's Late Night Introduction

It is already a tradition on JR Late Night Blogs to have a yearly introduction to the different blog viewers. The last introduction I made was last June 2009, so it is now time to update the intro of JR Late Night.

As the world is continuing to rise with the power of the "techie" and the "webby", JR Late Night Blogs was born to the technology world. JR Late Night Blog started as a regular journal book of general information which was brought to Multiply. But after the rise of the internationally-acclaimed blogging sites, JR Late Night Blogs moved to the most popular blog host as of now, "Blogger". JR just post and blogged about different informations regarding movies, TV shows, and video games. But time passed until JR had already blogged about different things about his favorites and personal life. JR Late Night became a hit in the year 2009, gaining a rank of 109 in the Top Blogs in the Philippines on December. JR Late Night Blogs approximately receives 100-300 Blog Viewers per day within the time range of October 2009 - February 2010. However, because of the criticisms it received in the late February 2010 about a Celebrity List blog, it halted for about 6 months in the Internet. It was also deactivated from Blogger because of JR's decision to already stop its journey in the internet world. But after a huge influence from friends to continue it, JR had given JR Late Night Blogs a chance to be back on track. At June 2010, after being announced by our teacher that we will be blogging in our Third Year curriculum, JR automatically removed the blog's deactivation and reactivating it with a new look to the users. 

As of August 2010, JR had announced that the Late Night Blog will be relaunched on November 2010. But, because of a huge opportunity to use it in our classes in school, JR moved the relaunching date of the blog on September 2010. This half month period of September 2010 will them be used to at least give a refreshment time to the blog before it goes to its regular blogging movement on October 2010.

As of September 17 2010, JR Late Night Blogs had received a total of 147 Blog Views. Therefore, JR Late Night Blogs might be bringing back who he was on his birthday. Let us remember that JR Late Night Blogs' Birthday would now be on September 17 2010.

With that being said,
JR Late Night Blog will again rise back to where it came from. 
JR Late Night Blog will regain comeback in the rise of the Blogging Sites. 

JR Late Night Blog was not named that way when it started. The history had gone this way. On May 2009 at a particular Social Media Network, JR had brought a blog to the net named Jeremy's Net Journal which was purely about information and general knowledge on different things. Because of a very boring and "uncool" name, JR decided to change the name to JR Blogs which is now truly short and simple. It was also easy to type. JR (was again) not contented with the blog name. JR then changed the name to JR Late Night Show removing the word blog. The reason for naming the blog that way was because of JR's likeness to Late Night Shows. JR had wrote about blogs regarding movies, TV show, and Top 10 lists now. But because of a low rating on that Social Media Network. JR moved to Multiply and decided to start a new beginning there. JR still used the name JR Late Night Show. Until August 2009, JR decided to add the word special to the name, making it JR Special Late Night Show. Just after a few days after the change, JR was again not very contented with the result of the addition of the word Special. JR added the word Blog at the end of the name. So, it became JR Special Late Night Show Blog. 1 Month After (September 2009), JR moved to Blogger and started a new life there. JR moved the previous blog entries from Multiply to Blogger. JR Special Late Night Show Blogs was a huge success on October 2009; but some blog viewers got hardened up on typing a long name in the URL Address Box. JR decided to remove the word Special to make it JR Late Night Show Blogs. JR introduced JR Late Night Show Blogs to different Blog Directories. But one website, did not accept the blog name for it having a very long name. JR then taught about this very crucial decision because of it will also change the URL of the blog. JR would definitely lose a huge amount of blog viewers if JR changes the blog URL as well as the name because of the viewers memory for JR Late Night Show Blogs. After 4 months had passed (January 2010), as part of the "New Blog New Year" gimmick of the blog, JR officially changed the name of the blog to JR Late Night Blogs. JR now used this name for his blogs up to February 2010. The change of name definitely brought a "back-to-basics" rating. JR Late Night Blogs regained influence when it was used on a TV Show on a Music Channel in the Philippines. But this resulted to a huge criticism by different people, ending up to the blog's hiatus for 8 months. 

After 8 months, JR's Blog is still named as JR Late Night Blog from its original name on January 2010. The name is still number one on the Google Search Engine but still it needs much more influence from different people.
Who is JR? JR is a male student from the Philippines who wants to share his ideas about today's generation. From TV to Movies, From Music to Facebook, and From Internet to Friend Networking.

JR is interested on the following:
1) Politics: whether in school or worldwide
2) Entertainment: someday, JR wants to at least be known in the field of Entertainment
3) Computers: that's why JR is blogging
4) Food: most especially desserts, I love those stuff
5) Surveys: JR always gets a hang of it
6) Friends: nobody can't live without any friends to hang out with

JR's Top 10 Favorite Movies are:
1) Clash of the Titans
2) Inception
3) 2012
4) Saw II
5) Pixar Cars
6) Die Hard Quadrilogy
7) James Bond Movies
8) Superbad
9) Alice in Wonderland (2010)
10) Toy Story 3

JR's Top 10 Favorite TV Shows are: 
1) Saturday Night Live
2) 24
3) Skins
4) Glee
5) SpongeBob SquarePants
6) House
7) Angel
8) Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
9) Tonight Show with Jay Leno
10) Amazing Race

JR's Top 10 Favorite Music are:
1) A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta 
2) Never Let You Go by Justin Bieber
3) Fireflies by Owl City
4) Still In Love With You by Jonas Brothers
5) Billionaire by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars
6) Nothin On You by B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars
7) Oh My Gosh by Usher
8) Telephone by Lady Gaga
9) Alejandro by Lady Gaga
10) Love the Way You Lie by Rihanna ft. Eminem

JR's Top 10 Favorite Video Games are:
1) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 
2) Kingdom Hearts 2
3) God of War 2
4) Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
5) Resident Evil 4
6) WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010
7) Guitar Hero: World Tour
8) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
9) Final Fantasy 8
10) Tekken 5

JR's Top 5 Favorite Books are:
1) The Guinness Book of World Records
2) Ripley's Believe It or Not Book
3) The Hardy Boys
4) The Holy Bible
5) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

JR's Top 5 Favorite Sites are:
1) JR Late Night Blogs
2) Facebook
3) Youtube
4) Blogger
5) Google
That ends JR's Late Night Blog Introduction...

***JR 2010 September Late Night Blogs
September 18 2010 (1AM) 

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